Published by C.S. Bootes

Smiths Falls Record-News

           This list was produced by scanning a photocopy of an original directory. The order of the names is as published. As many scanning errors as possible were corrected, but address numbers were not checked. About 30 pages of advertising has been omitted.

Municipal Officers
Town Clerk and AssessorF. R. GILROY.
Treasurer and Relief AdministratorF. A. McCALLUM.
Town EngineerS. B. CODE.
Relef AdministratorF. A. McCALLUM.
Town Clerk’s SecretaryMiss M. E. BARRAGER.
Collector’s AssistantMiss M. HAWKES.
CoronerDR. H. A. WHITCOMB.
Justice of the PeaceR. H. LIVINGSTON.
4th Division Court ClerkW. E. HALPIN.
4th Division Court BailiffJAMES MILLER.
Truant. OfficerMrs. MINNIE ALLEN.
Police Officials
Chief of PoliceJOHN LEES.
ConstableREG. WRIDE.
M.P. for Lanark RidingBERT H.SOPER
Mayor Town of Smiths FallsJ.J.BRADLEY
Smiths Falls Waterworks Department
1940 Officials
ChairmanR.G. ALLPORT.
CommissionerH.G. MAYHEW.
CommissionerJ.J. BRADLEY.
SuperintendentD. FISHER.
EngineerM.F. McGLADE.

Abbass, Albert; 28 Market St.

Abbass, James; 76 Victoria Ave.

Abbott, O. C.; 8 Gladstone Ave.

Aboud, S.; 16 Main St., E.

Ackerley, John; 6½ Chambers St.

Ackerley, Thomas; 20 William St.

Adachi, Charlie; 54 Montague St.

Adams, Miss B.; 17 Elmsley St. N.

Adams, Mrs. H. B.; 110 Elmsley St., N.

Adams, Miss Marion; 52 Church St. E.

Ahearn, E.; 105 Beckwith St. N.

Ahier, Mrs. Elsie; 15 Foster Ave.

Ain, David; 35 McEwen Ave.

Alberry, W. T.; 63 Chambers W.

Alexander, Miss Greta; 30 Russell St., W.

Alexander, Jas.; 30 Russell St., W.

Allan, Mrs. H.; 61 Russell St. E.

Allan, Miss Helene; 41 William St., W.

Allan, Miss Hazel; 41 William St., W.

Allan, H. W.; 78 Brockville St.

Allan, John; 8 Electric St.

Allan, Robert; 70 Elmsley St., S.

Allan, Mrs. S. J.; 41 William St., W.

Allan, Mrs. Z.; 1 Cornelia St., E.

Allen, Edward; 59 Ogden Ave.

Allen, Miss Gwen; 128 Chambers St., E.

Allen, J. T.; 58 Aberdeen Ave.

Allen, Michael; 142 Beckwith St., N.

Allen, Mrs. Minnie; 59 Ogden Ave.

Allen, Norman; 128 Chambers St. E.

Allen, Miss Rose; 58 Aberdeen Ave.

Allen, Vincent; 58 Aberdeen Ave.

Allison, H. P.; 100 Elmsley St., N.

Allport, D. O.; 177 Chambers St., E.

Allport, E.; 136 Main St., E.

Allport, R. G.; 73 McGill St. N.

Althouse, W.; 59 Smiths Falls Ave.

Amy, Grant; 56 Maple Ave.

Amy, Harold; 112 Beckwith St., N.

Amy, H. A.; 56 Maple Ave.

Anderson, Mrs. A. G.; 33 McEwen Ave.

Anderson, Charlie; 12 Market St.

Anderson, Ernie; 86 William St., E.

Anderson, Mrs. J. A.; 20 Church St., W.

Anderson, Jim; 86 William St., E.

Anderson, Mrs. Lorne; 7 Helen St.

Anderson, Mrs. W. J.; 12 Market St.

Andre, J.; 33 Church St., W.

Andrews, Reginald; 18 Robinson Ave.

Angus, M. R.; 25 Cornelia St.

Arcand, Ernest; 20 Merrick St.

Armitage, A. R.; 9 Helen St.

Armstrong, Adam; 159 Queen St.

Armstrong, Miss Olda.; 20 Merrick St.

Armstrong, Howard; 20 Merrick St.

Armstrong, R. W.; 30 Cornelia St.

Arnberg, Mrs. W. A.; 54 Russell St., W.

Arnold, Archie; St. Francis Hosp.

Arnold, Mrs. E.; 54 Elmsley St., S.

Arnold, Geo.; 35 Winifred St.

Arnold, Ivan; 71 Russell St. E.

Arnold, Miss L.; 3 McGill St., S.

Arnold, R. E.; 5 McEwen Ave.

Arnold, W. C.; 3 Murphy Apts.

Arnold, W. E.; 3 McGill St., S.

Arthur, Mrs. Howard; 34 McGill St. N.

Ashmore, Miss Ethel; 59 Union St.

Ashmore, Miss lona; 110 Main St. E

Ashmore, T.; 110 Main St., E.

Auberry, Edward; 63 Chambers St., W.

Aunger, John; 107 McCann St.

Aziz, E.; 12 Russell St., W.

Aziz, Geo.; 12 Russell St., W.

Bacchus, Wm.; 7 Glen Ave.

Badour, G.; 27 King St.

Bailey, C.; Russell Hotel,

Bailey, Garnet; 7 Cornelia St.

Bailey, Geo.; 20 Market St.

Bailey, J. M.; 7 Cornelia St.

Baird, Miss Agnes; 8 Russell St., W.

Baird, Geo.; 48 Market St.

Baird, Wesley; 141 Beckwith St. N.

Baker, Alex.; 6 William St.

Baker, Bernard; 57 Beckwith St. N.

Baker, Fred.; 50 Chambers St. W.

Baker, Geo.; 7 Oak St.

Baker, Milburn; 77 Jasper Ave.

Baker, Ross; 50 Chambers St. W.

Baker, S.; 32 Chambers St. E.

Baldwin, W.; 6½ Chambers St. W.

Balfour, R. J.; 166 Beckwith St. N.

Balfe, Miss S.; 43 Elmsley St. N.

Ballantyne, Miss Alice; 20 Jasper Ave.

Ballantyne, Miss Agnes; 44 George St. W.

Ballantyne, Miss Doris; 133 Brockville St.

Ballantyne, M. B.; 20 Jasper Ave.

Ballantyne, R.; 133 Brockville St.

Ballantyne, R. B.; 133 Brockville St

Banks, Mrs. H.; 15 Elmsley St. N.

Banville, Cyril; 14 Mary St. E.

Banville, Ernest; 14 Mary St. E.

Barber, B.; 42 Chambers St. E.

Barber, C.; 42 Chambers St. E.

Barber, Mrs. D.; 21 McGill St. S.

Barber, Miss Helen; Public Hosp.

Barber, Ezra; 9 Elm St. E.

Bariger, W. H.; 14 Church St. E.

Barker, Harry; 62 George St. W.

Barker, S.; 124 Chambers St. E.

Barr, A.; 40½ Church St. W.

Barr, C.; 56 Main St. E.

Barr, Mrs. D.; 109 Brockville St.

Barr, Frank; 40½ Church St. W.

Barrager, A. M.; 45 Lombard St.

Barrager, G. A.; Coombs Apts. 3.

Barrager, Mrs. S.; 57 Beckwith N.

Barrigar, Fred.; 19 McEwen Ave.

Barrigar, Miss M. E.; 8 Russell W.

Barrie, Charlie; 81 Abel St.

Barrie, Mrs. M.; 79 Abel St.

Barry, Mrs. Allan; 81 Queen St.

Barnard, G.; 8½ Russell St. E.

Bartlett, Sidney, 33 McEwen Ave.

Bartram, Miss M.; Public Hosp.

Bates, Thomas; 1 Lavinia St.

Bates, William; 9 King St.

Bates, William; 7 Ogden Ave.

Baxter, Mrs. Mary; 21 Russell E.

Beach, E. A.; 4 Centre St.

Beach, John; 38 Smiths Falls Ave.

Beath, J. S.; 28 WinnifredSt.

Beaith, Wallace; 13 Elm St.

Beamish, Mrs. M.; 30 Ogden Ave.

Beatty, Mrs. Wm.; 51 Lombard St.

Beck, W. C.; 11 Elmsley St. S.

Beckett, Miss Margaret; 36 Main St. W.

Beckett, J. A.; 17 Aberdeen Ave.

Beckett, James; 49 Gladstone Ave.

Beckwith, Donald; 4 Mary St. S.

Bedore, D.; 18 Montague St.

Bedore, D. H.; 28 Rideau Ave.

Begley, Clair; 16 Church St. E.

Begley, Clayton; 85 Jasper Ave.

Begley, Fred. C.; 82 Abel St.

Begley, Mrs. Sarah; 82 Abel St.

Bell, David; 7 Union St.

Bell, Edgar; l6 George St. S.

Bell, George; 24 Winnifred St.

Bell, J. F.; 5 Elmsley St. S.

Bell, W. S.; 14 Electric St.

Bennett, E. H.; 44½ Main St. E.

Bennett, G.; 5 Helen St.

Bennett, Harvey; 22 Lavinia St.

Bennett, Miss Mary; 22 Lavinia St.

Bennett, Sanford; 23 Church St. W.

Bennett, Wilbert; 22 Lavinia St.

Benjamin, W.; 77 Montague St.

Benson, David; 21 Abel St.

Bernicky, Jas.;22 Merrick St.

Besseau, J. R.; 7 Maple Ave.

Best, Miss Ella; 51 William St. W.

Best, Miss Eva; 51 William St. W.

Best, Geo. F.; 38 Main St. E.

Best, Mrs. Marion; 20 Johnston Ave

Best, R.; 30 Elmsley St. S.

Best, W.; 6 Elmsley St. N.

Best, W. E.; Elmsley St. N.

Bevens, James; 66 Main St. E.

Beveridge, Bert.; 88 Elmsley St. N.

Beveridge, J. H.; 88 Elmsley St. N.

Beyes, Charlie; 33 Abbott St.

Biggs, Oswald; 146 Brockville St.

Bigelow, C. J.; 32 Glen Ave.

Bigford, J. A.; 35 William St. W.

Bigford, Jas.; 12 Beckwith St. S.

Bigford, Wesley; 103 William E.

Billie, Frank; 23 Lombard St.

Billings, C. M.; 41 McGill St. N.

Bishop, P.; 102 Chambers St. E.

Bissell, Mrs. Elizabeth; 37 Church St. W.

Bisonette, B.; 19 Ann St.

Black, Brock.; 23 Winnifred St.

Black, C.; 30 Robinson Ave.

Black, Wm. E.; 30 Robinson Ave.

Blackburn, J. A.; 18 Russell St. E.

Blackwell, E. S.; 46 Maple Ave.

Blair, Mrs. Florence; 29 Montague St.

Blair, Jim; 9 Simpson St.

Blaise, Edward; 13 Johnston Ave.

Blanchard, Mrs.; Arlington Hotel.

Bluhm, Miss D.; 56 Maple Ave.

Blatherwick, C. L.; 23 Abel St.

Boland, Charlie; 61 Russell St. E.

Boland, Harold; 11 Abel St.

Bolton, Hugh; 10 Jessie St.

Bolton, James; 31 Chambers St. W.

Bolton, Miss Mary; 31 Chambers St. W.

Bootes, C. S.; 122 Brockville St.

Borrett, Miss Edith; 106 Chambers St. E.

Botham, C.; 81 Jasper Ave.

Bothwell, Geo.; 1 Cornelia St. E.

Bothwell, Percy; 121A Brockville.

Bothwell, Ross; 18 Elm St. E.

Bouck, Harry; 31 Church St. E.

Bourk, Robert; 42 George St. W.

Bowen, Willard; 42 Cornelia St. E.

Bowes, Charlie; 67 Daniel St.

Bowes, James; 2 Maple Ave.

Bowick, J. E.; 132 Main St. E.

Bown, T. N.; 5 Elm St.

Boychuck, Peter; 27 McGill St. S.

Boyd, A.; 71 William St.

Boyd, D. W.; 86 Beckwith St. N.

Boyd, S.; 19 Montague St.

Boylan, James F.; 53 Elmsley St. N.

Boylan, W. C.; 36 Empress St.

Boynton, Mrs. J.; 38 Lombard St.

Bradford, Allan; 8 Helen St.

Bradford, Norman; S Helen St.

Bradley, Geo.; 19½ Jasper Ave.

Bradley, J. J.; 42 McGill St. N.

Bradley, Thomas; 12 Bay. St.

Brady, E. P.; 36 Chambers St. E.

Brady,D.; Rideau Hotel.

Bradshaw, C.; 39 Davidson St.

Beausoliel, A.; 12½ Main St. E.

Branson, Bert.; 99 Abel St.

Bray, Wm.; 22 Cornelia St.

Breen, Leon.; 170 Beckwith St. N.

Brennagh, Mrs. J.; 94 Chambers E.

Brennagh, J.; 94 Chambers St. E.

Brennan, Mrs. A. J.; 14 Cornelia St.

Berry, Hilliard; 37 Daniel St.

Berry, W.; 37 Daniel St.

Brian, Warner; 50 Thurber St.

Brian, Willis; 160 Main St. E.

Bridgen, J.; 25 Kensington Ave.

Briggs, D. R.; 22 Running Ave.

Briggs, Mrs. W.; 102 Chambers E.

Briggs, Wm.; 11 Russell St. E.

Brinkman, J. H.; 3 Winnifred S.

Britnell, Geo.; 69 Aberdeen Ave.

Britton, Roy; 1 Main St. W.

Britton, William; 71 Daniel St.

Brodie, Crawford; 7 James St.

Brodie, Miss Mary; 2 George St. W.

Brothwell, Lewis; 61 William, W.

Brown, Archie; 65 McCann St.

Brown, A. M.; 51 McGill St. N.

Brown, C. A.; 62 Russell St. E.

Brown, Miss Dorothy; Public Hosp.

Brown, Miss Edith; Public Hosp.

Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth; 65 McCann St.

Brown, James; 32 George St. W.

Brown, J. H.; 11 Elmsley N.

Brown, W.; 46 Maple Ave.

Browne, Wm.; 20 Cornelia St.

Browne, Wilson; 28 Abbott St.

Brownlee, H. B.; 5 Robinson Ave.

Brunshaw, A. P.; 105 Queen St.

Brunshaw, John; 34 Elm St.

Brunshaw, S.; 4 Market St.

Bryan, C. R.; 57 Beckwith St. N.

Bryant, M.; 59 Winnifred St.

Buchan, Miss Amy; 37 Russell St. W.

Buchanan, A.; 1 Murphy Apts.

Buchanan, Mrs. A. H.; 21 Gladstone Ave.

Buchanan, Carl; 13 Lombard St.

Buchanan, Mrs. D. J.; 13 Lombard

Buchanan, Edwin; 13 Lombard St.

Buchanan, Harry; 182 Brockville

Buchanan, Wilfred; 13 Lombard

Church, Miss Amy B.; 37 Maple Ave.

Church, F. A.; 24 Rideau Ave.

Churchill, Geo.; 52 Smiths Falls Ave.

Churchill, W.; 52 Smiths Falls Ave.

Chiswell, Fred.; 12 Market St.

Chiswell, Wm.; 5 McGill St. N.

Christie, Mrs. Wm.; 160 Main St. E.

Christie, R.; 11 Elmsley St. N.

Christie, Thomas; 19 Alfred St.

Clark, Alex.; 107 Beckwith St. N.

Clark, Allan; 55 Aberdeen Ave

Clark, Alma; Public Hospital.

Clark, Clifford; 55 Aberdeen Ave.

Clark, Fred.; 29 Montague St.

Clark, H.; 55 Aberdeen St.

Clark, Mrs. John; 109 Elmsley, N.

Clark, J. K.; 103 William St. W.

Clark, J. W.; 43 George St. W.

Clark, John; 7 Main St., E.

Clark, Miss Lila; 7 Main St. E.

Clark, Levi; 180 Brockville St.

Clark, N.; 6 Winnifred St.

Clark, T. H.; 30 Merrick St.

Clark, W. A.; 1B George St. N.

Clarke, V. G.; 41 Winnifred St.

Clearwater; James; 28½ McEwen

Clint, Miss Mary; 6 Mary St. S.

Clint, Miss Tena; 6 Mary St. S.

Cochrane, Mrs. A.; 10 Chambers E.

Cockshutt, W. A.; 57 Chambers St. E,

Coad, Geo.; 48 Russell St. E.

Coates, A.; 89 William St. W.

Coates, Mrs. Harriett; 40 Russell St.W.

Code, Miss Alice M.; 57 Maple Ave.

Code, Arthur; 59 William St. W.

Code; C.; 15 Robina Ave.

Code, Cecil; 10 Mary St. S.

Code, Desmond; 26 Cornelia St.

Code, Earl; 6 Simpson St.

Code, Fred.; 59 William St. W.

Code, Mrs. Geo.; 29 William St. W.

Code, Gerald; 57 Beckwith St. N.

Code, Harry; 16 Main St. E.

Code, Harvey; 108 Main St. E.

Code, Mrs. Joseph; 1 Lorne St.

Code, J. S.; 36 Merrick St.

Code, Miss Kathleen; 26 Cornelia

Code, Max.; 39 Merrick St.

Code, Russell; 30 William St. W

Code, S. B.; 134 Elmsley St. N.

Code, T. E.; 44 Russell St. E.

Code, Mrs. W. H.; 26 Cornelia St

Code, Wm.; 57 Beckwith St. N.

Cohen, J.; 11 Market St.

Cohen, S.; 27 Market St.

Cole, Lloyd; 128 Main E.

Cole, Wm.; 14 Rideau Ave., W.

Coleman, Alex.; 80 Stephen St.

Coleman, Bert.; 50 Abel St.

Coleman, E.; 51 Abel St.

Coleman, Fred.; 82 Stephen St.

Coleman, Howard; 40 Davidson St

Coleman, J. M.; 82 Stephen St.

Coleman, Mrs. Lena; 80 Stephen

Coleman, S. M.; 70 Abel St.

Coles, L. R.; 28 Russell St. W.

Commerford, S.; 4 George St. S

Commodore, B.; 4 Robina Ave.

Condie, Miss Jennie; 6 Moore St

Condie, Roy; 64 Winnifred St.

Condie, W. H.; 30 Daniel St.

Conlin, G. T.; 41 Main St. W.

Connelly, Miss C. M.; 34 Winnifred St

Connelly, E. B.; 34 Winnifred St.

Conner, Webster; 16 Market St.

Connors, Mrs. A. L.; 53 Church E

Connors, Mrs. Annabell; 53 Church St. E.

Conners, E.; 33 Victoria Ave.

Conners, J.; 34 Church St. E.

Conners, T. R.; 40 Church St. W.

Connerty [sic], P.; 40 Church St. W.

Cook, Mrs. Lillian; 27 George St. W.

Cook, L. H.; 81 Russell St. E.

Cook, W. W.; 39 McEwen Ave.

Copp, J. B.; 74 Main St. E.

Cookman, Claire; 187 Beckwith N.

Cookman, Cleve; 30 George St. W,

Cookman, Eldon; 187 Beckwith N.

Coombs, H.; 36 William St. E.

Coombs, J.; 42 William St. E.

Colquhoun, Miss Eva; 47 Elmsley St. N

Colquhoun, Miss Marjorie; 47 Elmsley St. N

Coon, J. C.; 54 Winnifred St.

Cooper Dean; 6 Mary St. S.

Coplan, Miss Ella; 143 Elmsley N.

Corbett, Mrs. J.; 45 Daniel St.

Corbett, Ross; 45 Daniel St.

Corbett, Norman; 71 McGill St. N.

Corless, Mrs. P.; 155 Chambers E.

Corley, J. K.; 8 Moore St.

Corley, R. C.; 57 Ogden Ave.

Corr, A. J.; 70 Daniel St.

Corcoran, John; 42 Elmsley St. S.

Cottee, Mrs. E.H.; 24 Gladstone

Couch, Arthur; 111 Brockville St.

Couch, G. L.; 8 Winnifred St.

Couch, Mrs. J. M.; 8 Winnifred St.

Couch, Mrs, J. M.; Cor Ogden & Daniel Sts.

Couch, J. R.; 4 Lavinia St.

Couch, Richard; 111 Brockville St.

Coughlin, John; 77 Russell St. E.

Courrier, Michael; 30 Elmsley, N.

Coville, Miss Ila; Public Hospital.

Coville, Geo.; 80 Victoria Ave.

Cousineau, M.; 19 Running Ave.

Cowan, Richard; 162 Brockville St.

Cowles, Mrs. Gordon; 33 McGill, N.

Cox, Miss Elsie; 81 Elmsley St. N.

Cox, W.; 6 Abel St.

Craig, Charles; 10½ Main St. W.

Craig, C. W.; 23 Main St.W.

Craig, Jim; 9 Lombard St.

Craig, J.; 45 Alfred St.

Craig, John; 19 Running Ave.

Craig, S.; 34 Chambers St. E.

Craig, W.; 19 Smiths Falls Ave.

Craighead, Miss Alice; Public Hos.

Craighead, J. S.; 5 Alfred St.

Cram, Miss A.; Public Hospital.

Cram, Miss Jennie; 92 Brockville

Crampton, Jas.; 144 Beckwith, N.

Crawford, H. B.; 17 McEwen Ave.

Crawford, Mrs. M.; 12 Mary, S.

Crawford, W. J. A.; 12 Mary St.

Crawford, Oliver; 94 Main St. E.

Crawford, Phillip; 12 Mary St. S.

Crawford, Ross; 49 Merrick St.

Crawford, Mrs. W. A.; 34 Church St. W.

Crawford, Wm.; 7 McGill St. S.

Crawford, Wm.; 12 Mary St. S.

Crate, Austin; 21 Davidson St.

Crate, A. E.; 146 Main St. E.

Crate, Mrs. Fred.; 34 William, E.

Crate, Geo. E.; 143 Main St. E.

Crate, G. W.; 21 Davidson St.

Crate, J. F.; 158 Main St. E.

Cross, Harry; 45 Abbott St.

Cullen, Frank; 62 William St. W.

Cullen, Miss Florence; 62 William St. W.

Cullen, James; 10 Elm St. E.

Cullen, Miss Laura; 10 Elm St. E.

Cullen, Orville; 11 Elm St.

Cullen, Mrs. R.; 46 Main St. E.

Cullen, Mrs. T. W.; 62 William W.

Cullen, Mrs. W. A.; 11 Foster Ave.

Cullen, Wilson; 46 Main St. E.

Cumming, Miss R.; Public Hosp.

Cumming, Miss Doris; Pub. Hosp.

Cumming, Ira; 126 Brockville St.

Cummings, Miss Annie; Arlington Hotel.

Cummings, John; 16 Smiths Falls Ave.

Currans, Kenneth; 20 Robinson Av.

Currie, Olin; 12 James St.

Curry, Geo.; 3 McGill St. N.

Curtis, Lorne; Palliser Hotel.

Curtis, R. J.; 26 Kensington Ave.

Curtis, Mrs. Clara; Palliser Hotel

Cushway, Jack; 52 Centre St. E.

Cusick, M.; 168 Chambers St. E.

Daniels, A.; 33 Market St.

Daniels, Mrs. M.; 70 McGill St. N.

Dale, Ashton; 17 McGill St. N.

Daly, S.; 15 McGill St. S.

Dalgleish, B.; 17½ Running Ave.

Dalgleish, J.; 33½ Market St.

Dalgleish, Mrs. Minnie; 41 George St. W.

Darling, Borden; 10 William St. W.

Darling, W.; 21 George St. S.

Dart, Miss Olive; 76 Russell St. E.

Datkum, Mrs. A.; 49 Main St. E.

David, G.; 16 McEwen Ave.

Davies, Mrs. K.; 7 Union St.

Davidson, Alex.; 88 Brockville St.

Davidson, A. J.; 40 Lombard St.

Davidson, C.; 19 Davidson St.

Davidson, Mrs. Marion; 69 Daniel

Davidson, Duncan; 75 Church, E.

Davidson. Dr. J. G.; 30 Glen Ave.

Davidson, Geo.; 70 McGill St. N.

Davidson, Mrs. Jessie; 19 Davidson St.

Davidson, John; 75 Church St. E.

Davidson, Miss Margaret; Public Hospital.

Davidson, Milton; 47 McGill St. N.

Davidson, Thomas; 26 Mary St. S.

Davidson, Wm.; 88 Brockville St.

Davis, Elias; 53 Alfred St.

Davis, Earl; 10 Abel St.

Davis, Frank; 9 Montague St.

Davis, Geo.; 178 Brockville St.

Davis, Jerry; Brockville Road.

Davis, Mrs. Morton; 55 Main St. W.

Dawson, E.; 90 Queen St.

Dawson, J.; 35 Cornelia St.

Dawson, W.; 66 William St. W.

Day, Mrs. Lester; 25 Rideau Ave.

Daze, W. A.; 70 Daniel St.

Deacon, John; 16 Davidson St.

Deegan, S.; 124 Beckwith St. N.

Deish, B.; 30 Beckwith St. S.

Delorme, J.; 50 McGill St. N.

Delorme, T.; 74 Russell St. E.

DeMuy, Charlie; 6 McEwen Ave.

DcMuy, T.; 6 McEwen Ave.

Derbyshire, Alex.; 38 Helen St.

Devlin, Cecil; 30 Victoria Ave.

Devlin, Edwin; 30 Victoria Ave.

Devlin, Herbert; 30 Victoria Ave.

Devlin, Roy; 30 Victoria Ave.

Devlin, R. E.; 11 Union St.

Devlin, Wm.; 59 Montague St.

Deyo, S. H.; 4 Chambers St. E.

Dewar, H.; 18 Queen St.

Dewey, E.; 93 William St. E.

Dewey, Wm.; 29 Victoria Ave.

Dezell, Miss E. J.; 19A Beckwith St. N.

Dial, Mrs. C.; 40 Cornelia St.

Diamond, S.; Lorne St.

Dickson, Miss Mary; 28 Robinson Ave.

Dignan, Miss Ann; 26 Merrick St.

Dignan, B.; 26 Merrick St.

Dignan, David; 11 William St. W.

Dignan, John; 26 Merrick St.

Dixon, Harry; 103 Main St. E.

Dixon, Jack; 6 Church St. E.

Dixon, Jim; 36 Cornelia St.

Dixon. Robert; 28 Aberdeen Ave.

Dobbie, A. E.; 40 Gladstone Ave.

Dodd, George; 14 Lavinia St.

Dodds, Fred.; 10 Russell St. W.

Dodge, James; 4 Running Ave.

Dolan, Miss M.; St. Francis Hosp.

Dolinki, Stanley; 43 Centre St. E.

Dolinki, W.; 6 Centre St.

Donaldson, C. W.; 42 Robinson Ave.

Donaldson, Edward; 51 Robinson Ave.

Donaldson, John; 42 Robinson Ave.

Donaldson, Miss M.; 42 Robinson

Donovan, Miss D.; 33 McEwen Ave.

Donaghy, W.; 1 Albert Street.

Dool, Mrs. Mary; 4 Running Ave.

Doran, Mrs. John; 3 Mary St. N.

Dorman, Bert.; 21 Burke St.

Dorman, Donald; 54 Robinson Ave.

Dorman, Mrs. E.; 114 Main St. E.

Dorman, Harvey; 54 Robinson Ave.

Dorman, H. W.; 15 Ogden Ave.

Douglas, Mrs. James; 101 Beckwith St. N.

Douglas, J. C.; 65 Chambers St. E.

Douglas, Norman; 48 George St.

Douglas, Mrs. R. R.; 149 Main St. E.

Douglas, Stuart; 65 Chambers E.

Dowdell, G.; 10 Russell St. W.

Dowsett, Bert.; 35 Victoria Ave.

Dowsett, Mrs. Edna; 15 Main St. E.

Dowsett, Phillip; 33 McGill St. S.

Dowsett, Samuel; 23 Alfred St. E.

Doyle, Mrs. A.; 52 Daniel St.

Doyle, Miss C.; 52 Daniel St.

Doyle, Charles; 52 Daniel St.

Doyle, Miss E.; 161 Beckwith N.

Doyle, J.; Palliser Apt. 2.

Doyle, John; 82 Russell St. E.

Doyle, J.; 35 Market St.

Doyle, Leonard; 52 Daniel St.

Doyle, M. J.; 28 Kensington Ave.

Doyle, Fred.; 28 Kensington Ave.

Doyle, Thomas; 161 Beckwith N.

Doyle, V.; 52 Daniel St.

Doyle, W. J.; 52 Daniel St

Duck, Arthur; 10 Montague St.

Dulmage, J. A. B.; 40 William W.

Dulmage, Mrs. L. A.; 40 William St. W.

Duncalfe, C. W.; 158 Beckwith N.

Duncan, Alex.; 129 Brockville St.

Duncan. C. W.; 15 Elmsley St. N.

Duncan, Jim; 24. Chambers St. W.

Dunham, D. M.; 36 Glen Ave.

Dunham, Edwin; 122 Queen St.

Dunham, Norman; 36 Glen Ave.

Dunlop, Arthur; 24 Alfred St.

Durant, Lloyd; 48 Ogden Ave.

Durant, R. L.; 46 Gladstone Ave.

Duvall, Mrs. M.; 19 Jessie St.

Duthie, James; 60½ Chambers W.

Duthie, John; 25 Glen Ave.

Drew, John; Coombs Apt. 4.

Drew, Richard; 22 Glen Ave.

Drinkwater, Mrs. F.; 15½ Russell St. E.

Drinkwater, Percy; 60 Beckwith N.

Driscoll, Eric; 11 George St.

Driscoll, Wm.; 9 Oak St.

Driver, W. G.; 127 Elmsley St. N.

Droughan, Mrs. E.; 7 William St. E.

Droughan, E. V.; 15 Gladstone Ave.

Droughan, Miss S.; 11 William W.

Drummond, J. O.; 21 Main St. E.

Dryden, Wm.; 152 Main St. E.

Dyke, E. V.; 44 Daniel St.

Earl, Edward; 81 Queen St.

Easton, B.; 57 Beckwith St. N.

Easton, M.; 42 Main St. E.

Edgers, Miss F.; 7 Maitland St.

Edgers, Harold; 3 Merrick St.

Edgers, L.; 18 Church St. E.

Edgers, Mrs. Lila; 7 Maitland St.

Edmunds, Allan; 25 McGill St. N.

Edmunds, Miss F.; 97 William St. E.

Edmunds, H. A.; 97 William St. E.

Edmunds, Helen; 97 William St. E.

Edmunds, John; 26 King St.

Edmunds, L.; 21 Kensington Ave.

Edmunds, N. G.; 41 Church St. E.

Edwards, A.; 10 Beckwith St. N.

Edwards, Mrs. Bella; 14 Davidson St.

Edwards, Charles; 71 Daniel St.

Edwards, Mrs. C. G.; 18 Running Ave.

Edwards, E.; 42 McCann St. E.

Edwards, Miss Emma; 71 Daniel.

Edwards, Frank; 71 Daniel St.

Edwards, Mrs. Henry; 7 Oak St.

Edwards, Mrs. J.; 34½ Main St. E.

Edwards, John Wesley; 34 Lavinia St.

Edwards, Joseph; 31 Main. St. W.

Edwards, J. H.; 7 McGill St. S.

Edwards, J. T.; 128 Main St. E.

Edwards, Joseph W.; 37 Aberdeen.

Edwards, Leonard; 25 McEwen.

Edwards, Miss Mary; 71 Daniel St.

Edwards, Miss M.; 7 McGill St. N.

Edwards, Miss Muriel; 34½ Main St. E.

Edwards, Newman; 20 River St.

Edwards, Robt.; 42 Victoria Ave.

Edwards, Mrs. Ross; 52 Main St. E.

Edwards, Ross.; 14 Abel St.

Edwards, Stanley; 10 McEwen Ave

Edwards, W. H.; 10 McEwen Ave.

Egan, Thos.; 51 Gladstone Ave.

Egan, H.; 51 Beckwith St. N.

Elliott, Miss Doris; 14 William St W.

Elliott, Miss D.; 20 Robinson Ave.

Elliott, John; 33 Elgin St.

Elliott, T.; 22 Montague St.

Elliott, Thos.; 28 Montague St.

Ellis, David; 14 Oak St.

Ellison, Miss Greta; 64 Winnifred St.

Ellwood, Joe; 36 Beckwith N.

Ellwood, W. A.; 27 McGill St. N.

Elward, Robert; 117 Main St. E.

Emmerson, D.; 27 Abbott St.

Evans, Albert; 54 Centre St. E.

Evans, Fred.; 2 McEwen Ave.

Evans, Percy; 61 Smiths Falls Ave.

Evoy, A. R.; Grant’s Locks.

Evoy, Mrs. E.; 21 McGill St. S.

Evoy, Ernest; 26 Burke St.

Evoy, F.; 43 Lorne St.

Evoy, H.; 19 Burke St.

Evoy, Hubert; 30 Jones St.

Evoy, K.; 35 Burke St.

Evoy R. E.; 35 Burke St.

Fader, Mrs. Mary; 15 Elmsley St. S.

Fader, Wm.; 39½ Beckwith St. N.

Fader, J.; 23 George St. S.

Fader, W.; 23 George St. S.

Fagan, E.; 26 Running Ave.

Fairfield, Fred.; 30 Aberdeen Ave.

Falls, Wm.; 33 Chambers St. E.

Farrell, Mrs. Bessie; 74 William St. E.

Farrell, Mrs. Geo.; 30 Main St. W.

Farrell, Harry; 30 Main St. W.

Farrell, Mrs. James; 6 Mary St. S.

Farrell, J.T.; 27 Mary St. S.

Farrell, R.; 25 Glen Ave.

Farley, J.; 75 Winnifred St.

Faulkner, G. B.; 46 Chambers St. E.

Faughnan, Mrs. Mary; 11 Main E.

Faughnan, J. D.; 11 Main St. E.

Faughnan, W. A.; 11 Main St. E.

Fawcett, Mrs Hazel; 119 Elmsley St. N.

Fazah, N.; 10 Maple Ave.

Featherstone, Mrs. P.; 77 William St. W.

Featherstone, R. D.; 19 Winnifred.

Fergus, Earl; 17 Robina Ave.

Fergus, John; 17 Robina Ave.

Fergus, R. C.; 157½ Beckwith N.

Fergus, Robt.; 17 Robina Ave.

Fergus, Roy; 17 Robina Ave.

Ferguson, Miss Anna; 85 Main E.

Ferguson, Clifford; 26 Victoria Ave

Ferguson, Miss Doris; Public Hosp.

Ferguson, Mrs. Emma; 45 Lombard

Ferguson, Miss Freda; 85 Main E.

Ferguson, T. J.; 26 Victoria Ave.

Ferguson, W. T.; 85 Main St. E.

Fergusson, A. L.; 1 Maple Ave.

Fergusson, Ross; 30 Maple Ave.

Fergusson, S.; 30 Maple Ave.

Field, Leo.; 44 Main St. E.

Fielding C. A.; 2 Robinson Ave.

Finley, Miss M.; Public Hospital.

Fisher, David; 14 Market St.

Fisher, Mrs. G.; 6 Maple Ave.

Fisher, G. W.; 4 McEwen Ave.

Fitchell, J.; 37 Montague St.

Fitzgerald, D. G.; 42 Aberdeen Ave

Fitzgerald, L.; 99 Chambers E.

Fitzgerald, M.; 31½ Winnifred St.

Fitzgerald, R. E.; 38 Russell St. E.

Fitzgerald, Roy; 17 Cornelia St.

Fitzgerald, T.; 1 Foster Ave.

Fitzgerald, Wm.; 62 Montague St.

Fitzmaurice, B.; 10 McGill St. S.

Fitzpatrick, Mrs. H.; 134 Brockville St.

Flaherty, Mrs. A.; 84 Russell E.

Flaherty, Miss E.; 84 Russell E.

Flann, Mrs. Edna; 38 Market St.

Flegg, A.; 31 Winnifred St.

Flegg, Charlie; 62 Elmsley St. S.

Flegg, Miss E.; 58 Victoria Ave.

Flegg, Geo. H.; 58 Victoria Ave.

Flegg, Gerald; 31 Victoria Ave.

Flegg, Glenard; 16 Russell St. W.

Flegg, Harold; 48 Russell St. E.

Flegg, Mrs. Robt.; 62 Elmsley St. S.

Fleming, C. A.; 19 Lorne St.

Fleming, Mrs. Eliza.; 30 Elm St.

Fleming, Orrel; 90 Brockville St.

Fleming, W.; 18 William St. W.

Fletcher, Geo.; 42 Merrick St.

Flynn, R.; 67 McGill St. N.

Flynn, W. H.; 13 Church St. W.

Foley, R. J.; 5 Winnifred St.

Foley, Wm.; 42 Montague St.

Fong, Lee; 8 Russell St. E.

Forde, J. W.; 30 Church St. W.

Forgie, Miss A. E.; 56 Chambers W.

Foss, J.; 164 Chambers St. E.

Foss, Geo.; 39 Chambers St. W.

Foster, Mrs. Adam; Foster Apts., Russell St. E.

Foster, Mrs. John; 14 Jasper Ave.

Foster, Mrs. K.; Foster Apts., Russell St. E.

Foster, Mrs. Mary; 77 Russell E.

Foster, T. E.; 19 George St. W.

Fortier, J. O.; 57 Beckwith St. N.

Fortner, Fred.; 45 McGill St. N.

Fortner, Helen; 62 Winnifred St.

Fortner, James; 62 Winnifred St.

Fortner, Miss R.; 62 Winnifred St.

Fountain, F.; 30 Helen St.

Fountain, Jack; 21 Robinson Ave.

Fountain, M.; 11 Montague St.

Fountain, S.; 11 Montague St.

Fox, Jack; 43 Main St. W.

Fox, Mark; 75 William St. W.

Fraser, Alex.; 11 Electric St.

Fraser, Arthur; 27½ Robinson Ave.

Fraser, John; 35 Maple Ave.

Fraser, Lorne; 17 Montague St.

Fraser, Miss M.; 11 Electric St.

Fraser, R.; 103 Beckwith St. N.

Francis, H.; 20 Gladstone Ave.

Frankcom, W. D.; 5 Ann St.

Frayn, Claude; 18 River St.

Frazan, Joe; 6½ Chambers St. E.

Free, Miss Ella; 5 James St.

Free, Jack; 97 Brockville St.

Free, John; 5 James St.

French, R. H.; 89 Russell St. E.

Frink, Mrs. Cecil; 35 Daniel St.

Frost, Miss C. L.; 69 Chambers E.

Frost, Geo. B.; 66 McGill St. N.

Fuller, Harry; 9 Aberdeen Ave.

Gallagher, Miss F.; 1 McEwen Ave.

Gallipeau, Arthur; 44 Chambers E.

Gallipeau, Edward; 73 Church E.

Gallipeau, Miss Ella; 84 Queen St.

Gallipeau, Geo.; 37 Elm St.

Gallipeau, J. V.; 59 William St. E.

Galvin, Mrs. Alice; 39 Lorne E.

Galvin, John; 68 Main St. E.

Gardiner, B.; 18 George St. S.

Gardiner, Miss Effie; 10 Orchard St

Gardiner, Mrs. Geo.; 28½ McEwen

Gardiner, James; 18 Abel.

Gardiner, Roy; 7 Merrick St.

Garland, Boyd; 17 Merrick St.

Garland, W. B.; 17 Merrick St.

Garrett, Mrs. I. H.; 77 Montague St

Garrett, John, 28 Church St. E.

Garrod, A. A.; 11 Church St. E.

Garrod, Claire; 130 Elmsley N.

Garton, Mrs. Henry; 16 Kensington Ave.

Garvin, Miss Agnes; 21 Lombard

Garvin, R. R.; 21 Lombard St.

Gauvin, C.; 20 Robinson Ave.

Gauthier, D. J.; 10½ Main St. W.

Gauthier, G.; 33 Main St. W.

Gauthier, Harold; 33 Main St. W.

Gay, Mrs.; 19 Aberdeen Ave.

Gemmell, Donald; 50 Church St. W.

Gemmell, Duncan; 50 Church W.

Gendron, Russell; 5 Glen Ave.

Gibbons, R. J.; 29 Glen Ave.

Gibson, Harold; 142 Beckwith N.

Gibson, Henry; 18 Montague St.

Gibson, J. C.; 10 Ogden Ave.

Gibson, J. M.; 38 Kensington Ave.

Gibson, L.; 11 Daniel St.

Gibson, M.; 9 Ogden Ave.

Gibson, T.; 69 William St. W.

Giff, Miss B.; 48 Main St. E.

Giff, Denver; 98 Main St. E.

Giff, E.; 11 Smiths Falls Ave.

Giff, Elwin; 24 Victoria Ave.

Giff, Miss M.; 49 Chambers St. W.

Giff, S.; 140 Queen St.

Giffin, Miss Dorothy; St. Francis Hospital.

Giffin, E.; 50 George St. W.

Giffin, G.; 56 Smiths Falls Ave.

Gillard, Miss Lillian; 155 Beckwith St. N.

Gillespie, Geo.; 21 Foster Ave.

Gillespie, G. P.; 50½ Main St. E.

Gillespie, Neil; 21 Foster Ave.

Gillespie, Vera; 21 Foster Ave.

Gillies, J. A.; 22 Gladstone Ave.

Gilligan, G.; 37 Smiths Falls Ave.

Gilligan, Geo.; 25 Thomas St.

Gilligan, John; 115 Queen St.

Gilligan, R. L.; 40 Elmsley St. S.

Gilligan, Wm.; 40 Thomas St.

Gilmour, Miss D.; 35 Kensington

Gilmour, J. H.; 46 Maple Ave.

Gilman, Allan; 24 George St. W.

Gilpin, B.; 39 McGill St. N.

Gilroy, Miss F.; 31 William St. W.

Gilroy, Mrs. Fred.; 31 William W.

Gilroy, F. R.; 60 Russell St. E.

Gilroy, J.; 22 Elm St.

Gilroy, Miss Stella; 36 Main St. W.

Gilroy, Mrs. Stewart; 34 Gladstone Ave.

Gilroy, Mrs. Sydney; 22 Elm St.

Giovannucci, J.; 36 Aberdeen Ave.

Girouard, Mrs. R.; 48 Maple Ave.

Girdwood, R.; 12 Daniel St.

Giroux, H.; 25 McCann St.

Gladden, A. R.; 42 Winnifred St.

Glazier, C.; 138 Main St. E.

Glazier, J.; 1 Winnifred St. S.

Glide, F. G.; 51 Beckwith St. N.

Gloss, A. R.; 10 Gladstone Ave.

Goddard, J.; 35 McGill St. S.

Goldberg, E.; 63 Russell St. E.

Gordon, Miss D.; 39 Chambers E.

Gordon, E.; 170 Chambers St. E.

Gordon, Geo.; 14 Maple Ave.

Gordon, Jack; 8½ George St. S.

Gordon, John; 41 Lorne St. E.

Gordon, Robt.; 39 Chambers E.

Gordon, W. J.; 37 Main St. E.

Gorman, N.; 45 George St. W.

Gough, A.; 1 Main St. W.

Gough, G.; 72 Main St. E.

Gould, Miss A.; Rideau Hotel.

Gould, Miss Betty; 77 Main St. E.

Gould, C.; 34 Lavinia St.

Gould, Miss F.; Rideau Hotel.

Gould, Mrs. H.; 77 Main St. E.

Gould, W.; 32 McCann St.

Gray, A.; 27 Abbott St.

Gray, Claude; 46 Victoria Ave.

Gray, D. B.; 18 Oak St.

Gray, Edward; 130 Brockville St.

Gray, G.; Arlington Hotel.

Gray, Geo.; 21 Main St. W.

Gray, Harry; 18 Oak St.

Gray, H.; 28 Elmsley St. N.

Gray, Mrs. J.; 48 Church St. W.

Gray, Miss L.; 130 Brockville St.

Gray, L.; 5 Maitland Ave.

Graham, Mrs. Edith; 21 McEwen Ave.

Graham, E. G.; 89 Main St. E.

Graham, Mrs. E. J.; 21 McEwen

Graham, Mrs. J. A.; 20 Queen St.

Graham, J. J.; 56 Beckwith St. N.

Graham, Miss Mary; 93 Queen St.

Graham, Nelson; 21 McEwen Ave.

Graham, Miss R.; 46 Abel St.

Graham, S. A.; 79 McGill St. N.

Graham, Stuart; 122 Brockville St.

Graham, Thos.; 71 Aberdeen Ave.

Graham, W. A.; 52 Maple Ave.

Grant, D. H.; Lock House; Jasper Ave.

Grant, Donald; 43 Elmsley St. N.

Grant, J. D.; Lock House; Jasper Ave.

Grant, Jas. F.; 176 Beckwith N.

Grant, Miss Pearl; 176 Beckwith N.

Grant, Miss P.; 176 Beckwith N.

Grant, R.; 10 Centre St. W.

Gratz, Mrs. M.; 77 Main St. E.

Gratto, Miss Lillian; 20 Church W.

Greer, D.; 28 Robinson Ave.

Greer, Mrs. G.; 31 Elm St. W.

Greer, Miss H.; 31 Elm St. W.

Greer, Robert F.; 35 Ogden Ave.

Greer, T.; 6½ Chambers St. E.

Gregg, Willis; 1 Maple Ave.

Greigson, Mrs. Edith; 29 Robinson Ave.

Green, Wm.; 27 Elgin St.

Greene, M. W.; 27½ Beckwith N.

Greenaway, A.; 45 Main St. W.

Griffith, M.; 30 Ann St.

Gully, Bert.; 73 Abel St.

Gulley, L.; 4 Helen St.

Gulley, Wm.; 175 Chambers E.

Guppy, H.; 25 Victoria Ave.

Gunn, Jim; 44 Robinson Ave.

Gunning, Herbert; 6 Ogden Ave.

Hagan, A.; 34½ Main St. E.

Hagan, Miss Ada; 7 George St. N.

Hagan, C.; 39 Chambers St. W.

Hagan, E.; 70 Queen St.

Hagan, F.; 7 George St. N.

Hagan, Harry, 16 Market St.

Hagan, Henry; 7 George St. N.

Hagan, S.; 98 Queen St.

Hagan, Steven; 1 McGill St. S.

Hagar, Mrs. L.; 15½ Russell St. E.

Haggar, L.; 50 Chambers St. E.

Haggar, Wm.; 19 Lavinia St.

Haggar, A. W.; 19 Lavinia St.

Haley, Miss Alice; 42 Church W.

Haley, H.; Chambers St. E.

Haley, Miss Laura; 34 Gladstone Ave.

Haley, M.; Post Office Bldg.

Haley, S.; 27 Kensington Ave.

Hall, Bruce; 30 Robina Ave.

Hall, Mrs. Mary; 133 Chambers E.

Hall F. D., 154 Main St. E.

Hall, Frank; 72 Victoria Ave.

Hall, Miss Hazel; 154 Main St. E.

Hall, John; 27 McEwen Ave.

Halladay, A.; 24 Market St.

Haladay, Carl; 51 Aberdeen Ave.

Haladay, Miss I.; 51 Aberdeen Ave

Haladay, Miss Ola; 51 Aberdeen

Halliday, O.; 127 Brockville St.

Hallinan, Miss K.; 90 Beckwith N.

Hallinan, Miss M.; 44 Ogden Ave.

Hallinan, Mrs. P.; 63 Montague St.

Halpenny, R. W.; 2 Helen St.

Halpin, Wm.; 91 Main St. E.

Hambleton, A.; 14 Cornelia St.

Hambleton, Miss H.; 14 Cornelia St

Hambleton, Mrs. J. R.; 14 Cornelia

Hambleton, Miss L.; 14 Cornelia

Hambleton, Stanley; 11 Lombard

Hambleton, Wm.; 36A Glen Ave.

Hamel, J. O.; 80 Brockville St.

Hamilton, Alex.; 77 Montague St.

Hamilton, Bruce; Rideau Hotel.

Hamilton, J. R.; 15 Smiths Falls Ave.

Hamilton, L.; 12 Ann St.

Hampton, Mrs.; 55 Montague St.

Hanley, Rev. J.; 17 Elmsley St. N.

Hannah, Mrs. J.; 14 Jasper Ave.

Hannah, J. H.; 28 Running Ave.

Hannah, Miss K.; Rideau Hotel.

Hannah, Mrs. Mabel; 44 Abbott St.

Hannah, Miss Mary; 37 Maple Ave.

Hanrahan, P.; 14 Ogden Ave.

Hardage, W. A.; 39 Main St. W.

Hardy, David; 5 George St. W.

Harper, C.; 29 Rideau Ave.

Harper, Howard; 10 Russell St. W.

Harrington, G.; 114 Main St. E.

Harris, Mrs. M.; 37 Kensington Av

Harrison, Mrs. A.; 21 Victoria Av

Harrison, C. P.; Washburn Blk.

Harrison, E. B.; 57 Beckwith N.

Hart, Miss M. I.; 19A Beckwith N.

Hartwick, E.; 1 Ogden Ave.

Harvey, Roy; 134 Main St. E.

Harvey, Wm.; 35 Elm St. E.

Haskins, Allan; 71 Russell St. E.

Haskins, Mrs. A.; 71 Russell E.

Haskins, Mrs. G. C.; 33 McGill S.

Haskins, H.; 51 Beckwith St. N.

Haskett, Wm.; 95 Brockville St.

Haughian, K. P.; 5 Electric.

Hauraney, H.; 10 Maple Ave.

Hauraney, Jim; 16 River St.

Hauraney, Miss Mary; 16 River St.

Hawey, Mrs. H.; 12 Market St.

Hawkes, Mrs.A.; 37 McGill St. N.

Hawkins, Ernie; 33 Helen St.

Hawkins, L. B.; 33 Lorne St.

Hawkins, Mrs. R.; 68 William E.

Hawkins, Robert; 26 George St. W.

Hay, Newton; 22 Daniel St.

Hayes, Miss A.; 33 McEwen Ave.

Hayes, J. D.; 11 Cornelia St.

Hayes, Miss T.; 11 Cornelia St.

Heafey, Thomas; 6 Bay St.

Healy, Mrs. D. C.; 40 Elmsley St. S.

Healy, Miss Rose; 15 Gladstone Av

Heard, L. V.; 37 Main St. W.

Hedges, Henry; 46 Aberdeen Ave.

Heeney, R. H.; 9 McEwen Ave.

Hehir, G.; 11 Gladstone Ave.

Heintz, B.; 8 Daniel St.

Henderson, L.; cor. Queen & Alfred.

Henniger, Chas.; Brockville Road.

Henniger, Mrs. E.; 196 Brockville

Henniger, Mrs. M. G.; Brockville Road.

Henniger, P.; 81 Brockville St.

Henry, A. J.; 98 Elmsley St. N.

Henry, H.; 36 Chambers St. E.

Henry, M. J.; 23 Elm St.

Herenski, W.; 96 Abel St.

Herrison, W. H.; 25 Daniel St.

Hetanen, L.A.; 26 Glen Ave.

Hewitt, Mrs.; 44 Russell St. E.

Hewitt, Dr. J. J.; 26 William W.

Hiems, Mrs. A.; 28 Maple Ave.

Hiens, K.; Rideau Hotel.

Higgins, R. G.; 29 Jones St.

Higginson, P. A.; 43 Maple Ave.

Hignett, P.; 45 Merrick St.

Hignett, H.; 57 Abel St.

Hill, Ernest; Anderson St.

Hill, F. G.; 78 Main St. E.

Hill, G.; 41 Chambers St. E.

Hill, Geo.; 29 Elgin St.

Hill, Gerald; 25 McGill St. E.

Hill, Harold; 16 Elm St.

Hill, Harry; 87 Abel St.

Hill, Hubert; 3 Catherine St.

Hill, Mrs. J.; 25 Daniel St.

Hill, Wm.; 34 Robina Ave.

Hilton, Mrs. Fred.; 21 Chambers E.

Hilton, Gerald; 177 Beckwith N.

Hilton, N. J.; 145 Main St. E.

Himmelman, P. V.; 9 Cornelia St.

Hislop, Mrs. J.; 58 McGill St. N.

Hitchcock, C. H.; 60 Abel St.

Hitchcock, K.; 10 Davidson St.

Hitchcock, J. W.; 10 Davidson St.

Hitchins, W. R.; 28 Cornelia St.

Hitchings, Miss K.; Public Hosp.

Hitchings, Wm.; 8 Cornelia St.

Hobbs, C. E.; 12 McGill St. N.

Hobbs, H, D.; 3 Maitland St.

Hobbs, Mrs. M.; 12 McGill St. N.

Hodge, C.; 84 Chambers St. E.

Hodge, R. A.; 89 Queen St.

Hodgins, Mrs. E. L.; 81 Elmsley N.

Hogan, C.; 167 Beckwith St. N.

Hogan, Miss Della; 6 Merrick St.

Hogan, Donald; 6 Merrick St.

Hogan, Edward; 6 Merrick St.

Hogan, Earl; 115 Brockville St.

Hogan, Ernie; 143 Beckwith St. N.

Hogan, Frank; 22 Main St. E.

Hogan, Miss G.; St. Francis Hosp.

Hogan, H.; 56 William St. E.

Hogan, J.; 96 Chambers St. E.

Hogan, Dr. J.T.; 11 William St. E.

Hogan, J. T.; 30 Smiths Falls Av

Hogan, Louis; 12 Merrick St.

Hogan, N.; 56 William St. E.

Hogan, Thomas; 117 Brockville St.

Holder, H.; Alice St.

Holbrook, Mrs. J. W.; 4 Running Ave.

Holliday, Miss B.; 36 Church E.

Holliday, Mrs. T. J.; 3 Beckwith N.

Holliday, Miss V.; 3 Beckwith N.

Holliday, W.; 56 Victoria Ave.

Holliday, Mrs.; 36 Church St. E.

Hollinger, Mrs. M.; Washburn Bik.

Hollingsworth, O. W.; 6 Mary St.

Holmes, Harry; 8½ Russell St. E.

Hone, J.; 34 Aberdeen Ave.

Hope, J.; 10 Market St.

Hope, A. H.; 8 William St. E.

Hopkins, Mrs. A.; 9 Maple Ave.

Hopkins, Miss Annie; 9 Gladstone Ave.

Hopkins, Fred.; 9 Maple Ave.

Hopkins, Wm.; 39 Lombard St.

Hoppins, Roy; 3 Alfred St.

Horlatski, A.; Jones St.

Horning, C.; 8½ Russell St. E.

Horning, Mrs. D.; 149 Main St. E.

Horton, Miss W.; Public Hosp.

Hough, J. L.; 126 Beckwith St. N.

Houghton, Mrs. E.; 9 Gyle St.

Houston, Miss Alice; 10 Electric St.

Houston, Clare; 10 Electric St.

Houston, Miss E.; 10 Electric St.

Houston, Miss Esther; 10 Electric

Houston, Roy; 9 Jasper Ave.

Hourigan, J.; 50 Victoria Ave.

Hourigan, Miss M.; 50 Victoria Av

Hourigan, Miss N.; 6 Lavinia St.

Hourigan, Miss Rita; 50 Victoria Av

Hourigan, T.; 50 Abbott St.

Howard, Fred.; 38 Ogden Ave.

Howard, J. C.; 34 Glen Ave.

Howard, Mrs. R. J.; 1 McGill St. S.

Howe, C.; 21 Church St. W.

Howe, S.; 33 Glen Ave.

Hows, H.; 24 Lavinia St.

Hows, John; 24 Lavinia St.

Hudson, A. D.; 140 Elmsley St. N.

Hudson, Mrs. F.; 139 Main St. E.

Hudson, H.; 22 Montague St.

Huddleson, Mrs. C. J.; 23 Jessie St.

Huddleson, H.; Maitland & Gould Sts.

Hueston,, E.; 3 Cornelia St. E.

Hueston, W. H.; 9 Ann St.

Hughes, Bartley; 94 Abel St.

Hughes, B.; 12 Daniel St.

Hughes, H.; Rideau Hotel

Hughes, James; 29 Merrick St.

Hughes, John; 7 Lombard St.

Hughes, L.; 29 Merrick St.

Hughes, R. B.; 15 George St., N.

Hughes, T.; 38 Aberdeen Ave.

Humphrey, H. J.; 4 Maitland Ave.

Hunter, Albert; 48 Main St. W.

Hunter, Alex.; 9 Condie St.

Hunter, C.; 9 Russell St. W.

Hunter, D.; 26 Chambers St. W.

Hunter, E.; 19 Glen Ave.

Hunter, Mrs. E.; 9 Condie St.

Hunter, Ellard; 15 Glen Ave.

Hunter, Miss G.; 9 Russell St. W.

Hunter, Miss L.; 9 Russell St. W.

Hunter, Mrs. R. M.; 10 Church E.

Hunter, V.; 37 Glen Ave.

Hunter, Walter; 10 William St. W.

Hunter, Wilfred; 2 Maitland St.

Hunter, Wm.; 49 Smiths Falls Ave.

Hurlbert, M.; 5 William St. E.

Hurlbert, L. L.; 3 Elmsley St. N.

Hutchison, Mrs. R. J.; 17 Smiths Falls Ave.

Hutton, B.; 65 Daniel St.

Hutton, Miss P.; 65 Daniel St.

Hyde, S.; 39 Winnifred St.

Hyndman, Geo.; 15 Montague St.

Hyslop, Roy; 155 Queen St.

Imeson, A. R.; 55 Ogden Ave.

Ind, Arthur; 28 McEwen Ave.

Ing, Fine; 41½ Beckwith St. N.

Ing, Wong; 41½ Beckwith St. N.

Ireland, Geo.; 25 Montague St.

Ireland, L.; 9 Lombard St.

Irish, J.; 58 Russell St. E.

lrvin, J.;26 Elmsley St. S.

lrwin, W. B.; 110½ Chambers E.

Isherwood, W. H.; 40 Main St. E.

Jackson, A. E.; 20 Main St. E.

Jackson, E.; 19 Maitland St.

Jackson, Miss E.; 11 Abel St.

Jackson, Miss F.; 123 Brockville

Jackson, Miss G.; Public Hosp.

Jackson, H.; 38 Cornelia St.

Jackson, Miss M.; 19 Maitland St.

Jackson, M.; 73 Aberdeen Ave.

Jackson, Stanley; 43 Alfred St.

Jacklin, E.; 146 Brockville St.

James, Arthur; 60 Daniel St.

James, C. W.; 49 Church St. W.

James, Mrs. W.; 1A George S.

James, Mrs.; 52 Elmsley St. S.

Jamieson, D. F.; 62 Maple Ave.

Jamieson, H. R.; 25 Glen Ave.

Jamieson, John; 16 George St. W.

Jamieson, Miss M.; 25 Glen Ave.

Janetish, T.; 4 George St. S.

Jarvis, Mrs. J.; C Elm St. E.

Jedlick, J.; 3 Alfred St.

Jeffery, A.; 77 McGill St. N.

Jeffery, E.; 60 Daniel St.

Jeffery, S. H.; 60 Daniel St.

Jenkins, H.; 15 Davidson St.

Jenner, A.; 3 McEwen Ave.

Jenner, R.; 3 McEwen Ave.

Johnson, A. W.; 80 Queen St.

Johnson, Carl; 87 Russell St. E.

Johnson, C. E.; 60 William St. W.

Johnson, Mrs. Emma; 4 George S.

Johnson, Heber; 6 Elm St.

Johnson, J. L.; 87 Russell St. E.

Johnson, Mrs. L.; 15 Alfred St.

Johnson, S.; 51 Russell St. E.

Johnson, S. O.; 51 Russell St. E.

Johnston, Miss B.; 16 George W.

Johnston, C. R.; 11 McEwen Ave.

Johnston, Miss D.; 148 Main St. E.

Johnston, Mrs. F.; 132½ Chambers

Johnston, Miss H.; 56 Chambers E.

Johnston, Harry; 15 Daniel St.

Johnston, Herbert; 12 River St.

Johnston, J. A.; 62 Main St. E.

Johnston, J. D.; 148 Main St. E.

Johnston, Jas. J.; 15 Cornelia St.

Johnston, Joe; 57 Bockwith St. N.

Johnston, K.; 36 Aberdeen Ave.

Johnston, J. R.; 30 Aberdeen Ave.

Johnston, K. L.; 14 McEwen Ave.

Johnston, Mrs. L.; 15 Alfred St.

Johnston, Miss M. J.; 16 George W.

Johnston, Miss P.; 170 Chambers E.

Johnston, W. C.; 5 Lavinia St.

Johnston, W. J.; 155 Beckwith N.

Johnston, Wm.; 148 Main St. E.

Johnston, Wm.; 170 Chambers E.

Joly, E.; 60 Victoria Ave.

Jones, Mrs. A. S.; 38 Lombard St.

Jones, Arthur; 18 Lavinia St.

Jones, Frank; 16 Lavinia St.

Jones, Grant; 102 Queen St.

Jones, H.; 16 Lavinia St.

Jones, John; 51 Chambers St. W.

Jones, K.; 18 Lavinia St.

Jones, K.; 20 Smiths Falls Ave.

Jones, L.; 19 Abel St.

Jones, Sam; Lombard St.

Jones, T.; 26A Beckwith St. S.

Jordan, C.; 42 Merrick St.

Joyce, Mrs.; 6 George St. S.

Joynt, J. E.; 27 Lombard St.

Joynt, Percy; Brockville Road.

Joynt, Miss M.; 27 Lombard St.

Joynt, Roy; 14 William St. E.

Joynt, T. W.; 20 Montague St.

Joynt, W.; 24 Aberdeen St.

Judge, Mrs. E.; 29 Lorne St.

Judge, T.; 121 Queen St.

Judge, Wm.; 29 Lorne St.

Kane, T. F.; 6 George St. N.

Kestenbaum, L.; 33 Montague St.

Kay, Lee; 41½ Beckwith St. N.

Kazy, A.; 165 Beckwith St. N.

Kazy, Geo.; 13 Bay St.

Kean, O.; 40 Merrick St.

Kean, T.; 21 Main St. W.

Kean, Thomas; 21 Main St. W.

Kearns, J.; 49 Robinson Ave.

Kearns, L.; 49 Robinson Ave.

Kearns, Wm.; 49 Robinson Ave.

Keech, Fred.; 28 George St. W.

Keegan, Miss L.; 7 Church St. E.

Keir, A.; 52 George St. W.

Keir, G. S.; 119 Main St. E.

Keir, J.; 31 McEwen Ave.

Keir, M.; 52 George St. W.

Kelly, Mrs. A.; 6½ Chambers E.

Kelly, C.; 11 Winnifred St.

Kelly, D.; 11 Winnifred St.

Kelly, E.; 7 Lombard St.

Kelly, Frank; 28 Abel St.

Kelly, Geo.; 44 Smiths Falls Ave.

Kelly, H.; 69 Montague St.

Kelly, J. J.; 70 Montague St.

Kelly, L.; 12 Merrick St.

Kelly, Lorne; 70 Montague St.

Kelly, P.; 70 Montague St.

Kelly, T. M.; 36 Kensington Ave.

Kelly, Wm.; Rideau Ave.

Kelsey, J. E.; 13 McEwen Ave.

Kelsey, Roy; 15 William St. E.

Kendall, C.; 15 Abel St.

Kendall, Frank; Public Library

Kendall, G.; 20 Main St. W.

Kendall, H.; 6 Orchard St.

Kendall, R.; 7 Jasper Ave.

Kenny, E.; 81 Ann St.

Kenny, W.; 21 Mary St. S.

Kennedy, K.; 29 Market St.

Kennedy, W. C.; 8 Glen Ave.

Kerfoot, E.; 10 Glen Ave.

Kerfoot, Dr. H. W.; 26 Maple Ave.

Kerfoot, Miss M.; 10 Glen Ave.

Kerfoot, Miss S. M.; 58 Russell St. E.

Kerfoot, W. H.; 1 McEwen Ave.

Kerr, Arden; 93 Abel St.

Kerr, C. H.; 6½ Chambers. St. E.

Kerr, E. D.; 18 George St. S.

Kerr, Geo; 5 Mary St. N.

Kerr, H. C.; Jasper Road.

Kerr, Lorne; 10 Rideau Ave. E.

Kerr, M.; Jasper Road.

Ketchum, C.; 25 Elmsley St. S.

Kidd, Mrs. Liza; 9 Helen St.

Kilburn, C. S. (John) 16 Main St.

Kilburn, S.; 121 Brockville St.

Kilfoyle, A. M.; 8 Elm St.

Kilfoyle, C.; 22 Robinson Ave.

Kilfoyle, Clifford; 22 Robinson Av

Kilfoyle, H. D.; 15 Thomas St.

Kilfoyle, H.; 58 McCann St.

Kilfoyle, W.; 33 Condie St.

Kilpatrick, Miss A.; 31 Chambers E

Kimberley, Wm.; 28 Maple Ave.

Kinch, M.; 30 Kensington Ave.

Kinch, W.; 27 George St. W.

Kimere, M.; 51 William St. E.

King, John; 42 Church St. W.

King, J. W.; 54 Church St. E.

King, Wm.; 26 Elgin St.

Kingston, J.; 21 Union St.

Kingston, G.; 21 Union St.

Kinsella, Miss E. M.; 3 Elmsley St. N.

Kinnear, J.; 11 Helen St.

Kippen, Miss P.; 16 Maple Ave.

Kirkland, Mrs. A.; 46 Montague St.

Kirkland, H.; 46 Montague St.

Kirkland, Mrs. M.; 31 Russell W.

Kirkland, R.; 31 Russell St. W.

Kirkwood, F.; 141 Main St. E.

Kitchen, J. W.; 2 Foster Ave.

Klein, E.; 11 Market St. S.

Klyne, J. H.; 16 Foster Ave.

Knapp, C.; 22 Robina Ave. E.

Knapp, K.; Public Hosp.

Knapp, Miss R.; 106 Main St. E.

Knapp, W.; 83 Jasper Ave.

Knapp, W. D.; 8½ Russell St. E.

Knight, Miss M.; Alfred St. E.

Komisarchuk, G.; 38 Robinson Ave

Komisarczuk, G.; 3 Cornelia St.

Komisarczuk, P.; 3 Cornelia St.

Konkle, F.; 15 Maitland Ave.

Labelle, C.; 175 Chambers St. E.

Lampitt, A.; 56 Victoria Ave.

Lampitt, C.; 56 Victoria Ave.

Lampitt, K.; 56 Victoria Ave.

Lamont, Mrs. M.; 86 Beckwith N.

Landry, C.; 54 Russell St. E.

Lane, Bert.; 38 Lavinia St.

Lane, Ernest; 38 Lavinia St.

Lane, Geo.; 38 Lavinia St.

Lane, H.; 51 Cornelia St.

Lane, W. G.; 14 Centre St. W.

Lang, A. L.; 67 Elmsley St. X.

Langley, T.; 56 Main St. E.

Laroque, G.; 69 Winnifred St.

Laroque, Miss L.; St. Francis Hosp.

Laroque, P. L.; 66 Abel St.

Laroque, Miss R.; St. Francis Hosp.

Lauber, O. B.; 56 Aberdeen Ave.

Lavell, Mrs.; 21 Russell St. W.

Lavell, M.; 21 Russell St. W.

Lavender, Miss H.; 50 Abel St.

Lavender, Wm.; 50 Abel St.

Law, C. A. G.; 50 Maple Ave.

Lawford, H.; 16 Johnson St.

Lawless, W.; 101 Main St. E.

Lawson, J. H.; 15 Elmsley St. S.

Layng, Mrs. H.; 101 Brockville St.

Leach, A.; 40 Empress St.

Leach, Miss Laura; 160 Chambers St. E.

Leach, M.; 36 Russell St. E.

Leach, N.; 160 Chambers St. E.

Leach, W.; 15½ Russell St. E.

Leacock, A.; 25 Gladstone Ave.

Leacock, Mrs. Geo.; 15 Jasper Ave.

Leacock, H.; Beckwith St. N.

Leacock, K.; 23 Jessie St.

Leal, Mrs. Fred.; 7 Aberdeen Ave.

Leal, Miss W.; 7 Aberdeen Ave.

Leal, Wm.; 7 Aberdeen Ave.

Learmouth, A.; 83 Montague St.

Learmouth, K.; 14 Elm St. W.

Leathers, Mrs. W.; 14 Bay St.

Lesage, Rev.; 17 Elmsley St. N.

Lee, Miss A.; Walker Apts.

Lee, Miss Clara; 78 William St. E.

Lee, Frank; 6 Glen Ave.

Lee, Mrs. W. H.; 125 William St. E.

Lee, Miss Leona; 45 Russell St. W.

Lee, Miss Mac; 6 Glen Ave.

Lee, Miss Sadie; 78 William St. E.

Lee, Sang; 5 Russell St. E.

Lee, U.; 17 Russell St. E.

Leeney, J. E.; Palliser Apts.

Lees, Miss D.; 25 Main St. W.

Lees, Miss E.; 25 Main St. W.

Lees, John; 10 Church St. E.

Legault, Miss A.; 8½ Russell E.

Legault, Mrs. J.; 8½ Russell St. E.

Lemax, R.; 55 Robinson Ave.

Lemmex, J. O.; 88 Main St. E.

Lemmex, J. W.; 88 Main St. E.

Lenahan, J. F.; 162 Beckwith St. N

Lennox, Miss M; 17 Ogden Ave.

Lever, M.; 20 McEwen Ave.

Lever, P.; 154 Beckwith St. N.

Lever, T.; 20 McEwen Ave.

Lever, Z.; C. P. R. Restaurant.

Levere, T; 39 Cornelia St.

Leverette, G. G.; 12 Daniel St.

Lewis, C.; 1 Lansdowne Ave.

Lewis, J.; 35 Main St. E.

Lewis, R. W.; 19 Church St. W.

Lewis, S. H.; 19 Church St. W.

Lidster, A. J.; 28 Maple Ave.

Line, J. H.; 32 Lombard St.

Line, R.; 32 Lombard St.

Livingston, J.; 43 Main St. W.

Livingston, R. H.; 96 Brockville St.

Livingston, S.; 10 Jessie St.

Livingston, S.; 16 Oak St.

Livingstone, R.; Coombs Apt.

Livingstone, Stewart; 42 Main W.

Lloyd, O. P.; 22 William St. E.

Lloyd, Thomas; 9 Church St. E.

Lobban, John; 24 Robinson Ave.

Lockett, Bert; 31 Montague St. E.

Lockwood, Mrs. L.; 29 Market St.

Lockwood, Mrs. M. A.; 8 Daniel St.

Lockwood, P.; 18 Abel St.

Lodge, F.; Chambers St. E.

Lodge, T.; 7 Electric St.

Long, R. L.; 51 Church St. E.

Long, Bob; 69 Church E.

Logan, Harry; 27 Anne St.

Lorimer, Mrs. J.; 33 Chambers E.

Loucks, Mrs. Albert; 21 King St.

Loucks, T.; 21 King St.

Louks, A.; 22 Alfred St. E.

Louks, C.; 119 Chambers St. E.

Louks, R.; 119 Chambers St. E.

Love, G.; 124 Chambers St. E.

Love, O.; 124 Chambers St. E.

Lowry, R. H.; 7 Mary St. E.

Lucas, A.; 11 Bay St.

Lucas, J.; 59 Union St.

Lucas, Mrs. M.; 51 Lombard St.

Lucas, Miss Myrtle; 39 Thomas St.

Lucas, W. F.; 123 Elmsley St. N.

Lumsden, Mrs. E.; 35 Main St. E.

Lumsden, H.; 1 Robinson Ave.

Lyle, Mrs. J. B.; 18 Davidson St.

Lyle, Miss L.; 18 Davidson St.

Lynn, M. A.; 34 Elmsley St. S.

MacArthur, L. D.; 44 Elmsley St. S.

MacDonald, Mrs. C. A.; 56 Chambers St. W.

Mackay, E.; 8 William St. E.

Mackay, J. H.; 184 Brockville St.

Mackay, T.; 184½ Brockville St.

Mackay, Mrs.; 110 Elmsley St. N.

Mackie, Mrs. M.; 68 Abel St.

MacKenzie, A. J.; 11½ Daniel St.

Madden, F.; 19 Jessie St.

Maddock, A.; Arlington Hotel.

Maddock, Thos.; 20 Beckwith St.

Maddock, W. A.; 8 Chambers E.

MaGarry, L.; 8 Daniel St.

Magill, S.; 111 Elmsley St. N.

Magill, Wm.; 58½ Elmsley St. S.

Mahoney, B.; 42 Russell St. E.

Mahoney, Miss E.; 6½ Chambers E.

Mahoney, Mrs. W. J.; 6½ Chambers St. E.

Male, Kenneth; 123 Queen St.

MacMartin,A. G.; 10 Mary St. N.

MacMillan, J.; 11 Maple Ave.

MacMillan, T.; 4 Church St. E.

MacPhail, B. W.; 20½ Johnson St.

MacPherson, D.; 17½ Russell W.

MacTavish, Miss E.; 62 George N.

MacTavish, J.; 49 Abbott St.

May, Robert; 17 Davidson St.

May, Mrs. E.; 11 Russell St. E.

Maitland, A. Clark; 56 Main St. E.

Maitland, H.; 12 Church St. W.

Maitland, Mervin; 104 Main St. E.

Maitland, Peter; 30 Church St. W.

Malcolm, A. S.; 60 Russell St. E.

Malcolm, Mrs. J. C.; 30 Beckwith S.

Mallard, John; 5 George St. S.

Maley, James; 114 Main St. E.

Maley, T. F.; 3 Russell St. W.

Malloy, Mrs. C.; 144 Main St. E.

Malloy, E.; 15 Robinson Ave.

Maloney, Mrs.; 20 Running Ave.

Maney, Mrs. C.; 18 William St. W.

Manders, Miss B.; 16 Kensington

Mandeville, E. S.; 30 McCann St.

Mandeville, J. S.; 30 McCann St.

Mansfield, B.; 58 Main St. E.

Mansfield, W. J.; 22 Running Ave.

Mantle, L.; 60 Chambers St. E.

Maplebeck, S.; 46 Daniel St.

Marks, Mrs. E.; 4 Maple Ave.

Marks, Harold; 4 Maple Ave.

Marks, Mrs. Mary; 43 Lombard St.

Marlow, A.; 15 McGill St. S.

Marquette, F.; 91 William St. E.

Marquette, J.; 26A McGill St. S.

Marquette, Mrs. S.; 91 William E.

Mars, Mrs. E.; 28 Chambers St. E.

Marsh, G.; 12 Market St.

Marsh, Mrs. J. J.; 7 McEwen Ave.

Marsh, L.; 28 Main St. E.

Martin, Mrs. A.; 90 Beckwith St. N.

Martin, Cecil; 62 Abel St.

Martin, Clark; 27 Glen Ave.

Martin, Charlie; 14 Jasper Ave.

Martin, Mrs. J.; Rest Room; Market St.

Masook, E. T.; 4 Foster Apts.

Mason, T. J.; 45 Winnifred St.

Masson, B.; 52 Church St. E.

Masonic Rooms; 51 Beckwith St. N.

Matheson, A.; 36 Ogden Ave.

Matt, A.; 56 Lavinia St.

Matten, M.; 85 Montague St.

Maud, H.; 11 McGill St. S.

Mayhew, B.; 122 Chambers St. E.

Mayhew, C.; 8 Foster Ave.

Mayhew, Mrs. E.; 90 Abel St.

Mayhew, Gerald; 22 Kensington

Mayhew, Geo.; 111 Beckwith St. N.

Mayhew, H.; 111 Beckwith St. N.

Mayhew, S.; 8 Foster Ave.

Maxwell, G.; 35 Glen Ave.

Meade, James; 103 Brockville St.

Meggs, Miss; 1 Queen St.

Menagh, Mrs. A.; 11 Jasper Ave.

Menagh, Charlie; 11 Jasper Ave.

Menagh, James; 4 Foster Ave.

Menagh, Mrs. R.; 21 Lavinia St.

Mendels, J.; 66 Maple Ave.

Menzies, G. D.; 28 Chambers W.

Menzies, Mrs. M.; 80 Winnifred N.

Merkley, H.; 26½ Victoria Ave.

Merau, Geo.; 123 William St. E.

Metcalfe, Geo.; 43 Merrick St.

Minshull, E.; 33 Thomas St.

Minshull, T.; 40 Thomas St.

Michael, E.; 63 Daniel St.

Millar, H.; 15 Mary St. S.

Millar, H.; 50 Aberdeen Ave.

Millar, Jas.; 46 Chambers St. W.

Millar, Wm.; 3 Mary St. N.

Millar, Wm.; 10 Kensington Ave.

Miller, Miss B.; 41 Main St. E.

Miller, F.; 16 William St. E.

Miller, H.; 39 William St. W.

Miller, 1.; 41 Main St. E.

Miller, Rev. J. MacBeath; 37 Gladstone Ave.

Miller, Miss J.; 25 Russell St. W.

Miller, John; 41 Main St. E.

Miller, S.; 10 Anne St.

Miller, W.; 18 Burke St.

Miller, W. J.; 25 Russell St. W.

Mills, Eldon; 56 Russell St. E.

Milne, Geo.; 150 Brockville St.

Minnie, 17 Elm St. E.

Miner, Mrs. M.; 43 Elmsley St. N.

Minor, A.; 56 Church St. E.

Miskelly, Mrs. Fr.; 103 Brockville

Mitchell, F.; 7 Main St. W.

Mitchell, Geo.; 70 Main St. E.

Moag, A.; 32 Main St. W.

Moag, P. T.; 32 Main St. W.

Moffat, M.; 10 Rideau Ave. E.

Moodie, Miss M.; 15 Jasper Ave.

Moodie, Miss J.; 15 Jasper Ave.

Monaghan, Wm.; 132 Elmsley N.

Montgomery, F.; 14 Electric St.

Montgomery, Mrs. L.; St. Francis Hospital.

Moore, A.; 10 William St. W.

Moore, J.; 99 Main St. E.

Moore, Mrs. M.; 34 Market St.

Moore, P.; 2 Main St. E.

Moore, Miss Rita; 65 Chambers E.

Moore, R. J.; 18 Davidson St.

Moorhouse, Mrs. J.; 3 George St. N.

Moreland, Geo.; 66 Church St. W.

Moran, John; 35 Elm St. W.

Morgan, Dr. G. S.; 30½ George W.

Moriarty, Mrs. E.; 1 McGill St. S.

Morphy, Dr. A. N.; 24 Daniel St. E.

Morphy, Miss H.; Public Hospital.

Morphy, H. C.; 96 Main St. E.

Morphy, H. F.; 172 Beckwith St. N.

Morris, C; 40 Lombard St.

Morris, E. J.; 37 Chambers St. E.

Morris, Geo. B.; 41 Lombard St.

Morris, J. H.; 37 Chambers St. E.

Morris, Mrs. M.; 8 Konsington Ave

Morris, W.; 22 Kensington Ave.

Morrison, G. A.; 8 McGill St. S.

Morrison, Mrs. T.; 36 Winnifred St.

Morrissey, N.; Russell Hotel.

Morton, Miss I.; 28 Elgin St.

Morton, K.; 4 George St. S.

Moss, H.; 18 Winnifred St.

Mossop, H.; 9 Rideau Ave. E.

Moston, R.; Old Sly’s Locks.

Muir, J.; 22 Cornelia St.

Mundy, E.; 119 Brockville St.

Mundy, H. (Sr.); 119 Brockville St.

Mundy, Harry; 8A Lavinia St.

Mundy, Victor; 103 Queen St.

Muldoon, J.; 34 Winnifred St. N.

Mullin, Miss A.; St. Francis Hosp.

Mulligan, Geo.; 46 Russell St. E.

Munro, Geo.; 44 Abbott St.

Munro, Harold; 9 Merrick St.

Munro, J. H.; 1 Maple Ave.

Munro, M.; 9 Abel St.

Murray, Mrs. J.; 25 McEwen Ave.

Murray, Wm.; 25 McEwen Ave.

Murdock, Mrs. W.; 13 Johnson St.

Murphy, Dr. A.; 35 Russell St. E.

Murphy, A. P.; 22 Montague St.

Murphy, Miss M.; St. Francis Hosp.

Murphy, Dr. W. S.; 39 Russell E.

Mussell, F.; 60 Abbott St.

McAdam, J. A.; 22 Church St. E.

McAdam, Miss N.; 22 Church E.

McAdam, R. A.; 22 Church St. E.

McAdam, S. J.; 45 McGill St. N.

McBride, Dr. C. W.; 102 Elmsley N.

McBurnie, J.; 80 Main St. E.

McBurnie, T.; 34 Aberdeen Ave.

McBean, J.; 31 William St. E.

McCallum, F.; 110 Brockville St.

McCallum, Miss Mary; 24 McEwen Ave.

McCallum, Mrs. J. S.; 110 Brockville St.

McCann, Mrs. A.; 32 William E.

McCann, C.; 13 Electric St.

McCann, H.; 32 William St. E.

McCann, J. S.; 14 Foster Ave.

McCann, W. M.; 20 Elmsley St. S.

McCarthy, Mrs. A.; 65 Daniel St.

McCarthy, J. F.; 65 Daniel St.

McCauley, Mrs. D.; Rideau Hotel.

McCaw, A.; 20 Daniel St

McColl, F. H.; 22 James St.

McCollum, Wm.; 8 Elm St. W.

McCouan, W.; 82 Russell St. E.

McCoy, Miss E.; 39 Winnifred St.

McCoy, W. C.; 48½ Elmsley St. S.

McCracken, R. J.; 3 Davidson St.

McCreary, Geo.; 160 Beckwith N.

McCreary. H. R.; 83 McGill St. N.

McCreary, J.; 19 Maple Ave.

McCreary, Mrs. W. D. 14 William St. W.

McCreary, W.; 78 Beckwith N.

McCredie, H.; 8 McEwen Ave.

McCrimmon, R.; 20 Anne St.

McCrorie, E.; 15 Elm St.

McCrum, B.; 85 William St. E.

McCrum, Miss C.; 48 Market St.

McCrum, F.; 41 Russell St. E.

McCrum, G.; 85 William St. E.

McCue, Dr. J. A.; 51 Maple Ave.

McCue, Mrs. W.; 51 Maple Ave.

McCully, Mrs. J.; 56 Church St. E.

McCutcheon, J.; 166 Chambers E.

McDermott, J.; 50 Daniel St.

McDonald, Mrs. A.; 35 Main St. W.

McDonald, Mrs. A. J.; 17 Glen Ave

McDonald, G. F.; 154 Chambers E.

McDonald, J.; 28A Maple Ave.

McDonald, S.; 97 Chambers St. E.

McDonald, T. S.; 4 William St. E.

McDougall, Mrs. J.; 37 Cornelia N.

McDougall, Miss Lois; Public Hosp.

McEwen, E.; 54 Lombard St.

McEwen, J. E.; 61 Russell St. E.

McEwen, J. T.; 54 Lombard St.

McEwen, P.; Anderson St.

McEwen, Miss M.; 41 Main St. E.

McEwan, G. S.; 57 Beckwith N.

McFadden, C.; 150½ Beckwith N.

McFadden, J.; 55 Smiths Falls Ave

McFadden, Joe; 2 McEwen Ave.

McFadden, Mrs. M.; 156 Chambers St. E.

McFadden, R.; 150 Beckwith N.

McFadden, T.; 5 Maitland St.

McGlade, M, F.; 10 Cornelia St.

McGlaughlin, G.; 64 McGill St. N.

McGill, Hugh; 44 Winnifred N.

McGillis, L.; 133 Chambers St. E.

McGillis, M.; 142 Main St. E.

McGillis, R.; 30 Elgin St.

McGillis, R. W.; 30 Elmsley St. S.

McGillis, Welland; 10 Beckwith S.

McGillis, W. J.; 123 Chambers E.

McGillis, Wm.; 17 Cornelia St.

McGillivray, Mrs. A.; 23 George N.

McGillivray, Miss S.; 107 Beckwith St. N.

McGillivray, H.; 11 Foster Ave.

McGillivray, J.; 19 Daniel St.

McGillivray, R.; 17 Ogden Ave.

McGillivray, Wm. E.; 13 Church E.

McGonagle, H.; 19 King St.

McGonagle, R.; 22 Daniel St.

McGrath, Geo.; 28 Merrick St.

McGrath, R.; 49 William St. W.

McGrath, S.; 85 Abel St.

McGrath, W.; 49 William St. W.

McGregor, A. L.; 109 Beckwith N.

McIlquham, Miss; 3OB Chambers E

McIndoo, Miss F.; Public Hosp.

McInnes, D. J.; 38 Abel St.

McIntosh, F. L.; 57 William St. E.

McIntosh, J.; 115 Chambers St. E.

McIntyre, B.; 153 Main St. E.

McIntyre, Mrs. E.; 178 Chambers St. E.

MeKay, C.; 49 Russell St. W.

McKay, D.; 57 Beckwith St. N.

McKay, J.; 49 Russell St. W.

McKay, Mrs. M.; 49 Russell W.

McKenna, Miss J.; 69 Montague

McKenny, E.; 114 Beckwith St. N.

McKenny, J. M.; 43 Main St. E.

McKenny, V.; 44 Merrick St.

McKenny, Wm.; 44 Merrick St.

McKenzie, Miss; 38 Gladstone Ave.

McKenzie, Mrs. S. A.; 10 Queen St.

McKeown, James; 60 Maple Ave.

McKimm, C. H.; 69 Chambers E.

McKinnon, T.; 103 Chambers E.

McLaren, Alex.; 126A Brockville

McLaren, A. C.; 29 McEwen Ave.

McLaren, R.; 13 George St. N.

McLaughlin, E. J.; 50 Church St. E.

McLean, C.; 37 William St. E.

McLean, E.; 22 Bay St.

McLean, F.; 34 Beckwith St. N.

McLean, H.; 29 Elm St. W.

McLean, Howard; 29 Elm St. W.

McLean, Hubert; 98 Main St. E.

McLean, J. T.; Jones Locks.

McLean, M.; Post Office Bldg.

McLean, Mansel; 98 Main St. E.

McLean, S.; 39 Main St. E.

McLean, T.; 24A Beckwith St. N.

McLean, Thomas; 48 Market St.

McLenaghan, C.; 11 Anne St.

McLeod, C.; 33 Smiths Falls Ave.

McLeod, Miss Isobel; 34 McEwen

McLeod, K.; 24 Johnston St.

McLeod, Mrs. N.; 34 McEwen Ave.

McNabb, T.; 127 Brockville St.

McNamara, C.; 10½ Main St. W.

McNaughton, Mrs. S.; 30 Cornelia

McNayr, L.; 12 Smiths Falls Ave.

McNichol, Mrs. C.; 8 Centre St.

McNeely, F.; 37 Cornelia St.

McNeely, G.; 31 McCann St.

McNeill, S.; 25 Lombard St.

McParlan, G.; 80 Russell St. E.

McPhee, A.; 1 Mary St. S.

McRae.A.; 46 McGill St. N.

McReynolds, D. S.; 3 Elmsley S.

McShane, W. J.; 36 Elmsley St. S.

McVean, H.; 27½ Beckwith St. N.

McVeigh, C.; 9½ Aberdeen Ave.

McVeigh, G.; 60 Montague St.

McWilliams, C. F.; 85 McGill St. N.

McMahon, M. F.; 9 Russell St.

McManus, Miss J.; 110 Elmsley N.

McManus, Mrs. J.; 8 Montague.

McManus, Miss H.; 8 Montague.

McMaster, T. L.; 133 Elmsley N.

McMullen, E.; 27 George St. W.

Nadeau, Mrs. A.; 33 Kensington Ave.

Nassif, L.; 12 Russell St. W.

Nassif, Mrs.; 12 Russell St. W.

Naud, A. J.; 48 Montague St.

Naud, Mrs. John; 30 Jasper Ave.

Neil, A.; 61 Elmsley St., N.

Neil, Alex.; 75 Russell St. E.

Neil, Miss H.; 40 George St. N.

Neil, R.; 40 George St. N.

Nelson, Mrs. M.; 76 Montague St.

Nesbitt, H.; 14 Robinson Ave.

Newsome, Miss F.; 78 William E.

Nichol, C. M.; 20 Abbott St.

Nichol, Mrs. J.; 20 Abbott St.

Nichol, J. R.; 20 Church St. E.

Nichols, Mrs. A.; 9 Jasper Ave.

Nicholson, A.; 15 Lavinia St.

Nicholson, F. G.; 35 Daniel St.

Nicholson, H.; 1 Main St. W.

Nicolson, Mrs. W. T.; 109 Brockville St.

Nolan, F.; 37 Winnifred St.

Nolan, Geo.; 37 Winnifred St.

Nolan, R. H.; 71 Russell St. E.

Oattes, W. H.; 42 Beckwith St. N.

Oatway, G. A.; 23 McEwen Ave.

O’Brien, F.; 12 Gladstone Ave.

O’Brien, Geo.; 19 Merrick St.

O’Brien, O.; 11 Merrick St.

O’Brien, P.; 11 Merrick St.

O’Callaghan, C.; 24 Glen Ave.

O’Callaghan, Mrs. G.; 24 Glen Ave.

O’Donnell, Miss G.; St. Francis Hospital.

O’Donohue, J.; 72 Russell St. E.

O’Hara, J.; 16 Russell St W.

O’Hara, Miss M.; 16 Russell St. W.

O’Kaguchi, J.; 36 Helen St.

O’Keefe, J.; 46 Winnifred St.

O’Keefe, P.; 25 McGill St. N.

Oldfield, H.; 132 Brockville St.

Oldham, Mrs. Annie; 127 Chamber St. E.

Oldham, F. W.; 33 Church St. E.

O’Neil, E.; 50 Daniel St.

O’Neil, H.; 21 Victoria Ave.

O’Neil, Mrs. O.; 167 Beckwith N.

O’Reilly, C.; 87 Brockville St.

Ormrod, J. T.; 121 Beckwith N.

Orr, James; 46 Abel St.

Osborne, Miss D.; Public Hospital

Owens, F. C.; 142 Main St. E.

Ower, Miss Hira; 123 Brockville

Ower, Mrs. John; 123 Brockville

Ower, Miss L.; 123 Brockville St.

Oxborough, G.; 29 Aberdeen Ave.

Pacey, L.; 15 Foster Ave.

Pachute, L.; 51 Main St. E.

Palmer, C. B.; 35 Russell St. W.

Palmer, L.; Opp. 22 River St.

Palmer, M.; 96 Brockville St.

Panko, Alex.; 78 Queen St.

Paquette, H.; 40 McCann St.

Parcells, J. H.; 26 Winnifred St.

Pardy, R.; 10 Foster Ave.

Parker, Mrs. A. W.; 19A Beckwith St. N.

Parker, E.; 27 Smiths Falls Ave.

Parker, R. A.; 40 Daniel St.

Parkinson, R. C.; 41 Elmsley St. N.

Parsons, E. J.; 5 Russell St. W.

Parsons, H. A.; 93 Brockville St.

Patchell, R. J.; 11 Helen St.

Paterson, Wm.; 63 William St. E.

Patrick, L. V.; 14 Smiths Falls Av

Patterson, D.; 73 Russell St. E.

Patterson, D.; 136 Brockville St.

Patterson, Miss E. C.; 19 Glen Av

Patterson, F.; 21 Elm St., W.

Patterson, Mrs. G.; 50 Main St. E.

Patterson, H.; 31 Thomas St.

Patterson, Mrs. L.; 1 Maple Ave.

Patterson, M.; 97 Abel St.

Patterson, O.; 78 Beckwith St. N.

Patterson, J. W.; 25 McGill St. N.

Patterson, W. A.; 46 Main St. W.

Paul, A.; 46 Maple Ave.

Paul, Mrs. I.; 28 Elgin St.

Paul, W. F.; 10 Abel St.

Paul, Wm.; 22 Jessie St.

Paul, C.; 6½ Chambers St. E.

Payne, E.; 9 King St.

Payne, James; 160 Brockville St.

Pearson, J. T.; 135 Elmsley St. N.

Pedro, Geo.; 7 Simpson St.

Peters, J.; 33 Russell St. E.

Peebles, E.; 100 Brockville St.

Peebles, Miss M.; 100 Brockville

Pepper, E.; 19 Robinson Ave.

Pepper, J.; Elmsley St. S.

Pepper, S.; 19 Robinson Ave.

Pennett, Mrs. C.; 20 Beckwith N.

Percival, A.; 40 Thomas St.

Percival, Mrs. E.; 30 Chambers E.

Percival, Robt.; 51 Cornelia St.

Percival, R.; River St.

Percy, Mrs. A. D.; Main St. W.

Percy, Alvin; 6 Helen St.

Percy, G.; 28 Main St. W.

Percy, R.; 22 George St. W.

Perrin, Mrs. R. J.; 41 George St. W.

Perry, M. L.; 21 Glen Ave.

Peters, Geo.; 54 Market St.

Peters, Mrs. J.; Russell St. E.

Peters, Wm.; 69 Stevens St.

Phillips, C.; 10 Maple Ave.

Phillips, Clarence; 23 Smiths Falls Ave.

Phillips, D.; 44 George St. W.

Phillips, E.; 41 Smiths Falls Ave.

Phillips, F. B.; 44 George St. W.

Phillips, Miss Florence; 47 Main E.

Phillips, G. A.; 39 Daniel St.

Phillips, Geo.; 39 Daniel St.

Phillips, G. S.; 26 Victoria St. N.

Phillips, Mrs. H.; 47 Main St. E.

Phillips, Jack; 35 McGill St. N.

Phillips, J. F.; 23 Smiths Falls Av

Phillips, Mrs. M.; 35 Kensington

Pierce, C.; 6½ Chambers St. E.

Pierce, Miss M.; Public Hospital.

Pierce, W. H.; 3 Davidson St.

Pinkerton, D.; 95 Abel St.

Piper, Miss K.; 23 Daniel St.

Pippard, F. G.; 1 Johnston St.

Pitcher, J.; 56 Robinson Ave.

Pitcher, Miss I.; 56 Robinson Ave

Plant, B.; 115 Elmsley St. N.

Plant, E.; 38 William St. W.

Plant, V.; 38 William St. W.

Plato, F.; 20 Glen Ave.

Plato, Mrs. 0. E.; 160 Chambers E.

Plato, R. L.; 8 George St. S.

Playfair, A.; 36 Elgin St.

Polk, N. B.; 57 William St. E.

Poole, Mrs. C. J.; 28 Maple Ave.

Poole, Miss M.; 15 McEwen Ave.

Poole, Miss Mildred; 15 McEwen

Poole, W. H.; 15 McEwen Ave.

Porter, James; 147 Main St. E.

Porter, J. E.; 147 Main St. E.

Porter, L.; 71 Elmsley St. N.

Potter, Mrs. E. G.; 150 Chambers St. E.

Post, J.; 5 Glen Ave.

Poulin, W. H.; 54 Market St.

Powell, E.; 60 Church St. E.

Powell, Miss F.; 43 Chambers W.

Powell, G. E.; 43 Chambers St. W.

Powell, H. C.; 86 Winnifred

Powell, J.; 64 Chambers St. E.

Powell, W. F.; 14 Glen Ave.

Powers, B. F.; 53 Robinson Ave.

Powers, F. M.; Rideau Hotel.

Pratt, Miss L.; Public Hospital.

Prescott, Miss D.; 17 Church St. W.

Prescott, W.; 22 Merrick St.

Preston, A.; 37 Kensington Ave.

Preston, A. C.; 107 Beckwith N.

Prieur, E.; 103 Elmsley St. N.

Prior, Mrs. A.; 15 Montague St.

Prosser, S.; 130 Main St. E.

Prosser, W. M.; 14 Smiths Falls Av

Pruner, E.; 57 Russell St. E.

Pruner, F.; 45½ Beckwith St. N.

Pullen, L.; 7 Winnifred St.

Purcell, R.; 139 Elmsley St. N.

Purcival, F.; 34 McEwen Ave.

Purdy, Clare; 34 Gladstone Ave.

Purdy, F.; 34 Gladstone Ave.

Pyndus, J.; 188 Brockville St.

Quackenbush, C.; 13 Electric St.

Quackenbush, Mrs. J. G.; 43 Elmsley St. N.

Raaflaub, Miss D.; 12 Beckwith N.

Raaflaub, Miss E.; 12 Beckwith N.

Raaflaub, O. V.; 12 Beckwith N.

Rabb, Mrs. A.; 38 Smiths Falls Av

Rabb, O.; 47 Elmsley St. N.

Rafferty, W. F.; 6 Cornelia St.

Ragsdale, Mrs. E.; 58 Elmsley St. S.

Rain, Mrs. J.; 140 Main St. E.

Randall, S.; 7 Lavinia St.

Ranshaw, E.; 94 Brockville St.

Rawson, A.; Palliser Hotel.

Ranton, W. J.; 69 Chambers E.

Reed, J.; 33 Rideau Ave.

Reed, J.; 24 Montague St.

Reed, J. A.; 30 Chambers St. E.

Reeves, A. C.; 28 Robinson Ave.

Reid, E.; 151 Beckwith St. N.

Reid, J.; 24 Montague St.

Reid, Mrs. L.; 55 Russell St. E.

Reid, Roy; 55 Russell St. E.

Reid, V.; 151 Beckwith St. N.

Reily, Mrs. J.; 109 Elmsley N.

Reynolds, J. J.; 7 Milne St.

Rice, Mrs. L.; 5 McGill St; S.

Rich, C.; 36 William St. E.

Richards, L.; 5 Foster Ave.

Richardson, Mrs. E.; 65 McCann

Richardson, L.; 19 Kensington Av

Richmond, Mrs. P.; 49 McGill N.

Richmond, T.; 49 McGill St. N.

Ridewood, J. A.; 54 Thurber St.

Riches, C.; 23 Foster Ave.

Rickerd, H.; 53 Maple Ave.

Rielly, Wm.; 86 Russell St. E.

Ringer, A.; 17 Lombard St.

Ringer, G.; 11 Elm St. S.

Ringer, H.; 17 Lombard St.

Ringer, Miss M.; Public Hospital

Rintoul, D.; 15 Church St. W.

Rintoul, Wm.; 69 William St. E.

Ritchie, H.; 17 McCann St.

Ritchie, J.; 91 Abel St.

Ritchie, S.; 135 Main St. E.

Rivers, C.; 5 Elmsley St. S.

Robb, G. S.; 64 Maple Ave.

Robb, J. W.; 37 McGill St. S.

Robbins, L. S.; 37 Victoria Ave.

Roberts, S.; 1 George St. N.

Roberts, W. H.; 2 Bay St.

Robertson, H.; 23 Gladstone Ave.

Robertson, Geo.; 14 Winnifred St.

Robinson, Mrs. E.; Rideau Hotel

Robinson, G.; 46 Chambers St. E.

Robinson, J. A.; 38 Robina Ave.

Robinson, Mrs. M.; 15 Lorne St.

Roche, P.; Arlington Hotel.

Rodford, E.; 94 Brockville St.

Rodford, J. N.; 10 Running Ave.

Rodford, Robert; 55 Elm St. W.

Rodford, R.; 159 Main St. E.

Rodgers, J. M.; 16 Robinson Ave.

Rodney, B.; 23 Elgin St.

Roe, Miss E.; 106 Chambers E.

Roe, Miss G.; 106 Chambers E.

Roe, Miss J.; 106 Chambers E.

Roe, T. J.; 25 Church St. W.

Rogers, G.; 7 Elmsley St. S.

Rogers, T. V.; 60 William St. E.

Rosborough, C.; 149 Beckwith N.

Rose, R.; 172 Brockville St.

Rose, Mrs. T.; 14 Kensington Ave.

Ross, Mrs. A.; 106 Elmsley St. N.

Ross, Miss T.; 88 Queen St.

Ross, Wm.; 88 Queen St.

Row, E.; 63 Winnifred St.

Row, H.; 17 Montague St.

Row, Miss J.; 63 Winnifred St.

Row, Mrs. J.; 63 Winnifred St.

Row, R. F.; 35 Maple Ave.

Row, W. A.; 13 Abel St.

Rowsome, L.; 24 Robina Ave.

Ruby, J. E.; 19 Elmsley St. S.

Rudlen, Mrs. G. W.; 37 Russell W.

Running, R.; 172 Chambers E,

Rusland, N.; 125 Brockville St.

Rutherford, Miss E.; 31 Aberdeen

Rutherford, G.; 12 Gladstone Ave.

Rutherford, J.; 31 Aberdeen Ave.

Rutherford, Miss M.; 31 Aberdeen

Ryan, D.; 102 Brockville St.

Ryan, E. J.; 11 Glen Ave.

Ryan, J.; 102 Brockville St.

Ryan, Miss M.; Rideau Hotel

Ryan, Miss M.; 102 Brockville St.

Ryan, T. H.; 8 Church St. W.

Ryan, W. J.; 21 Lavinia St.

Saddler, A.; 144 Beckwith St. N.

Salter, E.; 35 Main St. E.

Salter, Miss E.; 52 Elmsley S.

Salter, Mrs. Wm.; 69 William E.

Saunders, G. H.; 20 Main W.

Saunders, Gordon; 11 Ogden Ave.

Saunders, Mrs. R.; 48 Aberdeen Av

Saunders, R. F.; 69 Abel St.

Saunders, Dr. S. V.; 38 Maple Ave.

Saunders, T. D.; 11 Ogden Ave.

Saunders, W. D.; 143 Elmsley N.

Saunders, Mrs. W. J.; 143 Elmsley N.

Sawyer, Mrs. J.; 57 Beckwith N.

Schilling, C.; 30½ Gladstone

Schoular, Wm.; 4 Kensington Ave.

Scobic, Mrs. L.; 2 Foster Ave.

Scouten, Mrs. G.; 20 Burkc St.

Scouten, P.; 20 Burke St.

Seaton, Miss E.; Public Hospital.

Service, Mrs. A.; 6 Helen St.

Service, S.; Arlington Hotel.

Sexsmith, W. H.; 40 McGill St.

Seymour, Miss E.; 1 Carthage St.

Scott, Bert.; 14 Foster Ave.

Scott, Mrs. E.; 22 King St.

Scott, Fred. E.; 8 Orchard St.

Scott, H.; 17 James St.

Scott, James; 67 McGill St. N.

Scott, J. A.; 56 Abel St.

Scott, J. S.; 43 Russell W.

Shane, H.; 30 Gladstone Ave.

Shane, J.; 156 Main St. E.

Shanks, J.; 30 Jasper Ave.

Shannon, J. C.; 92 Elmsley N.

Sharpe, N.; 28 Glen Ave.

Sharpies, A.; 26 Robina Ave.

Shaver, H.; 6½ Chambers

Shaw, R. G.; 59 Main St. E.

Shepherd, W.; 6 Church St. W.

Sheppard, C.; 49 Elmsley N.

Sheppard, Mrs. F. C.; 49 Elmsley N.

Sheppard, H.; 53 Lavinia St.

Sheridan, J.; 78 Abel St.

Sheridan, Miss M.; 78 Abel St.

Sheridan, Mrs. S.; 23 Foster Ave.

Sherman, Wm.; 28 Maple Ave.

Sherwood, Mrs. M.; 80 Queen St.

Sherwood, W. H.; 42 Cornelia N.

Shields, Roy; 9 McGill St. N.

Shields, J. M.; 11 Elmsley N.

Shields, J. R.; 3½ William E.

Shook, W. H.; 41 Rideau Ave. E.

Shmonduk, J.; 101 William E.

Shufelt, P.; 70 Maple Ave.

Sinclair, Miss B.; 69 Daniel St.

Sinclair, J. A.; 69 Daniel St.

Sinclair, J. L. A.; 84 Brockville St.

Sinclair, Lloyd; 69 Daniel St.

Singer, A.; 38 Glen Ave.

Sinnott, Miss A.; 15 Merrick St.

Sinnott, T.; 15 Merrick St.

Skinner, C. C.; 1 Queen St.

Slack, A.; 12 McEwen Ave.

Slack, D.; 8½ Russell E.

Slack, Harry; 25 Market St.

Slack, J. W.; 8 George St. W.

Slack, Miss K.; 12 McEwen Ave.

Slack, W.; 40 Chambers St. W.

Slater, Miss E.; Public Hospital.

Sloan, Geo.; 16 Robina Ave.

Sloan, Mrs. J.; 155 Elmsley N.

Sloan, R.; 37 Smiths Falls Ave.

Smiley, G. A.; 12 Bay St.

Smith, C.; 20 Cornelia St.

Smith, D.; 77 William St.

Smith, Donald; 16 Glen Ave.

Smith, Miss D.; 22 Russell E.

Smith, Mrs. E.; 17 Maple Ave.

Smith, F.; 65 William St. W.

Smith, G.; 38 McGill St. N.

Smith, H.; 6½ Chambers E.

Smith, H. E.; 29 McGill St. S.

Smith, J. L.; 22 Russell E.

Smith, John; Opp. 35 Burke St.

Smith, J. P.; 45 Elmsley N.

Smith, K.; Capitol Theatre Apt

Smith, Miss M.; 38 McGill N.

Smith, McKay; 7 Elmsley St. S.

Smith, R.; 54 Chambers St. E.

Smith, T.; 77 William St. W.

Smith, W. C.; 34 Beckwith N.

Smith, W. H.; 18 McEwen Ave.

Smith. W. J.; 30 Elm St.

Smith, Mrs.; 31 Main St. W.

Snider, Geo.; 30 McEwen Ave.

Snider, J.; 30 Queen St.

Snider, Mrs.; 15 Elmsley St. N.

Snow, Miss I.; 104 Chambers E.

Snow, Miss L.; 104 Chambers E.

Snow, Miss M.; 104 Chambers E.

Snyder, Mrs. G. S.; 20 Church W.

Sparks, F.; 64 William St. E.

Sparks, W. O.; 58 Lombard St.

Speight, R.; 11 Robinson Ave.

Spinelli, A.; 77 Elmsley St. N.

Spinelli, Miss M.; Public Hospital

Spooner, D. J.; 51 Main St. W.

Spooner, H.; 22 Foster Ave.

Spooner, T.; 51 Main St. W.

Sosnick, J.; 47 Lombard St.

Somerville, G. H.; 21 Chambers E.

Soper, Bert.; 16 Maple Ave.

Souvie, E.; 35 McGill St. S.

Stacey, A. J.; 57 Beckwith N.

Staff, R.; 9 Gile St.

Stafford, F.; Arlington Hotel.

Stafford, W. W.; 190 Brockville St.

Stammers, Mrs. C. L. B.; 29 William W.

Stammers, Miss D.; 29 William W.

Stranberg, B. J.; 17 Queen St.

Stanton, H. G.; Abbott and Chambers W.

Staples, Wm.; 104 Chambers E.

Stanzel, H.; 55 Daniel St.

Stanzel, Wm.; 5 Ogden Ave.

Stearns, 0.; 37 Robinson Ave.

Steele, R.; 12 Helen St.

Stephens, Mrs. A.; 3 George N.

Stephens, H.; 44 Main W.

Stephanyk, N.; 55 Centre St.

Stevens, Miss J.; 1 Lorne St.

Stewart, A.; 43 Church E.

Stewart, C.; 162 Chambers E.

Stewart, E. E.; 15 George St.

Stewart, Mrs. J.; 137 Main E.

Stewart, Miss M.; Public Hospital

Stewart, P.; 145 Brockville

Stewart, S.; 32 Main W.

Slewart, W.; Murphy Apts.

Stewart, W. C.; 1 Bay St.

Stewart, W. E.; 46 George N.

Stewart, W. M.; 2 Helen St.

Stiles, J. W.; 58 William W.

Stilwell, A. L.; 27½ Beckwith N.

Stilwell, A. W.; 15 Lorne

Stilwell, R.; 42 Daniel.

Stilwell, Rex.; 15 Lorne.

St. James, S.; 59 Daniel

Stinson, E.; 86 Brockville.

Stinson, H.; 20 Queen St.

Stoddard, C.; 19 Jasper Ave.

Stoddard, D.; 49 Merrick

Stoddard, J.; 4 Maple Ave.

Stoddard, O.; 19 Jasper Ave.

Stone, Mrs. A.; 9 Russell E.

Stone, H.; 38 Winnifred St.

Stone, J.; 15 Elmsley N.

Strachan, G.; 14 Davidson St.

Strader, P.; 67 Lombard St.

Stranges, S.; 17 Main St. W.

Street, Mrs. M.; 57 William E.

Street, P.; 10 James St.

Stripe, Mrs. E.; Rideau Hotel.

Stronski, J.; 65 Centre St.

Stronski, M.; 39 McGill S.

Suffel; E.; 48 Victoria Ave.

Suffel, G.; 13 Cornelia

Suffel, Mrs. K.; 110 Elmsley N.

Suffel, Dr. S. C.; 76 Russell E.

Susansky, P.; Arlington Hotel.

Sutherland, E.; 27 Daniel

Sutherland, J. G.; 15 Russell W.

Sutton, Mrs. H.; 129 Elmsley N.

Sutton, G. S.; 129 Elmsley N.

Swain, H.; Moore.

Swan, J.; 75 Elmsley N.

Swayne, A.; 169 Beckwith N.

Swayne, B.; 169 Beckwith N.

Swayne, C.; 22 Mary S.

Swayne, Mrs. E.; 143 Main St. E.

Swayne, G. B.; 50 Ogden Ave.

Sweet, F.; 29 Kensington

Swinson, H.; 16 Burke

Sylvain, Mrs. 1.; 62 William E.

Sylvah, C.; 15 Aberdeen

Sylvah, Miss Mary; 15 Aberdeen

Sylvah, Miss M.; 15 Aberdeen

Sylvah, T.; 15 Aberdeen.

Sylvah, Miss L.; 57 Beckwith N.

Taber, G.; 67 William St. W.

Tackaberry, Mrs. J.; 144 Brockville

Taggart, Mrs. L. A.; 48 Main W.

Taggart, Miss R. J.; 40 Russell E.

Tait, Mrs. W. L.; 12 Gladstone Av.

Taman, C.; 119A Beckwith N.

Taman, J. H.; 14 Church E.

Tanton, Rev. W. R.; 44 Maple

Tarlo, T.; 7 Simpson

Tassie, Mrs. A.; 89 Main E.

Taylor, A.; 70 Russell E.

Taylor, C.; 37 Main E.

Taylor, E.; 10 Johnson

Taylor, Ernest; 22 Abel

Taylor, G.; 27 Russell W.

Taylor, G. A.; 22 Cornelia

Taylor, H.; 78 Russell E.

Taylor, J. H.; 52 McGill

Taylor, Miss L.; 21 Chambers E.

Taylor, M.; 70 Russell E.

Taylor, Miss R.; 70 Russell E.

Taylor, Miss V.; 21 Chambers E.

Taylor, Wm.; 162½ Chambers E.

Tetlock, P.; 141 Beckwith N.

Thorn, G.; 45 Church St. E.

Thorn, J.; 12 Daniel St.

Thomas, B.; 30 Lavinia St.

Thomas, C.; 27 Winnifred St.

Thomas, Miss F.; 8½ Kensington

Thomas, G.; 27 Winnifred

Thomas, J.; 1 Maple.

Thomas, John; 4 Market St.

Thomas, M.; 90 Russell E.

Thomas, R.; 27 Winnifred

Thomas, S. E.; 3 Lombard

Thomas, S.; 44 Aberdeen

Thomas, V.; 17 Russell W.

Thomas, W. J.; 44 Lavinia

Thomilson, G.; 40 Abel

Thomilson, J.; 90 Main E.

Thomilson, Miss O.; Public Hosp.

Thomilson, Oliver; Public Hosp.

Thompkins, B.; 16 Mary S.

Thompkins, G.; 80 William E.

Thompson, Miss E.; St. Francis Hospital.

Thompson, E.; 64 Montague

Thompson, H.; 16 Abel.

Thompson, H. R.; 2 Helen

Thompson, P.; 16 Abel

Thompson, S.; 34. Queen

Thompson, T. H.; 55 William E.

Thompson, W.; 159 Beckwith N.

Thompson, Wm.; 23 George S.

Thurston, J.; 29 Kensington.

Tinkler, W. H.; 8 Rideau

Tole, James; 9 Abbott

Topping, J.; 150 Main E.

Topping, L.; 150 Main E.

Topping, W.; 39 Main E.

Topping, Wm.; 31 Main W.

Towers, A.; 21 Elm St.

Traversey, Mrs. L.; 144 Main E.

Tripp, H. L.; 88 Russell E.

Trombley, R.; 90 Abel

Troutman, J.; 59 McCann

Troutman, R.; 81 Montague

Truelove, W. J.; 4 Helen

Tryhorn, Mrs. L.; 37 Church W.

Tuck, Carl; 74 Victoria

Turcotte, A.; 24 Glen

Turcotte, H.; 36 Daniel

Turnbull, J.; 75 McGill N.

Tweedy, B.; 166 Brockville

Tweedy, Miss J.; 6 Elm E.

Tweedy, W.; 170 Brockville

Tweedy, Mrs. W. G.; 4 Glen

Tye, C. A.; 29 Russell W.

Tysick, D.; 84 Main E.

Tysick, N.; 84 Main E.

Tysick, M.; 82 Victoria

Usher, Miss T.; 110 Chambers E.

Usher, Wm.; 110 Chambers E.

Valcour, John; 7 Mary

Valcour, Miss L.; 90 Chambers E.

Valcour, Mrs. M.; 90 Chambers E.

Valcour, Miss S.; 6½ Chambers E.

Valcour, T.; 68 Elmsley S.

Vandusen, Mrs. A.; 2 Abbott

Vandusen, Mrs. E. B.; 22 Alfred E.

Vandusen, F.; 12 Abbott.

Vandusen, 1.; 8 Lavinia

Vandusen, L.; 72 Aberdeen

Vandusen, M.; 39 Victoria

Vanluven, F.; 14 McEwen

Vanluven, R. A.; 15 McEwen

VanMeer, H. E.; 101 Beckwith N.

Varaney, T. M.; 59 Elmsley N.

Vickers, Miss G.; 25 James

Vickers, Miss O.; 25 James

Vickery, F.; 8 Mary St.

Vinall, F. D.; 13 Abel

Vincent, J.; 69 Daniel

Waddell, C.; 22 River

Waddell, Mrs. J.; 60 Chambers W.

Waddell, Mrs. M. A.; 60 George St. S.

Waffle, W. J.; 35 Main W.

Wale, D.; 43 Church E.

Wale, F. A.; 19 Gladstone Ave.

Walker, Miss A.; 15 Elmsley N.

Walker, F.; 73 Church E.

Walker, Miss G.; 11 Lombard

Walker, Mrs. H. C.; 4 George S.

Walker, Miss P.; 4 George S.

Walker, Dr. R. J.; 20 Church W.

Walker, Miss S.; 4 George S.

Walker, W. J.; 56 McCann.

Walker, Miss A.; 15 Elmsley N.

Wall, W. A.; 14 River

Walsh, Mrs. M.; 30 Aberdeen

Walsh, P.; 6 George N.

Warmington, Mrs. M.; 78 Main E.

Wanless, Miss E.; 38 Glen Ave.

Wanless, G. F.; 38 Glen Ave.

Wanless, H.; 2 Ogden Ave.

Ward, D. J.; 29 Abbott

Warne, H.; 8 River

Warner, H.; 18 William W.

Warner, Mrs. H.; 45 George S.

Warner, Miss J.; 29 Robinson

Warner, Miss Mary; 18 William W.

Warren, C.; 6 Running

Warren, D.; 11 William W.

Warren, Mrs. E.; 19 Montague

Warren, Geo. (Sr.); 2 Kensington

Warren, G. (Jr.); 2 Kensington

Warren, Gilbert; 145 Beckwith N.

Warren, J. E.; 4 Elm

Warren, J.; 30 Elm

Warren, W.; 4 Centre St.

Warner, Mrs. D.; 69 Aberdeen

Warwick, H.; 23 Foster

Washburn, Miss M. E.; 1 Main W.

Watkins, D.; 3 Foster

Watkins, J.; 3 Foster

Watkins. N.; 30 William E.

Weagle, D.; 67 Winnifred

Weagle, S. J.; 67 Winnifred

Webb, B. M.; 22½ Gladstone

Webb, E.; 18 James St.

Webb, H.; 55 Chambers W.

Webster, F.; 43 Montague

Webster, J. C.; 17 Church W.

Webster, J. H.; 56 Winnifred

Webster, O.; 43 Montague

Webster, Mrs. S.; 22 William E.

Weedmark, H.; 57 Winnifred

Weedmark, Mrs. L.; 85 Russell E.

Weegar, Mrs. K.; 1 Main W.

Weekes, Miss B.; 84 William E.

Weekes, Miss E.; 84 William E.

Weekes, Mrs. G.; 5 Electric

Weekes, Mrs. J.; 84 William E.

Weekes, Miss L.; 84 William E.

Weese, H.; 52 Winnifred

Weir, A.; 27 Empress

Weir, G.; 72 William W.

Welland, H.; 34 Beckwith N.

Welsh, Miss M.; St. Francis Hosp.

Welsh, M.; 39 Robinson

Wert, Dr. H. C.; 22 Maple Ave.

Wescome, Mrs. F.; 14 Burke

Wescome, F.; 55 Lorne

Weston, J.; Arlington Hotel.

Weston, H.; 46½ Victoria

Weston, H. C.; 9 McGill S.

Weston, V.; 10 William W.

Weston, W. B.; 29 Elgin

Whalen, A. J.; 99 Elmsley N.

Whalen, E.; 50 McGill N.

Whan, Mrs. M.; 57 Winnifred

White, A.; 10 Gladstone

White, A. E.; 1 Lavinia

White, Allan; 10½ Main W.

White, A.; 10½ Main W.

White, C.; 11 Condie St.

White, F. B.; 173 Beckwith N.

White, Mrs. F.; 18 George S.

White, F.; 52 Thurber

White, J.; 31 Main W.

While, Miss Helen; 10½ Main W.

White, H.; 141 Brockville

White, J.; 33 Winnifred

White, Jack; 25 Robinson

White, J. E.; 45 Russell W.

White, R. A.; 55 McGill N.

White, R.; 14 Ann

White, Russell; 36 Cornelia

White, S.; 141 Brockville

White, Walter; 21 McGill S.

White, W.; 10 Gladstone

White, Wyatt; 21 McGill

Whitmore, Mrs. H.; 37 Lorne

Whitmore, Wm.; 35 William W.

Whiteland, A.; 10 Gladstone

Whiteland, Wm.; 12 George S.

Whitfield, A. H.; 68 William E.

Whittaker, Geo.; 31 Montague

Wickware, Dr. E. H.; 43 Maple

Wiggins, R.; 48 Market

Wilkes, Mrs. B. A.; 38 Russell E.

Wilkes, Wm.; 57 Centre E.

Williams, J. F.; 29 Union

Wilkinson, G. 1.; 63 Elmsley N.

Wilkinson, J. S.; 67 Daniel

Wilkinson, James; 126B Brockville

Willis, Mrs. M.; 128 Brockville

Williscraft, C.; 8 Glen

Willoughby, A.; 23 Daniel

Willoughby, A.; 62 Daniel

Willoughby, C.; 12 Church E.

Willoughby, H.; 3 Ogden

Willoughby, Jack; 57 Smiths Falls

Willoughby, J.; 70 Victoria

Willoughby, Mrs. K.; 12 Church E.

Willoughby, R.; 12 River

Willoughby, S.; 34 Queen

Willoughby, W. G.; 30 Queen

Wills, R.; 10 Robina

Wilson, A.; 110 Elmsley N.

Wilson, F.; 101 Brockville

Wilson, H.; 22 Russell E.

Wilson, L. A.; 24 William E.

Wilson Miss M.; 60 William E.

Wilson, T. V.; 10 Helen

Wilson, W. J.; 70 Maple

Wilson, W. L.; Bk. Commerce Bld.

Wing, H. A.; 159 Chambers E.

Wing, N.; 29 Victoria

Wineberg, M.; 3 Alfred

Wiseman, A.; 99 Brockville.

Wiseman, B.; 11 Alfred

Wiseman, M.; 25½ Beckwith N.

Wiseman S.; 6 Glen

Wiseman, W.; 15 Bay S.

Wiseman, W. H.; 19 Lombard

Wilton, F.; Russell Hotel

Wilton, M.; 6 Foster

Wiltsie, J.; Grant’s Locks

Wong, S.; 9 William W.

Wood, C.; 20 Merrick

Wood, Geo.; 19 James

Wood, H.; 50 Lombard

Wood, J.; 21 Russell E.

Wood, Mrs. L.; 41 George

Wood, S.; 35 Robinson

Wood, Stewart; 35 Robinson

Wood, W. G.; 107 Brockville

Wood, J. M.; 68 Maple

Wood, R. J.; 36 Montague

Woods, J.; 45 Smiths Falls

Woods, W. J.; 66 Winnifred

Woodcock, Miss G.; 4 Glen

Woodhouse, J.; 47 Russell W.

Woodland, C.; 17 Lavinia

Woodside, W. A.; 13 George N.

Wride, C.; 59 Abel

Wride, R.; 54 Aberdeen

Wride, W.; 54 Aberdeen

Wright, C.; 15 James

Wright, J.; 11 William W.

Wrightly, F.; 19 Kensington

Wylie, Wm.; 9 Gladstone

Wynne, Mrs, M.; 10 Maple N.

Wynne, H. J.; 26 Market

Wynne, S.; 25 Church W.

Wyman, M.; Russell Hotel.

Yade, P.; 16 Russell E.

Yanosik, A.; 53 Lombard

Yanosik, E.; 53 Lombard

Yarwood, W.; 64 William

York, P.; 10 River

Young, Dr. A. G.; 11 Main E.

Young, C.; 17 Elmsley S.

Young, G. T.; 8 Rideau E.

Young, Miss L.; 11 McEwen

Young, P.; Palliser Hotel.

Youngcliss, G.; 18 Foster

Younghusband H. M.; 54 Chambers St. E.