The certificates below have been submitted by website users or from the Perth Museum Archives.

Buffam – Code
Frank S. Buffam to Charlotte Code, Perth, 1895.

Caswell – Code
Andrew M. Caswell to June A. Code, Drummond, 1907.

Stewart Douglas Craig to Mary Ballie, Dalhousie, 1848. This is a large scanned image of a beautiful marriage certificate.

Doud – McCaw
Bernard Doud to Margery McCaw, both of Montague Twp., at Odgensburgh, N.Y., 1824.

Peter Dunlop to Helen Giff, Almonte, 1888

Empey – Summers

Christopher Empey to Christina Summers, Montreal, 1785.


Thomas Maguire to Mary Leatherland, Ottawa, 1872

McMillan – Davies

Alexander McMillan to Mary Davies, Perth, 1832.

Shillington – Branyan

Henry Shillington to Charlotte Branyan, Perth, 1839.

Wood – Drew

Roger Wood to Margaret Drew, Cornwall, 1793.