his marriage certificate is owned by an LCGS member. It is a plain, sheet of paper with some pre-printed text. The entries are written in black ink. Note that it is an extract of a marriage record from Bishop’s Chapel. The hand-written entries are shown in dark italics.

                      Marriage Certificate

              Bishop's Chapel, Diocese of Ontario

                                 Ottawa,    April 30     1872.

This day were Married by  Licence, Thomas Constantine Maguire, Bachelor

of the Village of Carleton Place, Ont and Mary Leatherland, Spinster

of  the City of Ottawa            by me,

                                   Henry Pollard             

                                   Assist. Bps Chapel, Ottawa

            This Marriage was solemnised between us,

                                       T. E.[sic] Maguire        

Witness,                               Mary Leatherland          

      Jno. Akers         

      Eliza Leatherland  

       I Certify that the above was truly extracted from the Marriage
Registry Book, kept in the Bishop's Chapel, Ottawa, the    28th   
day of   July        1872.


                                       Assist. Bps Chapel, Ottawa