Transcribed by Charles Dobie from a programme held in the Perth Museum Archives.

                          P. C. I.


                     Balderson  Theatre


                      FRIDAY  EVENING
                        FEBRUARY 18
                           8 pm



1.  The Musical Aces: Messrs. L. Consitt, J. Gould, W. Clement,
                  H. Mulholland, G. McLaren

2.  Introductory Remarks and Presentation of Upper and Middle
    School Diplomas and Greek Prize   -     -   Principal Hardy

3.  Presentations:

    Commercial Diplomas and I. Kenyon's Sr. Commercial
     Medal -- Mr. F.C. Avery, Chairman, Bd. of Education

    Stewart Scholarships -- Mr. T. A. Rodgers, Mayor of Perth.

    Girls' and Boys' Crests and Staff Medal -- Mr. J. S. L.
       McNeely, M.A., Chairman Collegiate Committee.

    Staff Medal, Girls' Championship --
                                   Miss Emma McLaren

    Athletic Awards -- His Honour Judge J. H. Scott,
       W. B. Hart, Sr. Championship Shield--Earl Spalding
       F. A. Girdwood, Jr. Championship Cup--Edward Rowe

       E. B. Code--J.H. Hardy Juvenile Cup--Robert Code

                           Cadet Awards

        Col. Caldwell Swagger Stick  -   -   Ford Dickson
        Strathcona Medal       -       -  Orville Kirkham
        Dominion Marksmen Medals
        Ottawa Old Boys' Scholarship  -   -  Dr. D. Currie

4.  Violin Solo (a) Traumerei
                (b) Mighty Like a Rose    -     -  Joseph Gould
5.  Country Dance, Cotland Quadrille   -   -    Form III. Girls
6.  Valedictory       -        -        -        James Girdwood
7.  Gymnastic Work        -        -        -     P. C. I. Boys
8.  Piano Solo, Hungary (Carl Kolling)   -  Miss Gertrude Brown
9.  Russian Folk Dance (Kolomeyka) Forms IV. and V.P.C.I. Girls
10. Rifle Drill        -        -          -        P.C.I. Boys
11. Orchestra


                   THE  MERRY  MILKMAIDS

                 A short operetta in one act

        List of Characters in the order of appearance
         Chorus of Milkmaids, Farmers' Brigade, etc.

Janet (Soprano)         -          -            Isobel Charlton
Anita (Alto)     -     -     -        -             Doris Stone
Brigade Captain        -         -         -          Jack King
Dorothy (Alto) A lovesick maid       -        -   Jean Paterson
Alma       -         -      -        -      -         Mary Shaw
Clara       -         -       -       -       -  Lucille Ansley
Blanch    -         -       -       -       -       Ruth Walker
Juanita (Soprano)     -         -         -       Jean Anderson
Myrtle      -       -        -        -       -      K. Clement
Maude        -       -        -        -         Aileen Consitt
Fay        -      -       -        -        -     Helene Wilson
Margery       -       -        -         -    Christine McLaren
Judge (Baritone)       -       -        -          Joseph Gould
Two Jolly Farmers   -     -    Hugh Bedford-Jones and Jack King
The Commodore (A Masquerading Villain)       -    Jack Paterson
                   Afterwards a beggar
The Doctor (Who Knows the Commodore)     -    Philip Karakowsky
                   Afterwards a Peddler
The Queen (Soprano)       -         -      -       Sarah Hossie
Farmer Jim (Tenor)       -          -       -       Jack Geddes
Ruth (Alto)      -       -         -       -       Myrtle Munro
Monica (Mezzo Soprano)          -         -        Edith Briggs


    The Milkmaids' greeting to the morning is answered by the
farmer boys on their way to the field. The Village Judge passes
that way, akjusts matters and departs. Two jolly farmers appear,
and the maids are off to the milking.   The Commodore takes ad-
vantage of circumstances, is suprised by the Doctor, but eludes
his persecutor.   The Fairy Queen returns from her morning work
and welcomes the Maids.   Dorothy  lingers  behind to tell the
Queen her morning adventure, the Beggar (the Commodore in real
life) appears, tells his tale of misfortune, and departs. Farmer
Jim enters, with confessions, to learn that he is, alas "too late."
The milking is done, but the pails and buckets must be polished and
put away. The Doctor (disguised as Peddler, and looking for the
Commodore) tells of his wares.   Ruth introduces romance and
Mother Monica, an Indian fortune teller, appears. Dorothy crosses
her palm, and has her fortune read. The Vesper Hymn is heard
outside and the operetta closes with a bright chorus.

       MUSICAL DIRECTOR   -   -     Mr. J.G. PATERSON
       ASSISTANT    -      -     Miss H.G. RAITT, M.A.
       ACCOMPANIST    -    -      Miss THELMA MacNEIL


                   SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS

                  Stewart Scholarships
           Upper School -- Miss Bessie Barr.
           Middle School -- Miss Margaret Powers.

                   Carter Scholarships
           First -- Miss Bessie Barr.
           Third -- Charles Donovan.

               Ottawa Old Boys' Scholarships
           Girls' -- Miss Helene Wilson.
           Boys' -- Kenneth Erwin.

                   Sr. Commercial Medal
           Miss Elizabeth Taulty.
           Hardy Greek Prize -- Miss Jean Anderson.
           Fowler Classical Prize -- Miss Bessie Barr.
           Hutchinson Oratorical Medal -- Harry Gould.

                    I. O. D. E. Prizes
           Middle School -- Edith Bailey and Patrick Closs
           Lower School -- Arnold MacFarlane.

                   GRADUATION DIPLOMAS

                      Upper School

   Grayce Anderson     Edith McLaren        Elspeth Smith
   Margaret Balderson  Jean McClure         John Cooper
   Bessie Barr         Laura McClure        Charles Donovan
   Tillie Hughes       Leah Praskey         James Girdwood
   Edna McCurdy        Christine Robertson  George McIlraith
                                            Herbert Praskey
                      Middle School

   Norah Anderson      Christine McLaren    Kenneth Erwin
   Adele Benedict      Myrtle Munroe        John Foster
   Mary Bourns         Annie North          Joseph Gould
   Isobel Cameron      Margaret Powers      Lloyd Harper
   Ivy Campbell        Ruth Walker          Garnet Huffman
   Inez Flintoft       Lillian White        Philip Karakowsky
   Bertha Geddes       Helene Wilson        James Kinloch
   Bertha Haley        Henry Byrne          James Patterson
   Sarah Hossie        John Byrne           Harold Somerville
   Laura Ireton        Walter Cunningham    Lloyd Strong
                       Francis Donnelly     James Duncan

                     Commercial Diplomas

   Mildred Easton      Russel Griffiths     Doris Millikin
   Doris Gibbs         James Healey         Jennie Quinn
   Dora Karakowsky     Harriett McLean      Mildred Erwin
   Elizabeth Taulty    Elsie Steele         Isobel Haveron
   Muriel Clements     Morna Wilson         Viola Huffman
   Ellen Gamble        Dorothy Allan        Margaret Kane
                       Emma Broderick       Doris Laidley