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We’re not going to compete with those websites which have fabulous link collections. Two in particular will provide you with just about all of the genealogy links you’ll ever need:

These links were shared with us by students and they are also nice looking resources:

Do you want to exchange information with other people who are researching the same surnames and/or geographic areas as yourself? Check out Genealogy Resources on the Internet which lists thousands of genealogical surname and special interest mailing lists.

The Families of the Derry lists the descendants of the pioneers who settled in The Derry in Beckwith Township. For most of the 39 families on the site, the list of descendants is quite complete up to births which occurred before 1910.

General Ontario Interest

  • Version 6 of The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid offers a database of over two million Ontario cemetery listings. Currently, version 5 (one million names) is searcheable on the website and is available on CDROM, while the version 6 files may be downloaded to your computer from the website. The large number of records has created technical problems which prevents searching version 6 on-line. Note that the Version 5 files plus the new Version 6 files make up the complete OCFA database.
  • The mother of all Genealogical societies, The Ontario Genealogical Society has hundreds of books and listings for sale, as well as Families, a monthly magazine sent to members.
  • Each county in Ontario has at least one genealogy and/or local history society. They’re all brought together at The Ontario Genweb site, with internet links and/or contact names and addresses for every Ontario group.
  • The Bible Archives contains the transcripts of all of the Bibles listed on this website, as well as over 200 other mostly Ontario Bibles.
  • British Isle Family History of Greater Ottawa: tracing & sharing British Isles Family History. the purpose of the Society is to encourage and facilitate research and its publication by people with ancestry in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • Ontario ArchivesCanadian Genealogy Centre part of the Library & Archives Canada. Library and Archives Canada collects and preserves Canada’s documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to all Canadians. This heritage includes publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, photographs, artworks, and electronic documents such as websites. As part of their mandate, they work closely with other archives and libraries to acquire and share these materials as widely as possible.
  • Would you like to know which microfilm reels at the Ontario Archives hold which type of record? Check out Bill Martin’s personal website at http://my.tbaytel.net/bmartin/. This growing website also contains some unpublished Ontario marriage records.

Anglican Church Records: Diocese of Ottawa, Diocese of Toronto


The Ottawa Diocese covers counties adjacent to the Ottawa River, plus Stormont, Dundas and Glengary, Lanark — and a chunk of Western Quebec. Baptism, marriage and burial records are computer indexed.
Contact address:
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa,
71 Bronson Ave.,
Ottawa, ON, Canada. K1R 6G6
(613) 232-7124 ext. 234
Email: archives@ottawa.anglican.ca
With any luck there will soon be a web site for general information, including a listing of the years for which information is available for each parish.

Contact address:
Mrs. Mary-Anne Nicholls,
Diocese of Toronto Synod Office,
135 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, ON, Canada. M5C 1L8.
Email: manicholls@toronto.anglican.ca

The price information below is from the Archives brochure: There is no charge for the use of index volumes and finding aids, including the computer index to parish registers (when used on-site).

Please check their website for current fees for their services. Photocopying of Parish Records is not permitted.

Pioneer Roman Catholic Families Inventory Database

The Roman Catholic Pioneer Families (RCPF) database was established in 1996. Currently, Details on over 21,000 persons linked to 116 pioneer families are stored in this database.

The database primarily covers Roman Catholic pioneer families that settled, during the period 1800-1925, in the townships of Fitzroy & Huntley in Carleton County; and Darling, Pakenham & Ramsay in the northern part of Lanark County. It also includes many descendants who moved and settled elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.A. Persons of other religious persuasions who married into these pioneer families are also registered in the inventory.

Details extracted from or provided by the following sources are being used to enhance the information stored in the database: Canada Census reports; Belden atlases; parish records of baptisms, marriages, and burials; clergy diaries; cemetery monument inscriptions; newspaper articles, death notices and obituaries; parish anniversary publications; land registration records; local history books; published family histories; and information supplied by individual family researchers. The source(s) for each type of data are recorded and stored with the family information. The names of researchers working on the same family lines are noted and, with their permission, will be released.

Persons who wish to know if the database contains data relevant to their particular research activities should contact the database administrator:

By email: donkelly271@hotmail.com

Or by mail:
Mr. D. W. (Don) Kelly
271 Jamieson Street
Almonte, Ontario K0A 1A0

By telephone: 613-256-1433

The request for lookups must clearly indicate how he/she is related to the person(s) about whom information is being sought. The easiest way to meet this requirement is to include, within the request, the direct ancestral line viz. the names of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. The full maiden name of female spouses should be given when known. It would also be extremely helpful to state in which township the pioneer family resided.

IMPORTANT: Requests that do not provide the outlined information may not be answered.

There will be no charge for checking the database to see if an individual is registered, however, a stamped self-addressed reply envelope must be supplied with any enquiry submitted through the mail. E-mail type requests are preferred.

The McCabe List – Ottawa Valley

Rita Meistrell – email: PVMeistrel@aol.com

In 1829 a petition was circulated among the Irish settlers of the Ottawa Valley. The 635 signers of the petition declared that they were doing quite well in Canada (this was to quell rumours that settlers were starving) and if the signer had relatives, he could recommend them for future Crown assisted emigration. I would be happy to look up names of Irishmen for people if they seriously think they were in the area around that time.

Perth Historical Society


The website already has an excellent, in-depth selection of documents, reports, photographs, and maps that will meet most interests – many of which have never been made public. Under the heading of ‘Local History’, the major subjects covered include the ‘Town of Perth’, ‘Neighbouring Townships’, ‘Tay Canal and River’, ‘Perth Museum’, ‘Walking Tours’, ‘Genealogy’, and the ‘Photo Gallery.

More specifically, examples of some initial documents are ‘History of Perth and Neighbouring Townships’, ‘Life in early Perth’, ‘Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, ‘History of the Tay Canal – and its Tow Path’, and ‘Source History Books’. The first packages of photos in the Photo Gallery include, amongst others, the Isabel Hardie Collection on Perth and area ca 1900, ‘Present Day Area Mills’ by the Lanark County Camera Club, photos of Perth’s Designated Buildings, and the Original Canal at Port Elmsley.

The website provides descriptions of other local sources of historical materials and photos, with details of their holdings, and a comprehensive list of links to other sites that offer further information.

Members of the website committee for the Historical Society advise that, given the nature of the subject, the site will always be changing as new materials are continually selected and added – and viewers are encouraged to follow its development. The Society would welcome comments and suggestions on the site and offers documents and photographs that might be copied and added to the collection. Materials and photographs of the neighbouring townships are being sought.

For further information contact David Taylor: (613) 264 0094 or deftconsult@storm.ca.