I was researching some Colonial Office letters and came across the following letter. Since it had something to do with someone in Lanark County, I thought you might be interested in adding it to the web site. It is from Colonial Office Papers 384/21 Folio 269.

Blantyre, February the 20th 1829


The reason of my troubling you with this letter is the following- I have a Brother in Dalhousie settlement, uper Cannada, and thither I wish to go. I wrote to my Brother in aprile last desiring him to Enquire at Colonel Marshall if there were any land there to be given to settlers: but I have lately received a letter from my Brother in which he writes that he made knowen my request to Colonel Marshal annd was told that I must apply to the Secretary for the Colonies because the land offices in Cannada were now Shut. Now, Sir will you be pleased to let me know wither it be consistent with the present ruels of his Majestys Government to give a grant of Land to a sober and industrious Famley who is very desirious to get to his Majestys Dominions in North America. Or, upon what terms I may get 500 acres as I have a Famley consisting of 18 individuals 4 of whome are men above 26 years. If you find it convenient to answer this, address to John McMillan, Blantyre Works by Hamilton N.(~?)

John Mc Millan