Transcribed by Charles Dobie from the Perth Courier issue of Friday, May 25, 1917.

Ex-Pupils of Perth Collegiate Institute
The following is a roll of ex-pupils who have enlisted. This list is, no doubt, far from complete, but it has been compiled by members of the staff from what information that was available. Friends of enlisted ex-pupils are hereby invited to send further information to the Principal concerning those who have enlisted in order that the Roll may be made complete.
NameAcademic StandingUnitReport
Adams, Fred. Alexander130th Batt. Inf.
Affleck, Robert DaltonSchool of ScienceArtillery
Affleck, John KnoxSchool of ScienceArtillery
Allan, Hubert GordonM.A. U.of T.Y.M.C.ADied in service.
Bothwell, Austin McPhailM.A. U.of T. & OxfordInfantry
Bothwell, George EdwardB.A.Sc. U.of T.Lieut. Inf.K.I.A., 1916.
Brownlee, FisherB.A.Sc. U.of T., OxfordLieut. Inf.K.I.A., 1916.
Cameron, Clarence R.C.A.M.C.
Campbell, AllanCapt. Y.M.C.A.
Cavanagh, BernardIrish Rangers Inf.
Charlton, Wilfred B.C.H.R.Wounded & I.H.
Clarke, Lloyd ReginaldP.P.C.L.I.Wounded & I.H.
Clarke, William RossInfantry
Code, Arthur GrahamB.A.Cc. U.of T.Royal EngineersWounded & I.H.
Coutts, Ernest AlbertC.A.M.C.
Cowan, Arthur GordonStudent-at-lawC.A.S.C.
Currie, George SelkirkB.A. McGillCapt. P.P.C.L.I.Military Cross.
Cuthbertson, WilliamB.A.Sc.Lieut. Royal Eng.
Cuthbertson, JamesArtillery
Daughen, William JosephInfantryWounded twice.
Davis, William Geo. FoxtoneY.M.C.A.Died in service.
Dowson, Hubert S.Victoria Coll.Engineers Sergt.
Enright, John Vincent80th Batt. Inf.
Farmer, GeorgeMcMaster UniversityEngineers Sergt.
Ferguson, GeorgeB.A., Classical Master
at P.C.I. 1905-1910
Grant, DonaldInfantry
Greenley, CliffordArtilllery
Hale, Fred.Artillery
Hope, William RossLieut. Inf.
Hope, John AndrewOsgoode Hall grad.Capt. Inf.
Hartney, John HowardArtillery
Inderwick, CyrilFlying Corps
Inderwick, John F.Lieut. Inf.
Inderwick, Basill LeesInfantryDied in service.
Johnston, Arthur Melville80th Batt. Inf.Wounded
Keller, Charles Edward130th Batt. Inf.
Kenyon, William A.B.A. McMasterEngineers Sgt.
Kerr, HomerC.A.S.C. Lieut.
Knowles, WilliamInfantryK.I.A., May 1917.
Leighton, RichardEngineers Sgt.Wounded
Lappin, Wilfred IgnatiousP.P.C.L.I.
Leslie, Oliver NewtonC.A.D.C. Capt.
Mitchell, William RupertM.B. U.of T.R.A.M.C. Capt
Meighen, GeorgeArtillery
Moore, KennethRoyal Can. Navy
McCallum, Fred JohnEngineers Sgt.
McEwen, Kenneth P.Engineers Sgt.
McGowan, WilliamInfantry
McIlraith, Earl FraserFlying Corps
McIntyre, PeterSchool of Sci.Artillery
McLean, WilliamD.D.S.Lieut. 130thKilled at Vimy Ridge,
April 9th, 1917.
Noonan, Orville130th BattalionWounded
Oatway, ArthurQueen’s Uni.C.A.M.C.
Orr, Fred. A.Artillery
Patterson, Geo. Neattie
Pierce, Clifford B.InfantryK.I.A.
Relyea, William ArthurArtillery
Rathwell, LawrenceInfantry
Rock, George McLeodInfantry
Richmond, ArthurArtillery
Richmond, RoyArtillery
Robertson, EwartB.A. U.of T.36th Batt. Inf.
Sabiston, KennethArmour InstituteR.C.H.A.
Scott, Campbell CraigQueen’s UniversityLieut. P.P.C.L.I.Military Medal,
Killed May 3rd, 1917.
Scott, Clyde RutherfordLieut. 2nd Batt.Wounded & prisoner,
April 1915.
Scott, Gordon A.Artillery
Scott, Donald RussellM.B. McGillCapt. R.A.M.C.
Scott, John Wallace130th BattMissing May, 1917.
Sinclair, Archie2nd Batt. InfantryMissing April 1915.
Sinclair, LindsayLieut. Engineers
Spalding, Eric2nd Battalion, Inf.Missing April, 1915.
Stone, Everett87th Batt. Inf.
Stone, Harold C.Artillery
Thompson, FredDental Coll.C.A.D.C.
Topping, CarolM.A. QueensLieut. Inf.Wounded April, 1917.
Walker, Alexander Kippen
Walker, KeithC.A.S.C.C.A.S.C., Africa
Walker, Murray130th Batt. Inf.
Wilson, Alvin130th Batt. InfantryDied of wounds,
April 19, 1917.
Wilson, Edwin DonaldP.P.C.L.I.Killed July, 1916.
Wilson, Edwin HerbertD.D.C.A.D.C. Capt.
Wilson, Herbert JohnLieut. 130th Batt.Wounded.
Wilson, CreightonInfantry
Wilson, Thomas B.C.A.S.C.
Wilson, James Clyde130th Batt. Inf.
Wilson, Roy Reginald130th Batt. Inf.Killed March, 1917.
Wright, AllanArtillery
Wright, StewartArtillery
NURSING SISTERS — Gladys Code, Josephine Armstrong, Isabel McEwen.
Short forms used: K.I.A. = Killed in action; I.H. = Invalided home.