Over 25 years of Almonte.com

Brent Eades, created the first version of what is now the Almonte.com site back in 1995, a time when few people had home Internet.
One of the most popular parts of the site – going back over 20 years now – has been the ‘historic photo archive’.
Now numbering over 700 these photos of Almonte and the area start in the mid 19th century and were collected over years by Michael Dunn. They make up a visual history that few towns our size can boast, and I find them endlessly fascinating.

The Millstone is a community newspaper for the Municipality of Mississippi Mills

The Millstone is a volunteer-run newspaper for the Mississippi Mills area. Publisher: Edith Cody-Rice; Proprietors: Edith Cody-Rice, Brent Eades shares a number of genealogy and history research resources.

Shared by the Millstone News, 2022, for genealogists and historians alike.


Soldiers sitting and standing

Soldiers sitting and standing

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