Dear Sir,
           My brother wrote me A few days ago, with respect to the near half of lot No. 10, in the 12 con, of Drummond, in which you are interested. I have inquired about it, and find that all is right, and orders are given to have the patent made out, as soon as possible.
           If I get it before I leave Toronto, I will let you Know.
Yours Truly
R. Bell

Outer part of this letter, addressed to Alex Stewart, Esq.

The envelope is stamped within an escutcheon: Legislative / Assembly / May 28 / 1858 / Canada a crown above the escutcheon. The stamp is in red. A franking mark that crosses the crown FREE. Addressed to Alex. Stewart, Esq., Lanark. At the bottom of obverse: R. Bell, Mr P. P. (Member Provincial Parliament) A stamp on the reverse of the envelope: Lanark.

Submitted by a member of the LCGS.