Transcribed by Charles Dobie

           Photocopies of this Bible and certificate were submitted to the LCGS website by a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. The Bible transcription is taken from four photocopied pages of entries which were transcribed in the order in which the photocopies were stapled together.

           The entries are all made on very elaborately engraved pages, presumably placed between the Old and New Testaments..

           I have no information about the age of the Bible, but the first three numbers of the date on the marriage record on the first page are pre-printed “188” with the last “8” entered by hand.


// First page

                   THS IS TO CERTIFY

That   Peter Dunlop                   
and    Ellen Giff                     

                   WERE UNITED BY ME, IN

                      HOLY MATRIMONY

At    Almonte             on the   25th      day of

   July                           in the year of our Lord 1888

In Presence of     John Bennett D.D.        Mrs. John Bennett.  

Signed               John Bennett D.D.                          

// End of First Page

// Second Page


John Giff Dunlop, December, 16. 1889.
Andrew Earl Dunlop, July, 14.   1896.
Peter Paul Dunlop, September, 21. 1898.
Helene Evylene Dunlop, August, 27. 1902.
Thomas Ross Dunlop, August, 10. 1906.
Murray Warren Dunlop, December 1, 1909
Peter Dunlop  October 8  1862
Ellen Dunlop  July 2   1868

// End of Second Page

// Third Page


Andrew Earl Dunlop and Minnie Darou [wife's name written in over another
                                     which has been erased]
John Giff Dunlop and Jessie Newlands
Peter Paul Dunlop and Ida Stead  June 27/24 [date in different hand]
Thomas Ross Dunlop and -- Margaret Ann Noris [sic]--
Helene Evylene Dunlop and Herbert J. Herder Sept.7/31
Murray W. Dunlop and Marion I [or J] Johns.
Thomas Ross Dunlop and Grace Phillips

// End of Third Page

// Fourth Page

Margaret Ann Norris Dunlop Aug 8/31
Peter Dunlop, July 29, 1932
John Giff Dunlop, June 9, 1952
Ellen Dunlop      April 8th 1945 age 77 yrs.
// End of Fourth Page
// End of Dunlop-Giff Bible


[The following is hand written in ink on a plain sheet of paper]

     This certifies that Peter Dunlop and
Helen Giff were married by me at Almonte
on July 25th, 1888.
               [signed]John Bennett D.D.,
             Minister St. Andrew's Church
                  Almonte, July 25/88.