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Most of these photos were submitted by website users.

From Lynne Crosskill

From Lynne Crosskill
Jas. Townend & Isabella Anderson Gilmour & their daughter Margaret (May) Townend ( Mrs. Edward Holt)

This picture was taken at the home of Jas. Townend in Almonte, Ontario on July 23, 1934.
He was born in Yorkshire England, the son of John Townend and Jessie Carr. In his younger days he was a band leader being especially noted for his brilliant cornet playing.
He was Almonte’s first photographer and conducted a studio there for many years on Mill St.
His work is included in the Helen Gahagen Douglas Collection at the University of Oklahoma, Carl Albert Center (#1042).

Photographed by Cunningham of Norwood Ontario

That could be Byrnes or Collins girls

Bert and Lucy Craig

Albert Collins & Bert Craig – Galways Cousins

My grandfather and his cousin about 1895 in Ontario

Bert Craig married Lucy Dalton July 3, 1903. 
Bert was the son of WilliamCraig and Mary Molyneaux, Galway Co.
Lucy daughter of James Dalton and Mary Collins.
Bert and Lucy lived in Coleraines MN until 1919.
and then moved to Alberta where Dalton had homesteaded in 1911 at Wainwright.
There are Daltons still farming the orginal homesteads.

From Dianne Lawrence, Photo of her great-grandfather Henry Kehoe

“The glory years of Perth’s Whiskey Kings” Henry Kehoe is shown driving a delivery sleigh for the Spalding & Stewart distillery

From an article on ‘Portraits of Our Heritage, by Michael Taylor’ in The Perth Courier, Wednesday, May 20, 1987

Submitted by: Dianne (Kehoe) Lawrence 

The attached picture of my great grandfather, Henry Kehoe. Henry was born 1838 on the farm at Lot 10, Con. 2 Bathurst and died 1907 in Perth. I love this photo and wonder how many bottles were broken during delivery? Also, was theft a problem while Henry made his deliveries?

Old Home Week, in Perth 1948

This is a family photo from Dan Lee. His grandfather, Constable Dan Lee on the left

Clementina and Margaret Bell

This photo is from the Perth Museum archives. The names are written on the back of the photo in ink. Photo seems to have been taken in a Chicago or possibly Atlanta studio. — Charles Dobie.

The following information is given by Malcolm Sissons:
I don’t know what they were doing in Chicago or Atlanta but the two ladies in question are quite likely my great grandmother Margaret Hope Bell and her sister Clementina.

They were two of three daughters of Andrew Wilson Bell and Margaret Hope Gibb of Carleton Place. A.W. Bell was the son of Margaret Wilson and John Bell, twin brother of William Bell, (i.e. the W. & J. Bell merchants of Perth and Carleton Place). These were the second and third sons of the Rev. William Bell of Perth.

Clementina Bell married Ottawa barrister Alfred Fripp, who later became a Senator. They had one daughter, Alfreda Fripp, who did not marry. When her estate was wound up, numerous items were donated to the Perth museum, including possibly this photo, and some shinplasters printed by the Bell brothers in 1837.

The third sister Jane Isabella Bell, did not marry but served as a nurse in World War I and continued to live in Carleton Place.

Margaret Hope Bell is my great grandmother. She married Peter McRae of Renfrew in 1884 and they subsequently moved to Ottawa. They had two children, Margaret Hope and Ivan Leslie. On July 2, 1896, the family (except my grandmother Margaret Hope, then 4 years old) were out sailing on Lac Deschenes (the Ottawa River) near Aylmer. A squall blew up and the sailboat overturned and the family drowned. The orphan M. Hope was raised by her aunt Clementina.

I am reasonably sure that these two Bell girls are the same.

Rev. William Bell

Mary Black

Rev. William Bell married Mary Black in North Leith, Scotland on 13th October 1802. She was born 14th November 1773 at Black Riggs, Shotts. She died at Perth, Ont. on 18th April 1861 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery. Her parents were Andrew Black and Isabella Baird. This is the origin of Isabella as a first name for dozens of Canadian Bells.

The Bells arrived in Perth from Scotland in 1817. He was the first Presbyterian minister in Perth and the first teacher. His book “Hints to Emigrants” was published in 1824 and is a seminal work regarding the first settlers of Lanark County. The full text of this book, complete with charts, has been scanned by Rupert Speyer, g-g-g-grandson of the Bells, and is available on the LCGS website. These two photographs are from an album of about 100 Bell-related photos in the Perth Museum archives; that of Rev. Bell is reputedly the only known photograph of him, and was taken in the last year of his life.

George Bond was born 31 Oct 1838 in Beckwith Township and died 18 Feb 1939 in Lanark. He was a brother to my great grandfather Joseph H. Bond of Lanark.

The photo and golden wedding anniversary announcement were provided to me by William E. Bennett of Carleton Place when I was there (11 August, 1998). My cousin, Irma Willoughby, who we had gone there to see, gave us (my sister Sharon & I) a guided tour of Carleton Place. It was a personal thrill for myself & my sister to see the area and walk where our ancestors resided. We are already planning a trip back next summer and plan on staying longer. My wife is even planning on being with me this time, especially after I described the area. I’m even hoping it will be when the LCGS holds its monthly meeting. I’m anxious to meet my fellow members.

This photo is of George with his twin brothers, Robert Langford (b. 6 Apr 1851, d. unk.) and Richard Nelson (b. 6 Apr 1851, d. 1938). What I’m not sure of in the photo is which twin is Robert and which is Richard.

Robert Craig and Isabella Gilchrist
Photo submitted by Judy Woodley.

Robert Craig and his wife Isabella Gilchrist left Greenock, Scotland, on the ship “Commerce” on May 11, 1821. Accompanying them on their voyage were five of their six children: John, William, Robert, Ellen, and their year-old son Stewart Douglas Craig. They arrived in Quebec on June 20, 1821, travelling as part of a group called the “Camlachie Emigration Society.”

Robert Craig died 2 November, 1871, age 85, and Isabella Gilchrist died March 26, 1866. Both are buried in the Hopetown Cemetery, Plot 25, Row 4.

These photographs and the pew ticket were found within the pages of The Foley Bible which is transcribed on this website under the Family Bibles section.

No photographer info.

Photographed at “J. McParland, Gananoque.”

Photographed at “Harts, Watertown, N.Y.”

No photographer info.

Submitted by Marty Pickard (Ter Marsch). Scanned from a small locket and thus pretty rough.

I have attempted to scan a locket which was given to my mother, Mary Agnes TER MARSCH (SCOTT) by her mother, Millie SCOTT (PRETTY). The pictures are very small and very old (at least 110 years) and are of George Goodson PRETTY and his first wife Agnes BELLAMY. I wasn’t extremely successful but improvement was difficult.

This is George Goodson PRETTY (1846-1944) and his second wife, Janet EVANS, taken early summer, 1940.

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Choir, Perth, Ont., 1911

Can you identify any of the people in this photo? The choirmaster, Robert Ainsworth, is in the middle row, to left of minister. This was one of several photos in the Perth Museum’s exhibition “Expressions of Faith” which ended March 31, 1999.

Del Dunlop says about the below photographs “. . . . when I was 7 years old (1938), I went with my mother’s uncle John Stead of Lanark Village to the Gemmill farm where Sylvanus Gemmill had just died. The contents of the house were being discarded. The bulk of the material were old newspapers and journals. The newspapers were most likely the earliest Lampton Observer (?) which had been sent home by an earlier Gemmill. At the age of seven I was outraged that everything was to be burned. We did manage to get a box of negatives which could only be Robert Stead‘s archives. There were many, many boxes of negatives . . . .”

Photographs by Robert J. Stead.
Submitted by Del Dunlop

Mary Affleck on her 100th birthday.
Photo was taken in Middleville, November 14th, 1913.

Fallbrook school class about 1915.
Their teacher was Eva Stead, daughter of William Craig Stead and Margaret Weir, and niece of photographer Robert Stead. Can anyone identify the students?

Perhaps this cheese factory was in Lanark Village. Can anyone identify it?

Perhaps this creamery was in Watsons Corners. Can anyone identify it?

Unknown school children, about 1900.

Transcribed and submitted by Del Dunlop

Death of Robt. J. Stead.
           After an illness of four years Mr. Robert J. Stead passed peacefully away at his residence in Lanark Village last Friday afternoon, August 22nd (1919). The late Mr. Stead who succumbed to chronic Brights disease, was born in Middleville seventy four years ago on the homestead now occupied by Mr. Harry Rodger. In 1865 he married Miss Malvina Millotte who with a family of six survives him, Robert and Mrs. C. Calhoun at home, Mrs. T. A. Mason in Lanark, Mrs. M. Cleave at Selkirk, Manitoba, Mrs. A. B. Adamson and Miss Edna Stead at Winnipeg, Manitoba. For over thirty years Mr. Stead was a capable photographer and bee-keeper in the Village and for a number of years served as a councillor. Later he was nominated Reeve of the Village of Lanark. Mr. Stead is one of Lanark’s oldest residents and was a man very highly esteemed and respected by everyone. In politics he was a Liberal and in religion was a staunch Presbyterian. The funeral took place on Sunday, August 24th at 2.30 p.m., from his former residence to Lanark Village Cemetery and was largely attended.
           In the 1871 census Robert J. Stead is listed in Lanark Village, aged 25. He is a photographer.
           Robert Stead is listed on the Militia Roster of 1871 as living in Lanark Village and being 25 years of age.
           When the last of the Gemmell line died in 1938, A drawer of glass plates was removed from their house at Pine Grove. These plates could only have been the negatives from the archives of the late local photographer Robert J. Stead.