Published in the LCGS newsletter, November, 1996.

Surnames have been put in bold type to aid viewing. The list is presented here as published. It seems to show the names in family groupings, thus the names have not been sorted alphabetically. THE RAMSAY FREE CHURCH OR CANADA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

          These people seceded from the Church of Scotland, the Auld Kirk in 1845 and in 1846 built the Free Church, a large frame plaster cast Church on Lot 15 West Concession 8, across the corner from the Auld Kirk. The church was destroyed by fire in 1926. It had been used as a barn. The manse, a white frame house still stands and was long used as a farm dwelling. In it Dr. Robert Tait McKENZIE was born and later it was the dwelling of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. ALLEN, Mr. David WILSON and Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McGREGOR. The ministers who lived there were:
1846 – 185 Rev. Wm. G. JOHNSTON
1853 – 185 Rev. James SMITH
1859 – 1868 Rev. Wm. McKENZIE
1870 – 1874 Rev. Howard STEELE
1875 – 1890 Rev. Robert KNOWLES at Blakeney and Clayton

          When St. John’s Church was opened in 1868 services were continued in the church on the 8th line, but in a few years it was decided by the Ramsay Presbyterians to close it and a church was built in 1873 in Clayton and one in Blakeney in 1876. The Free Church building was sold to the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1876 and used until 1891.

          This story on the Ramsay Free Church was documented several years ago as a New Horizons Project of the North Lanark Historical Society.

Rev. Wm. G. JOHNSTONE, first minister
Anne AITKENHEAD          Mrs. John ANDERSON      Mrs. Wm. YOUNG
Mrs. HUTCHESIN (sic)     Jas. YUILL              William YOUNG
Thos. POLLOCK            Mrs. Jas. YUILL         William YOUNG
Alex. ERSKINE            Mrs. Thos. BROWNLEE     Mrs. Wm. YOUNG
John NAISMITH            Thos. BROWNLEE          Peter YOUNG
Jane NAISMITH            Mrs. Wm. DRYNAN         Margaret YOUNG
Lawrence NAISMITH        John BRUCE              Agnes YOUNG
Mrs. Lawrence NAISMITH   Mrs. C. BRUCE           Elizabeth YOUNG
James ROBERTSON          Alex. NICOLSON          Isabel McINTYRE
Jas. RAE                 Mrs. Alex. NICOLSON     Jas. KELLOUGH
Agnes LAWRIE             Mrs. ROCHE              Jane KELLOUGH
Wm. LAWRIE               Wm. PHILIP              Jas. DUNLOP
Helen LAWRIE             Mrs. Wm. PHILIP         John KILPATRICK
Thomas LAWRIE            John McPHERSON          Mrs. Andrew RAE
Jessie LAWRIE            Mrs. John McPHERSON     Jane LINDSAY
James AITKENHEAD         Mrs. Robt. McLAREN      Walter BLACK
Thos. KENNEDY            Jane JOHNSTON           Mrs. Walter BLACK
Mrs. David LECKIE        Widow BROWN             Mrs. Alex. LINDSAY
David LECKIE             David SUTHERLAND        Mrs. Wm. LINDSAY
Robt. YOUNG              Angus SUTHERLAND        Mrs. Alex. FERGUSON
Mrs. Robt. YOUNG         Christina SUTHERLAND    Mrs. Robt. RAMAGE
Stephen YOUNG            Matilda SUTHERLAND      Robt. RAMAGE
Mrs. Stephen YOUNG       James SUTHERLAND        Robt. YOUNG
Stephen YOUNG junior     Mrs. Wm. DRYNAN jr.     Walter WOOD
Mrs. George CHARTERS     Mrs. John RIDDELL       Mrs. Walter WOOD
Mrs. Thos. KENNEDY       John RIDDELL            Jas. DUNLOP
John CROSKIE             Thos. McKEARD           Wm. DAVIE
Mrs. SERVICE             Mrs. Thos. McKEARD      Jas. McLEAN
Robt. CARSWELL           Robt. LECKIE            Mrs. Eneas TOSHACK
Mrs. Robt. CARSWELL      Catherine MOIR          Eneas TOSHACK
Joanne CARSWELL          Isabella MOIR           Margaret PENNY
Andrew SMITH             Jas. MOIR               James LEITCH
Mrs. Andrew SMITH        Gilbert MOIR            Mrs. Jas. LEITCH
Isabella CRAM            Wm. MOIR                Harriett CANNON
Duncan CRAM              Mrs. Wm. MOIR           John CANNON
Mrs. Duncan CRAM         Isabella BAIRD          Mrs. CANNON
Peter CRAM               Mrs. John BAIRD         Mary CANNON
John CRAM                Catherine MOIR          Greville TOSHACK
Jane BAIRD               James IRVINE            Andrew TOSHACK
Robert BAIRD             Mrs. Jas. IRVINE        Mrs. And. TOSHACK
Isabella MacINTYRE       Alex. HUTCHESON         James TOSHACK
Mrs. PATERSON            Jane HUTCHESON          Mrs. John TOSHACK
Andrew PATERSON          Mrs. Alex. HUTCHESON    Janet TOSHACK
Mrs. Andrew PATERSON     Cecilia MITCHELL        Agnes TOSHACK
William BOWES            Elizabeth CRAIG         Chrisiana ROBERTSON
Elizabeth BOWES          John BEATON             Isabella BANNERMAIR
Christina DUNLOP         Jas. TURNER             Donald STEWART
Archibald McLEAN         Andrew COCHRANE         Elizabeth STEWART
Margaret McLEAN          Mrs. Andrew COCHRANE    Margaret BINGHAM
John BENNIE              David McPHERSON         Jas. BIGGAM
Mrs. John BENNIE         Thos. SIMPSON           Catherine RORISON
James BENNIE             Mrs. Alex YUILL         David WYLIE
Mrs. James BENNIE        Mrs. KESSEN             Anne WYLIE
David WATSON             James YUILL             Andrew MacARTHUR
Mrs. David WATSON        Mrs. James YUILL        Margaret MacARTHUR
Wm. PAUL                 John GRAHAM             John BANNERMAN
Jane PAUL                Agnes GRAHAM            Jas. SMITH
Wm. KEMP                 Margaret SIMPSON        Mary SMITH
Mrs. Wm. KEMP            John PORTERFIELD        John SMITH
Widow KEMP               Jas. PORTERFIELD        Catherine McDELLAN
Robert KIRK              Mrs. Jas. PORTERFIELD   Mary BROWN
Mrs. John TAYLOR         Sarah PORTERFIELD       Helen McMILLAN
Wm. RAY                  Janet BEATON            Barbara YUILL
Duncan BAIN              Janet HOUSTON           Euphemia YUILL
Donald BAIN              Alex PETERS             George HOUSTON
Mrs. Donald BAIN         Mrs. Alex PETERS        Wm. HOUSTON
Sarah BAIN               Mary PETERS             Agnes KENNEDY
Marianne KIRK            Jas. GREGG              Robt. ORR
Hugh McMILLAN            Mrs. Jas. GREGG         Adam PEDEN
Jane SIMPSON             Wm. RAE                 Mary PEDEN
John TAYLOR              David RAE               Agnes PAUL
Martha KIRK              Susan RAE               Jessie PAUL
Janet KIRK               Wm. TOSH                John NICOLSON
Catherine DUNCAN         Margaret NISEMAN        Janet NICOLSON
Alex DUNCAN              Marion BRUCE            John McDONALD
Agnes DUNCAN             Christina BRUCE         Ann FORGIE
Walter SCOTT             Jane BRUCE              Graham FORGIE
Mrs. Walter SCOTT        Mary BRUCE              Janet DAVIE
John GALBRAITH           Robt. SUTHERLAND        Mary ANDERSON
Hugh RAE                 Thos. LECKIE            Agnes LECKIE
Jessie LECKIE            Susanna LECKIE          Elizabeth DRENNAN
Wm. HENRY                Anne HENRY              Mary PATERSON
Mrs. STRUTHERS           Jas. MURDOCK            John TOMLINSON
Matthew ANDERSON         Mrs. Matthew ANDERSON   Jane SCOTT
Jas. MACHAN              Elizabeth McARTHUR      Mrs. Anne FOSSET
Helen NAISMITH           John MILLIONS           Mrs. John MILLIONS
Mrs. KIRKWOOD            Jessie STEWART          Margaret STEWART
Janet STEWART            Alexander STEWART       Thos. MacLAREN
Isabella MacLAREN        Wm. RIDDELL             Margaret RIDDELL
Robert KING              Mrs. Robert KING        Mrs. John TURNER
Samuel McLELLAN          Mary WATSON             Janie HOUSTON
Mrs. KIRKWOOD            Martha KIRK             Mary KIRK
Jane SUTHERLAND          Christian SUTHERLAND    Isabella SUTHERLAND
Margaret SUTHERLAND      Margaret SUTHERLAND     Caroline KESSEN
Wm. PEDEN                Mary PEDEN              Marianne Brown PEDEN
Catherine NICOLSON       Wm. McCORMICK           Widow NICOLSON
Archibald MacARTHUR      Alex MACARTER           Mrs. Alex MACARTER
Elizabeth PETERS         Agnes SUTHERLAND        Mary BAIN
Barbara BAIN             Thos. LAWRIE            Jane LAWRIE
John KELLOUGH            Thos. C. McFARLANE      Elizabeth KELLOUGH
Wm. BLACK                Jas. BLACK              Catherine BLACK
John BAIRD               Andrew BAIRD