With the flip of the switch? the loss of the historic Appleton General Store

Stately standing since 1850 in its beautiful spot along the Mississippi River at Appleton, the Appleton General Store was one of the oldest commercial buildings in the village.

The Village of Appleton, located west of Ottawa, was without power since the ice storm swept across much of Lanark County on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023. Residents said the power came back on Friday morning, just before the fire started in the historic building.

The Store, built by Thomas Arthur, as a two-and-a-half-storey brick building was among the few remaining examples of commercial brick architecture in the village. The general store was once the hub of the village having also been a post office, a gas station and a home over the years.

The building recently purchased by young entrepreneurs in Almonte was undergoing renovations to turn it into a café/bakery and Airbnb. The store was a historic landmark of Lanark County and no fire marshal investigation will take place.

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