A special thank-you to Sister Rita and her special committee (from St. Peter’s Celestine Roman Catholic Church of Pakenham) for permission to print their work.

NAMES OF DECEASED                                 DATE OF BURIAL

ABBOTT, Walter                                          1895
BOX, Mrs. Samuel (Sarah CLOSS)                          1940
BRENNAN, Michael (husband of Eliza MALTIN)              1866
BOLTON, Mary Anne 
     (infant dau of Benjamin BOLTON & Bridget RYAN)     1885
BODDY, Margaret (dau of William BODDY & Johanna BUTLER) 1889
BODDY, Mrs. William (Hanna BUTLER)                      1903
BODDY, Hannah Mary (dau of William BODDY)               1913
BELANGER, Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph E. GAREAU)             1890
BOLOCKOFSKI, Anne (Mrs. Joseph ZIEBARTH)                1913
CARNEY,       (dau of Peter CARNEY & Sarah MCGUIRE)     1880
CONLEY, James (age 70)                                  1889
CONNETTE, Jas. Albert 
     (son of Robert CONNETTE & Elizabeth Anne O'NEILL)  1892
CLOSE, James (age 62)                                   1898
COVA, Margaret (dau of Gregory COVA & Anne REBUS)       1914
CALLAGHAN, Catherine (Mrs. Dan J. MARTIN)               1933
CRONAN, Ellen (Mrs. Jerry SULLIVAN)                     1897
CLAROUX, William                                        1901
DORAN, Mary Anne                                        1887
DOLAN, Elizabeth (Mrs. Bernard Donaher)                 1920
DONAHER, Bernard                                        1897
DUGAS, Andrew (age 80)                                  1898
DESCHENES, Rochelle (age 8 months)                      1950
DRISCOLL, Hannah (Mrs. John DILLON)                     1878
DUSTERHOFF, Rosalie (Mrs. August ZIEBARTH)              1899
FAULKNER, James                                         1877
FAULKNER, Mrs. James                                    1895
FOLEY, Julie Anne*(dau of John FOLEY & J. O'BRIEN)      1880
FOLEY, George Richard* (son of John FOLEY & J. O'BRIEN) 1881
FOLEY, Michael Eugene* (son of John FOLEY & J. O'BRIEN) 1881
FLYNN, John (age 38)                                    1877
FINLE, Anastasia (Mrs. James FERGUSON)                  1887
FARRELL, Sarah (Mrs. Joseph H. GENDREAU)                1894
FITZGERALD, James (age 79)                              1915
FERGUSON, Mary (Mrs. Palmer TRAVERS)                    1915
FARRELL, Mary (Mrs. Michael J. TIMS)                    1923
FARRY, Alice (Mrs. James LEVI)                          1873
GORMAN, Mary (Mrs. John FLEMING)                        1874
GAUDIN, John (age 77)                                   1876
GARVY, Patrick (son of John GARVY & Mary O'MALLEY)      1877
GALVIN, James                                           1914
GALVIN, John Matthew (husband of Rita HOUGH)            1915
GENDREAU, Samuel                                        1885
GALLIGHAM, Denis                                        1888
HODGSON, Harry                                          1933
HORAN, Mary (Mrs. John CLOSE)                           1894
JEFFREY, Wilfred                                        1929
KELLY, Anne (Mrs. Denis GALLIGHAN)                      1866
KARNEY, John                                            1866
KEAGAN, Ellen (dau of Bernard KEAGAN & Mary MORRIS)     1881
KEAGAN, Bernard (age 73)                                1883
KEARNS, Peter (husband of Ellen PRICE)                  1920
KELLY, Michael (age 3 years )                           1866
LUNNEY, Patrick (age 60)                                1880
LEE, Alice (Mrs. John SHEEDY)                           1939
LYONS, Catherine (Mrs. Charles PRICE)                   1906
LEVY, James                                             1877
MOCLAR, Mary (Mrs. Robert DUNLOP)                       1865
MARTIN, Frances (Mrs. James FITZGERALD)                 1914
MULVANEY, Margaret                                      1865
MERRIMAN, Michael                                       1888
MURPHY, John Edward (age 65)*                           1894
MURPHY, Catherine*                                      1913
MALEY, Patrick                                          1895
MALEY, James                                            1904
MARTIN, Daniel (age 65)                                 1912
MURRAY, Bridget                                         1918
MARLHA, Jennie (Mrs. William CARABINE)                  1951
MCCOY, Neil (age 93)                                    1901
MCHALE, Patrick (age 84)                                1915
MCARAN, Patrick                                         1873
MCDONOUGH, Bridget (Mrs. James FERGUSON)                1921
NOSIG, Simeon                                           1911
NORTON, Michael                                         1865
O'MALLEY, John (age 82)                                 1892
POWER, Margaret                                         1883
PRICE, Charles (age 84)                                 1902
QUIGLEY, Bridget (Mrs. Jeremiah FOLEY)                  1895
REGAN, Patrick (son of Patrick REGAN 
     & Frances DUFFALAY)                                1866
REGAN, Mrs. Patrick (Frances DUFFALAY)                  1905
ROACH, Mary Anne                                        1894
RYAN, Mary (Mrs. Egbert FREUDENBURG)                    1894
ROBINSON, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. John STAFFORD)           1914
SHEAHEN, James (age 57)*                                1896
SHEEDY, Elizabeth Anne                                  1919
SHERLOCK, Michael                                       1924
SHERLOCK, John                                          1924
SHAERON, Matthew                                        1918
SHEARON, John                                           1935
TEEVENS, Mary (Mrs. John SHERLOCK)                      1913
TASSE, Felix                                            1894
VAILLANT, Joseph John                                   1885
VILLENEUVE, Andrew (Susan HOGAN)                        1914
WHALEN, Catherine (age 76)                              1891
WALTON, Margaret (Mrs. Bernard CAMERON)                 1896
WALSH, Bridget (Mrs. John O'MALLEY)                     1896
ZIEBARTH, Joseph (husband of Anne BOLOCKOFSKI)          1943
ZIEBARTH, Auguste (husband of Rosalie DUSTERHOFF)       1896
ZIEBARTH, Mary Adeline                                  1900

*Comments on “Indian Hill Cemetery, Pakenham”

1. “Foley, Julie Anne (dau. Of John Foley & J. O’Brien)”.

 This young lady was Julia Ann Foley – the most common spelling used in reference to her in her time. She was indeed the daughter of John Foley and Johanna O’Brien, as stated, but she is buried in the cemetery of St. Patrick’s church at Ferguson Falls, along with her parents and several siblings, and like them has a polished blue granite stone erected by her wealthy brothers in St. Paul, Minn. (“Julia Ann 1858-1880″) The priest at Holy Name of Mary in Almonte stated in the church record that on 4 September, 1880, he “….interred in the Catholic Cemetery at Ferguson’s Falls the body of Julia Ann Foley….”

2. “Foley, George Richard” and “Foley, Michael Eugene…son(s) of John Foley and J. O’Brien”. These are a bit more complicated. They may well be buried at Indian Hill, and I couldn’t question that with assurance. But they are the twin infant sons of George Richard Foley, Sr. of Lanark and Pakenham townships and Octavie Joassin of Coteau, P.Q. (Father Lavin of St. Peter’s Celestine in Pakenham, who wrote both burial records but without specifying the place of interment, was not exactly the best of spellers in either official language, and called the mother “Octave Joachim”. Little M. E. Foley died 26 July, 1881, aged “about four months”; while his brother G.R. (Jr.) Passed away 26 August aged “about five months” (Register #2 of St. Peter’s Celestine, pages 205 and 206). Put simply, these are grandchildren of John and Johanna (O’Brien)Foley, not children thereof.

3. “Murphy, John Edward (age 65)”. The evidence suggests strongly that he’s buried in the Catholic cemetery just north of Clayton (often called “Rath’s”). The Almonte Gazette of Friday, 21 Sept., 1894 stated in the column “Pakenham News” that on “…Wednesday, the remains of John Murphy…were taken to Clayton for interment”. So how do we know that this John Murphy is John Edward Murphy? (Good point, Julie!). Again, Father Lavin at St. Peter’s in Pakenham stated in Register 4, burial entry s/98, that on the 19th of September 1894 (i.e., Wednesday) he “…interred the body of  John Edward Murphy deceased in this parish the seventeenth instant aged 65 years.” Incidentally, his father John Murphy, who has a very fine tombstone, is also at Rath’s, and it appears his mother (Mary Foley) is also.

4. “Catherine Murphy 1913″. Now there was what seems like a fine lady… one of my favourites; the kind that people spoke well of years before the inevitably flowery obituary, and that’s a good indication of a quality person. In fact, her occupation is listed on her death certificate as “Lady”. But I digress: she’s buried, without a surviving stone, in the “Carleton Road Cemetery, aka “New St. Mary’s”, aka “the ninth line cemetery”. Her detailed obituary, again in the “Pakenham News” column of the Almonte Gazette ( Friday, Nov. 21, 1913), notes that the funeral procession for her “passed through here on Tuesday from Arnprior on the way to Almonte, where the remains were interred in the ninth line cemetery” (she actually died at her niece’s home on Lot 18, Concession 2 of Fitzroy, aged 76).

5. “Sheahen, James (age 57)”. This is James Sheehan (sic), husband of Catherine Foley and brother-in-law of Julia Ann Foley (above) and George Richard Foley, Sr. He’s easy to find – he has a stone of fine quality at St. Patrick’s in Ferguson Falls – I have photos of it. He was a favourite of the extended Foley family, and his widow died at a great age – about 96, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the last surviving offspring of  John Foley and Johanna O’Brien of the Hall’s Mills area.

Max Sutherland
24 September, 2001