Christmas Pye

The mince pie began life in medieval times, all the way back to the Crusaders of the 13 century and was known as the Christ-mass pye. They were shaped into ovals to represent the manager that baby Jesus was placed upon his birth. The filling was a combination of mixed meats, fruits, and spices, the pie represented the gifts Jesus received from the three Wise Men. Long before the turkey, the Christmas pie took center stage at the festive meal.

In 1901 a reporter of the West Somerset Free Press wrote when visiting a family he was presented with a mince pie and went on to describe the pie as ‘pure torture’ he added that he went to bed that night feeling he had swallowed a ton of concrete. The pride of making the perfect mince pie continued through wartime with local WI’s introducing mince pie competitions which was the talk of the local community. 

Source: American Cookery by Amelia Simmons

Are you looking for the best Christmas pie for your holiday feast?  Is there anything better than a traditional British pie with a buttery and flaky crust filled with a mix of dried fruits and spices and baked to golden perfection?

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