Submitted and transcribed by Lainie Weaver.

Lainie Weaver says about this letter:
           “I have no idea who many of these people are. I corresponded with Gary Byron [LCGS President] in an attempt to locate the burying ground mentioned and he explained the Kenny-Bennett connection and said that “Lentric” was probably “Lanark”. Andrew Bennett was born in the early 1800’s, I believe his family came with the Lanark Society Settlers in 1819 or 1820. Perhaps others will enjoy this letter as I did. . . . (This letter) is from Albert Bennett to his family in Almonte.”

Update, March, 2000: This letter, along with an explanation of the people in it, appears in Carol Bennett McCuaig’s new family history, The Bennett Millennium Book (Descendants of Edward Bennett of Lanark Twp.), which is about to go to print (spring 2000). Anyone wanting to find out more can e-mail Carol Bennett McCuaig.

Rensslaer Falls [New York State] Oct the 10 1891

Dear Folks in Almonte

I arived at home on the eith as well as when I left only vry tired. I found my people all well and they was glad to see me safe home. Mable is very gratefull and hily pleaseed with her presant from you she said it was grand just what she wanted. Now about my trip home cousin John Keny and I started for Lentric and we got thare one hour before the stage started we went up and visited the old Berying ground whare my Father and mother was buryed the olds ground is badly neglected thare is an elem tree groing a the head of my fathers grave it is about fifty or sixty feet hie and over two feet threw at the fut I said to myself that God had planted it for a monument.

I took the stge for Perth arived thare at half past 12 then I went and viseted my neice Mrs. Soper. I found her and famly all well stayed thare untill the next morning and then walked down to Lumbardy twelve miles got thare at for oclock in the afternoon. I met lisies man thare Jud and I rode home with him got thare at dark ate supper and went to bed a very tired man. Got up in the morning at eight stayed till nine oclock and walked over the John Bennetts. Stayed thare till after dinner visited with my brother James he did not no me at first I had to tell him who I was. Stayed thare till two oclock started down to Mrs Sopers found her and family all well and getting along nisely I stayed with her two nights and and one day then I started for Mary ans. I walked thare got thare at ten stayed thare till I got my diner and started for home walked ten miles that afternoon got to Bellmys Staion had to stay thare six hours waiting for the train for Brockvlle got to Brockville at midnight stayed thare till ten the next day and started for the land of the free and home of the Brave got home in the afternoon a wiser and I trust a hapery man.

Give all my friends in Carilton and Almonte my best Wishes and do not forget Agy Dick you must come and make me a vsit wen you can. Tell your mother I was thinking she must have been very tired when she got home that night now I must draw my letter to a close and will say to you all my visit with you all will evr be a dear rembrance of my happy days with you I will expect you will rite to me often I remain your

Unkle Andrew Bennett