This marriage certificate is in the Perth Museum archives. It is on a pre-printed form, with the entries made in black ink. The paper is becoming torn and brittle. The ink entries are shown in dark italics.

                      MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE

I do hereby Certify, That on the      third      day of    April
in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Two
    Alexander McMillan       of the Township of Drummond
in the        Bathurst      District, and Mary Davies      of the
Township of North Sherbrooke  Bathurst  District, were married by
me Thomas Clarke Wilson a Minister of the Presbyterian
Church, in the presence of William Morris       and Joziah Davies
                  which said marriage was solumnized by * licence

Dated this      Third      day of   April               A.D. 1832
[signed] William Morris  Witnesses           [signed] Thos Wilson
[signed] Joziah Davies

N.B. The above Marriage was solumnized at Perth  in the Bathurst
District, by me, having received the necessary Certificate to
solumnize Matrimony as a Minister of the Presbyterian Church,
from the Quarter Sessions of the Bathurst District.

* “Licence” or “Publication of Banns,” as the case may be. T.C.W.