Personal Letters

R. Bell to Alex Stewart, 1858

Includes photograph of envelope.

Albert Bennett to David Bennett, 1891

Albert writes to his family in Almonte.

Dick Family Letters

These letters are by brothers John, James and Robert Dick. The first three are to an unknown uncle in Scotland, written in 1821, 1822, and 1825. These interesting letters detail the struggle of the Dick family to establish a farm near Lanark and to eventually make themselves comfortable. An 1887 letter written by Robert, describes an entirely different world. Surnames include: ADAMS, ANDERSON, BARTLETT, BELL, BRICE, BROWN, BROWNLEE, BRYCE, CAMPBELL, DICK, DUNCAN, FERGUSON, JOHNSTON, KIDD, MARSHALL, McFARLAND, MUIR, MUNGAL, OLIVER, SCOBBIE, SHAIRP, SMITH, STEAD, WALKER, WALLACE, WEIR, WILSON, YOUNG.

John Jones to Sir John Colborne, 1831

Transcribed by Pat Roloff.

John McMillan to the Colonial Office, 1829

Transcribed by Rita Meistrell.

W.A. Moore to Mrs. Alice Snyder, 1936-7