Transcribed from a broadside in the Perth Museum, Perth, ON. This list has been sorted by surname, while in the original list, the names were listed randomly by Town/Township (Perth first).


Appointed at the General Quarter Sessions
holden at Perth, in the County of Lanark,
in the month of March, 1861, pursuant to
the Act 23, Vic. Chap. 8.

ABBERCROMBIE, Alex.      Burgess
ADAMS, William, jr.      Sebastopol, Griffith
BALDERSON, Robert        Perth
BARRY, John              Pembroke Village
BERNARD, John            Admaston
BLAIR, William           Ross
BOND, Joseph             Carleton Place
BONE, John               Perth
BOTHWELL, C.             Bathurst
BROMLEY, James           Westneath
BROWN, Elias             Smith's Falls
BUCHANAN, John           S. Sherbrooke
BUFFMAN, William         Bathurst
BULGER, Samuel           Ramsay
BURNETT, Noble           Lanark Village
BURNS, John              Renfrew Village
BUTLER, John             Arnprior
BUTLER, William          Perth
BYRNE, Thomas            Burgess
CAMELON, John            Darling
CAMERON, Hugh            Horton
CAMPBELL, A.             Ashton
CAMPBELL, Archibald      Lanark Twp.
CAMPBELL, Archibald      Ross
CASWELL, J. W.           Smith's Falls
CASWELL, Perry           North Elmsley
CHURCHILL, Thomas        Bathurst
COBURN, William          Alice
CODE, J., jr.            Innisville
COLVIN, Daniel           Ramsay
CORRY, George            Perth
COSTILLO, William        Horton
COUDI, Alexander         Westneath
CUMMING, Peter           Dalhousie
CURLEY, Lawrence         Grattan & Algona
CUTHBERTSON, Thomas      Bromley
DAICHMAN, Thomas         Lanark Twp.
DALANE, Patrick          Bagot, Blythfield, Brougham
DAVIS, Levi              Smith's Falls
DEACON, George           Perth
DEWAR, Daniel            Bromley
DEWAR, John              Pembroke Village
DOONAN, John, jr.        Brundnell, Raglan, Radcliff & Lyndock
DOWDLE, John             S. Sherbrooke
DOYLE, John, sen.        Admaston
DRUMMOND, Daniel         Ramsay
DRUMMOND, Peter          Beckwith
DUGGAN, Daniel           Bagot, Blythfield, Brougham
DUNCAN, Peter            Darling
DUNLOP, Thomas           Dalhousie
DURRELL, James           Pembroke Twp.
ELGAR, William           Smith's Falls
ELLIOTT, John            Pakenham
ELLIS, James             Pakenham
FARMER, Samuel           Perth
FOY, Martin              Sebastopol, Griffith
FRASER, Abraham          Renfrew Village
GALLINGER, Jacob         Lanark Village
GANNON, Patrick          Bromley
GILHULLY, John           Montague
GILL, William            Perth; High Constable
GILMOUR, William         Ramsay
GILROY, Edward           Smith's Falls
GORMAN, Simon            Renfrew Village
GRAHAM, George           Perth
GRAHAM, James            Sand Point
GRAHAM, Thomas           Montague
GRIFFITH, Jacob          Wilberforce
HAMILTON, John           Alice
HANNAH, Samuel           S. Sherbrooke
HARVEY, John             Arnprior
HENRATTY, Peter          Perth
HOGG, Walter             North Elmsley
HOLLINGER, John          Drummond
HORAX, Thomas            Drummond
HUNTER, Alexander        Lanark Village
JORDAN, James            Pembroke Twp.
LANDRYEW, John           Rolph, Pettewa, Buchanan, Wylie & M'Kay
LAWLESS, Patrick         Westneath
LEE, George              Ross
LEE, Richard             Bathurst
LEE, Thomas              Pembroke Twp.
LIBBEY, Matthew          Wilberforce
LITTLE, Thomas           Ross
M'CALLUM, Alexander      Lanark Twp.
MALONE, Patrick          Bathurst
MALONEY, Patrick         Wilberforce
MANION, John             Bathurst
MARTIN, John             Wilberforce
McCAFFREY, Abraham       Carleton Place
McCAFFREY, Joseph        Drummond
McCREA, John             Montague
McDONALD, George         White Lake
McDOUGALL, Angus         Grattan & Algona
McGRATH, George          Montague
McGREGOR, Colin          Burnstown
McGREGOR, James          Beckwith
McKERCHER, John          Franktown
McKERRACHER, Dun.        Perth
McKINNON, Charles        Bathurst
McLAREN, D.              Drummond, 8th con.
McLEOD, James            Pakenham
McMASTER, John           Perth
McMULLEN, John           Bromley
McNABB, John D.          White Lake
McNEELY, Nathaniel       Carleton Place
McPEAK, Patrick          Bromley
McPHERSON, George        Carleton Place
McPHERSON, William       Ross
MICK, Daniel             Stafford
MOFFAT, Henry            Montague
MOORE, Stedman           Wilberforce
MORRIS, John             Franktown
MORRISON, John           Dalhousie
MORROW, William          S. Sherbrooke
MURPHY, Patrick          Drummond
MURRAY, Thomas           Brundnell, Raglan, Radcliff & Lyndock
O'GORMAN, Timothy        Grattan & Algona
O'HARRA, Thomas          North Elmsley
PATTERSON, George        Pembroke Village
PAUL, Joseph             Rolph, Pettewa, Buchanan, Wylie & M'Kay
PAYETTE, Desire          Brundnell, Raglan, Radcliff & Lyndock
PHILIPS, William         Horton
PRICE, David, sen.       Horton
RANKIN, James            Lanark Twp.
RIDDLE, John             Perth
RINGER, William          Montague
ROBERTS, James           Horton
ROBERTS, William         Renfrew Village
ROBINSON, James          Drummond
ROCHESTER, William       Burnstown
ROSE, Charles            Montague
RYAN, John               Pembroke Village
SCHOFIELD, Joseph        Arnprior
SHARPE, Richard          Drummond
SHIPMAN, Norman          Ramsay
SIBARY, Thomas           Grattan & Algona
SINCLAIR, John           Sebastopol, Griffith
SMITH, Thomas            Grattan & Algona
SPARLING, Joseph         Stafford
STELLER, George          S. Sherbrooke
STEWART, Robert          Burnstown
SUTLIFF, -               Brundnell, Raglan, Radcliff & Lyndock
TIMMINGS, Robert         Admaston
TODD, James              Perth
TRACE, John              Perth
TURNER, Francis          Lanark Village
WHITE, William           Alice
WILSON, George           N. Sherbrooke
WILSON, Gilbert, jr.     Burgess
YOUNG, Andrew            Stafford
ZARVAIS, Dernauss        Westneath

Approved and ordered in General Quarter
Sessions, 13th of March, 1861.       

John G. MALLOCH Chairman

W.R.F. BERFORD, Clerk of the Peace, Lanark & Renfrew.