Record and preserve those family stories, don’t wait. Did you know that family stories are lost over three generations? Just think how excited you would be to find a diary or daily journal kept by your ancestor long ago. It’s time to start your own journey. Have fun and start writing!

It is important as genealogists and historians that we do not forget about writing our own stories. Not only do we need to preserve them for future generations we need to share them now so others can experience what life was and is like living in Lanark County, Ontario Canada.

Lanark County Genealogical Society’s upcoming publication “Recollections” from the Pen of Noreen Tyers is targeted for release in the summer of 2022.


Writer, Noreen Tyers grew up in the 1940s in the Eastview section of Ottawa. She has authored many stories related to that time from her truly clear memories of situations and how she experienced life at that time. In her early adulthood, when her children were small, the family moved to a century farm in Lanark Township. This resulted in new adventures to write about as she learned to live in the country. One of her favourite parts of country living was the maple sugar bush and all the activities that revolved around maple syrup making. She invented a character named Sammy Sap Man to tell the maple syrup stories to children. Sammy has a whole host of animal and bird friends who live in the bush with him to help tell the stories. In retirement, Noreen moved to Perth where she writes her memories and shares them with a large audience on Facebook. Her retirement companion is a little dog named Ruffy who occasionally writes his own stories to share as well.

Our Facebook Page has on occasion shared Noreen’s memories attracting a volume of readers inquisitive about Sammy Sap Man, the adventures of Ruffy, and those who can recall similar experiences in their own life.

There will be an opportunity to pre-order via our website closer to the release date.