Max Sutherland Memorial Library

 696 7th Concession Road Darling, Lanark Highlands, Lanark County Ontario

 On Saturday, May 7, 2022, our society members, and guests enjoyed the tour and the browsing time in the Max Sutherland Memorial Library located on the lower level of the Tatlock Community Hall. Nancy Veary Jibb, the community hall volunteer, was our guest speaker. She spoke to us about the history of the hall and the acquisition of the library of our member, the late Max Sutherland.

Max Sutherland passed away unexpectedly in 2019. He was a great historian of Darling Township. His spouse and family members gifted to the people of Lanark, Max’s extended genealogy and history research.

Max Sutherland had no ancestors in Darling Township, but that did not deter his interest in the place he adopted as his second home. Max devoted many years of his life chronicling the history and the families of this place. He was also not averse to trying to literally dig up where the pioneers were buried, climbing fences, crawling through brush, over rock piles with his shovel, along with friends to try to find where the old families buried their loved ones before there were organized cemeteries.

An appointment is required to visit this library. Arrangements can be made by phoning 613-256-1737

“Max Sutherland may your love for preserving Lanark County history, family trees, those Lanark Highlands hills, and your encouragement to all who have met you or wish they had, continue to shine down on us from on high”.

Max loved to sketch. This is one of his sketches: the Historic One-room School House at California, Lanark County
Not only did Max sketch, he liked to carve. There are a few of his hand-carved walking sticks on display
Community Hall Volunteer Nancy Veary Jibb
spoke about the development of the Max Sutherland Library and its holdings.
Hall Association Publications
Lanark County Heritage Maps
Shelves of heritage books
A photo gem among the researched works- Jane Mary Heron Murray 1821-1906

Max devoted many years of his life chronicling the history and the families of this place. He visited with descendants and recorded stories and family histories, documenting for the future generations, life in Darling Township. Max had called his collection of essays “Wild Lands of the Crown – Essays on the History of Darling Township.

Sadly, he did not live to see it published but now thanks to the Tatlock Hall Historical Group, Nancy Veary Jibb, Joan Armstrong, and Pat Burnett, Max’s 246-page book has been made available to us all. For anyone, whose ancestors lived in Darling Township, this is a must-have possession.

Limited copies of this indexed book are available from Lanark County Genealogical Society for $40 plus shipping.  

February is Canada’s Black History Month “HONORING A PROUD HERITAGE”

On February 2nd, 2019 local author Ron Shaw will present his research on two black families who lived in Perth between 1858 and 1926; the Gilberts and the Jacksons.

Ron is from Perth Ontario. He studied journalism at Algonquin College and worked for newspapers, radio and television prior to his 35 year career with non-governmental relief and development organizations in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Start Time 1:30 pm
Location, Beckwith Township Administration Complex
1702 9th Line Beckwith @ Black’s Corners Ontario

Event Organizers: Lanark County Genealogical Society