Compiled by many contributors.

First section by Marilyn Snedden published in the LCGS newsletter, April, 1997.
    Trails along the Pipestone, Reston, MB; 
    Our Past for the Future, Rapid City, MB; 
    Mingling Memories, Red Deer, AB.

Second section by Marilyn Snedden published in the LCGS newsletter, February, 1998.
    Cherished Memories, AB; 
    Memories Along the Badger Revisited, Cartwright, MB; 
    Our Pioneers, Pierceland & District SK; 
    Land of the Peace Arch, Surrey, BC; 
    Last Mountain Echoes Govan, SK.

Third section added April 10/98 was compiled by Dorothy Nuthall.
    Springfield, The First Rural Municipality in Manitoba 1873 - 1973., Dugald, MB.

Fourth section added May 5/98, was compiled by K. Dale Scheer.
    Sonningdale Memories, Sonningdale, SK.

Fifth Section added May 17/98, was compiled by Pat Allan.
    Twixt Hill And Vale, Rathwell MB.

Sixth Section added August 27/98, was compiled by Marilyn Snedden and was published in the August, 1998 LCGS newsletter under the title Families That Went West.
    Chronicles of Our Heritage 
    Along the North End Trail 

           Community histories published by communities in the Western provinces are a great resource for genealogists searching for ancestors who left Lanark County for greener pastures. Some are available on interlibrary loan through your local library.

           One such treasure is the book titled Trails along the Pipestone (published by R.M. of Pipestone History Project, Box 99, Reston MB R0M 1X0, 1981). This book covers the southwest area of Manitoba near Reston and includes information of over 60 Lanark County families who emigrated in the 1890s - early 1900s. The following are examples of families which can be found in this book:

    David and John from Drummond Centre in 1899, sons of Adam ARMSTRONG. David to Reston, John to Crescent. 
    Tower, b. Huntington, England in 1872, came to Canada in 1900, m. Margaret GIBSON of Lammermoor in 1903 at Pembina, ND. One of their four children, Effie, m. Robert DRYSDALE of Lanark. In 1909 they went to Sinclair. 
    Wm. Albert came to Reston from Lanark in 1898 or 1899. His wife, a RINTOUL, and children Tom and Delle came in 1900. 
    David came to Sinclair in 1905 to S.W. 9-7-28. He was born at McDonald’s Corners and in 1906 m. Evelyn RANKIN, b. Middleville. 
    Thomas m. Janet BOYLE in Scotland. 7 children were born there, and 5 in Canada after coming over in 1820. Their son Thomas m. Ellen CRAIG in 1838. They came to Reston in 1887 where all 12 of their children settled as well. 
    John D., son of Thomas BULLOCH and Janet BOYLE m. Clara DEACON, who came to Reston in 1917 as a teacher. 
    Robert, b. 1846 at Lanark, son of Thomas BULLOCH and Ellen CRAIG. In 1870 he m. Margaret CALDWELL, b. 1852 at Lanark, dau. of John and Agnes CALDWELL. Robert came to Reston in 1882 to S1/2 of 27-7-27. Three years later he brought his wife and 6 children. 
    Thomas b. 1839 to Thomas BULLOCH and Ellen CRAIG, m. Jane McILRAITH in 1863 at Lanark and moved to Pipestone Valley in 1883. They had 11 children. 
    George, in 1904, age 13, George left Hopetown to go to Sinclair, Manitoba with parents Stewart and Agnes Ann (RINTOUL) BULLOCH. George m. Martha Ellen HORN (b. 1891, Lanark Twp.) in Winnipeg in 1915. 
    John, b. 1856, Lanark Co., m. 1882 Margaret RINTOUL, and came to Reston in 1898. 
    Stewart, b. 1861, Lanark, son of Thomas BULLOCH and Ellen CRAIG. He m. Agnes Ann RINTOUL, b. 1866, dau. of William RINTOUL and Janet PRETTY of Glasgow. They farmed at Lanark until 1904 when they went west to Sinclair area (S.E. 22-6-29). 
    William, b. 1848, son of Thomas BULLOCH and Ellen CRAIG. He m. Christena STEWART, b. 1855 at Hopetown. They came west in 1881 and settled near Brandon at 28-7-27. They had 11 children. 
    John and Agnes. They had 19 children. 
    Frank Herbert, b. 1888, Smiths Falls. Graduated in Victoria BC as a doctor and went to Reston for 45 years. In 1916, m. Winnifred WILSON, a teacher. 
    John Clyde, b. 1859 in Brightside. He m. Annie Vaughan CALDWELL, b. 1860. Several of large family lived at Reston. 
    James Stuart, b. 1877, McDonald’s Corners. He homesteaded near Reston (S1/2 of 9-7-28) in 1902 and returned to Lanark Co. in 1904 to marry Christena Ella BROWNLEE. 
    William Houston, b. 1862 in McDonald’s Corners, came west in 1882 working on the CPR. In 1896, he returned to Lanark County to marry Isobella BARTRAW. 
    James R. came to Reston from McDonald’s Corners in 1898 or 1899 and m. Laura MILLAR of Snow Road. 
    John Peter, b. 1891 in Lanark, son of William DUNCAN and Jane DOBBIE. In 1907, he came west to where his father and grandfather were, near Sinclair. In 1914, he m. Anna JOHNSON of Winnipeg. 
    William came from McDonald’s Corners to Reston in 1899 on the NW1/4 of 5-7-27. In 1901, he m. Margaret BROWNLEE of McDonald’s Corners. 
    William m. Janet ROBERTSON in Ontario. He died and she married Joseph BINGLEY from Poland, Ont. They came to Reston in 1901. 
    Robert Roy Rintoul b. 1889 in Darling Twp., mother was Mary Elizabeth RINTOUL and stepfather was Israel FISSETTE. Roy m. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLETON in Brandon in 1912, and they moved to Sinclair in 1930. 
    Lloyd, b. 1889 in Almonte, son of Archie Whyte and Jennie Loman FUMERTON. Family came west in 1904. Lloyd married Edith May BULLOCH in 1912 and lived in the Reston area.

Several other community histories from the Western provinces include:

Memory Lane (Bredenbury Senior Citizens, SK, 1978)
    No Lanark County families noted, most settlers are from England and Scotland.

Our Past for the Future (Rapid City, MB, 1978 - indexed). Some Lanark County families as noted:
    -- p. 293: Harvey McKAY b. 1909 in Sinclair, Manitoba. One of 10 children, parents came from Lanark County. 
    -- p. 352: John Playfair STRATFORD b. Nov 4, 1876 in Playfairville, Ontario, m. May RITCHIE at Crystal City, Manitoba on July 29, 1903. 
    -- p. 377: Dr. J.M. YOUNG b. 1872 in Arnprior, son of John YOUNG and Margaret TOSHACK, both Scottish. Veterinarian for 50 years.

Mingling Memories (Red Deer Historical Society, 1978 - indexed). Some Lanark County families as noted:
    -- Sam McCONNELL b. June 10, 1867 in Arnprior, son of Robert McCONNELL. In 1899, came to Red Deer with parents and sister Jennie, brothers Jim and Edward. Lived to 103 years. 
    -- Herbert MOORE and wife Mary from Perth, Ontario to Moose Jaw, Sask. In 1908. 
    -- Alexander S. MUNRO b. June 5, 1870 in Perth, Ontario. Grandfather, Dr. Alexander MUNRO came from Edinburgh to New York State and then to Lanark Co. Married Susan Euretta GODKIN on Nov 22, 1873 and moved to Red Deer in 1901. Raised 9 children. 
    -- Edward McCONNELL b. Nov 4, 1869 in Arnprior, son of Robert and Margaret McCONNELL who left Ireland in 1846-47. 
    -- Samuel S. EDWARDS b. Sept 1885 in Pakenham, Ontario. In 1911, homesteaded at Admiral, Saskatchewan. In 1915, m. Louisa BUCKINGHAM and moved to Red Deer in 1918. 
    -- Elius CODE b. 1851 in Smiths Falls, m. 1872 Elizabeth McCUAN b. Mar 7, 1841 in Carleton Place. Moved to Red Deer in 1892.

This section from the LCGS newsletter, February, 1998.

Cherished Memories compiled by Ardrossan Unifarm (Alberta)
    -- p.597 Alexander Joseph REA b. of Irish parents in Almonte, Ont. on Feb 16, 1846. Alex REA attended school in Almonte - learned blacksmith trade in Carleton Place. On April 8, 1872, he m. Elizabeth DUNLOP of Carleton Place. 3 children: James, Mary and William. In 1889 he went to Dakotas, USA. In 1891, he came to Strathcona; in 1899 he purchased NE 1/4 of 3, 53, 2. 
    -- p.631 Frances Edwin Dennison RITCHIE, b. Oct 5, 1882, Scotch Line, Lanark Co., moved to Bremner District in 1907, m. Eloise PEARSON in 1913 - one dau. Lorena m. George SIME? in 1948 - 5 grandchildren. Mrs. RITCHIE d. 1951, Mr. RITCHIE d. in 1961.

Memories Along the Badger Revisited Cartwright, Manitoba 1885-1985
    -- p.166 Maryanne BARKER (nee NAISMITH) b. Almonte, Ont. - youngest of family - came to Manitoba to stay with sister Mrs. Al YUILL at Mather. In 1932 she m. Walter L. BARIER and lived at Lestock, Sask. until 1950. She d. Aug 1959 at Cartwright. 
    -- p.240 David DUNCAN b. Almonte, Ont. March 29, 1864. Came to Cartwright in 1883 as a teacher. In 1895 m. Hannah WRAY - no children. David d.1936, Hannah d. 1942. Robert DUNCAN b. Almonte, Ont. - came in 1883 with brother David - homesteaded 19-2-14, never married. Brother Alex lived with him and then moved to Penticton BC. David d. 1937. 
    -- p. 259 William GEMMELL b. Ont., son of Mr. & Mrs. John GEMMELL. Taught in Ontario & Manitoba. In 1903 he left Pilot Mound where his parents lived. He & sister Belle assisted in a store in Cartwright. In 1907, he married Effie FREEBORN of Morden - 6 children. 
    -- p. 291 Robert HUGHES b.1856 at Balderson's Corners, Lanark Co., m. Amy CUNNINGHAM - came to Chesterville District in 1890s- SW 13-1-15. 5 children. John HUGHES and wife Bella came to Cartwright in late 1880s. 6 children, one dau Florence m. Wm. HAY. 
    -- p. 424 John ROBERTS and Jane PRICE m. Hagerville, Ont. in 1861 - 9 children - came to Man. in 1880. She d. in Pilot Mound, he lived with son Archibald in Sunnyside, WA, dieing there in 1914. Family lived near Union Hall before moving to Hagarville. 
    -- p. 442 Galbraith SCHRAM, son of Timothy & Louise SCHRAM, b. Perth, Ont. on Aug 12, 1869. Came to Man. with father at 10 years and d. 1947. Margaret SCHRAM (his 2nd cousin and wife) d. 1949 - 4 children. 
    -- p. 458 Richard STEAD b.1840 Middleville, Ont. m. Mary CAMPBELL (b. 1842) of Middleville. They came to Carthwright in 1882 - 5 children: Marian Jane, Jeanette, Lillian, Margaret Ellen and Robert James Campbell. Richard d. 1898, Mary d. 1924. Son Robert J. C. STEAD b. Sept 4, 1880, Middleville, came west in 1882 with parents, m. Nettie May WALLACE in 1902 - 3 sons. Wrote poetry for 23 years. He d. in Ottawa in 1959, Nettie d. 1952. 
    -- p. 519 A. E. WILSON "Ab" b. in Lanark Co., Ont., Sept 20, 1875 - came to Cartwright in 1912 - d. June 5, 1940. Mr. & Mrs. Roy WILSON - Roy WILSON b. 1888, Bunclody, Man. m.Georgina ADAMS of Brandon in 1912. Georgina b. 1884 in Perth, Ont., came to Brandon with parents in 1888. Roy d. Feb 28, 1838, she moved to Brandon and d. 1963. 2 children: Elsie & Ivan. Ivan b. Feb 26, 1918, Brandon, Man. m. Rosella WRAY, b. Aug 9, 1916 - 2 children Patricia & Dennis.

Our Pioneers : Pierceland & District Saskatchewan
    -- p.241 Peter MURPHY and wife Alma left Perth, Ont., settled in Tate, Sask. - left there in 1932 with 2 families: Robert SHAWs and Dan SAVAGEs. Peter d. 1949, Alma d. 1956 - no children.

Land of the Peace Arch Surrey, BC
    -- p. 135 John Davie PARIS, b. Jan 7, 1844, White Lake, Renfrew Co., came to Surrey in 1890 - farmer - m. Nov 16, 1892 to Anna SOMES at New Westminster Presby. Anna b. Thornton, Michigan. Children: Margaret Somes Paris MAULT, John Davis PARIS, Mary Agnes Paris ACORN, William Russell PARIS, Robert James PARIS. John d. Sept 30, 1917; Anna d. Dec 11, 1938.

Last Mountain Echoes Govan, Sask.
    -- p.205 William Leonard Jarvis SEELEY, b. Bishop's Mills, near Smiths Falls, Ont. on June 6, 1870. In 1892 moved to Winnipeg. Married Lily MacKAY Jan 1, 189? 
    -- p. 401 Mr. & Mrs. P.J. FERGUSON - Mr. FERGUSON b. 1873 near Carleton Place, married in Carleton Place in Feb 1910 and came west in March. 
    -- p. 425 In 1888 John Ebenezer (Jack) SCOTT and his bride Jessie Elizabeth FERGUSON left Carleton Place and went west to Cypress River, Man. where 3 children were born. Moved to N 1/2 15-26-22W2 in 1906. 

Contributed by LCGS member Dorothy Nutall

SPRINGFIELD, The First Rural Municipality in Manitoba 1873 - 1973. Published by Dugald's Women's Institute, Dugald, MB.  Jan. 1974. Printed by D.W. Friesen & Son Ltd., Altona, MB.  525 pages.
    David, Robert, George and Ellen (Nellie) JAMES, offspring of Robert Jr. and Jane (nee: CUMMING) JAMES of Hopetown, Ont.  moved to Manitoba and homesteaded in a municipality near Winnipeg. 

Compiled by K. Dale Scheer, Brentwood Bay, BC. and submitted by Anna Joan Buxton, who has this to say about the following book:

               (Sonningdale Memories) is a collection of stories 1900-1980, as written by the local inhabitants.  (It is) 433 pages and appears to be done on an old Gestetner, and bound by hand with tape. There is no ISBN number, and it appears to have been done under the Sonningdale Recreational Board (20 names of the collectors are listed), which was probably convened for the purpose by the Senior Citizen Centre.
               A letter to the Postmaster, Sonningdale, would be forwarded to the Senior Citizens Centre across the street, a good place to locate descendants who still live there.
               The Saskatchewan Provincial Archives may have a copy. Tim Novac would be the person to contact.
               The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society has a website, and they may also know if this book is still available. There is a Sonningdale Cemetery and this may have been transcribed by the society, which would no doubt give other Ontario names not mentioned in the book.
               Within reason, I can do copies for inquirers, of the individual pages where the excerpts where taken, bearing in mind that the names are sprinked throughout the book because this is a very small place, and much may be missed by just copying the pages under the family heading.
               Sonningdale was originally named New Ottawa, reflecting the origins of many of the first settlers, but the Post Office objected to the name, and it was changed to Sonningdale.

SONNINGDALE MEMORIES - Sonningdale, Saskatchewan. (pronounced Sunningdale)
    -- p. 15  John Alfred BARR (d. 1920) to Saskatchewan in 1905 from Carleton Place, Ontario,  with sons Eldon, Clarence, and Roy. Eldon married Rhodia Goodchild SCOBIE 1918 at Carleton Place - 5 children. Clarence born Almonte 15 March 1884, married Martha May TAYLOR, May 1902 - 4 children. Clarence died 1978, age 93.  Roy married Clara KNUTSON 1917 - 8 children. 
    -- p. 64  Hilbert CORRIGAN to Saskatchewan in 1905 from Palmerston, Ontario. He died 1976. Married Jennie STANSAL - 5 children. 
    -- p. 71  John CORRIGAN of Palmerston, Ontario went West in 1907. He married Margaret GORDON from Almonte, Ontario - 2 children. 
    -- p. 101  Noble ELLIOT Family - Mrs. ELLIOTT went to Saskatchewan in 1905 from Palmerston, Ontario with her grown children: William ELLIOTT married Minnie GORDON from Almonte, Ontario - 2 children. Noble ELLIOTT married Linda MEGAFFIN - 3 children. Alvin ELLIOTT married Nan McLEAN - 2 children. Laura ELLIOTT married H. R. FERGUSON - 7 children. Mary ELLIOTT married Gideon BLAIR - 1 child. Thomas ELLIOTT married 1923 Vera STAVERT- 3 children. 
    -- p. 109  Joseph W. FARNELL married Mary Jane, to Saskatchewan in 1906 from Perth, Ontario - 2 children. 
    -- p. 144  John GUNNESS married Lola JOHNSON, to Saskatchewan in 1907, from Perth, Ontario - 5 children. 
    -- p. 164  Patrick HANLON and Susie, to Saskatchewan in 1907, from Perth, Ontario - 2 children. 
    -- p. 257  Ellias RIVETT and Mary, to Saskatchewan in 1906, from Almonte, Ontario - 2 children. 
    -- p. 317  Jacob PRICE from Clayton, Ontario, to Saskatchewan 1905. Married 1909 Elizabeth Ann GILES of Almonte, Ontario - 3 children. 
    -- p. 405  WARD Family. Mother and 4 sons from Almonte, Ontario to Saskatchewan about 1905. David, John, Lawrence and Bert married Gertrude KRISCHKE - 6 children. 

Compiled by Pat Allan, who provided some descendant lists based on information in this book.

TWIXT HILL AND VALE [Rathwell MB], 1977, published by the Rathwell History Committee. Includes write-ups on TURNBULLs, ALLANs and RATHWELLs from Lanark County.

    All those listed below who died in Rathwell are included in the book (plus their children). Ellen "Helen" ALLAN is the daughter of John ALLAN (b.1790 Scotland, d: 2/2/1869 Bathurst) m. 23/1/1821 @ Perth ON to Elizabeth DRYSDALE (b: 1799 Scotland, d: 25/4/1888 Perth ON). Robert ALLAN is the son of Robert ALLAN (b: March 6, 1825 Perth ON, d: May 1910 Perth ON) m. 1846 in Ontario to Catherine MENZIE (b: 23/12/1827 Ontario, d: 11/11/1904 Perth ON). I have not confirmed that these two ALLANs are related. 

    Henry TURNBULL  b: July 9, 1825 Newcastleton, Scotland  d: July 28, 1903 Rathwell MB m. Ellen ALLAN  b: 14/2/1835 Burgess, Lanark Co. ON  m: 25/6/1856 Perth ON d: 19/6/1916 Rathwell MB.
        Thomas TURNBULL  b: May 26, 1857 Wolford Twp., ON d: 14/9/1932 Winnipeg MB m. Emily TAYLOR, b: July 6, 1870 England m: Bef 1897 d: Aft 1932.
        Elizabeth Christina TURNBULL b: Jan. 30, 1860 Burgess, Lanark Co. ON d: 1937 Rathwell MB, m.. Robert ALLAN  b: 1856 Bathurst ON  m: 1/1/1889 Perth, Lanark Co. ON  d: 1942 Rathwell MB. .
        John Richard Allan TURNBULL b: Sept. 23(?24),1863 Perth, Lanark Co. ON  d: 29/6/1904 Ignace ON [a short write-up on him, and his tragic death, in Ignace (Ont.) history book, A SAGA OF THE SHIELD] m. Margaret BUCHAUARD b: Feb. 4, 1860 S.Gower, Carleton Co. ON  m: 29/1/1890 Kemptville ON.
        Agnes Allan TURNBULL b: June 27, 1864 Perth ON d: Bef 1870.
        Walter Armstrong TURNBULL  b: June 16, 1867 Burgess, Lanark Co. ON  d: 4/4/1942 Rathwell MB m. Annie F MOODIE b: 1867 Baldurson ON m: March 1890 d: 22/2/1894 Treherne MB *2nd Wife of Walter Armstrong TURNBULL: m. Elizabeth Catherine FERRIER b: 1869 m: 21/2/1895 Perth ON d: June 19, 1949 Treherne MB.
        Andrew Walker TURNBULL b: 17/4/1869 Burgess, Lanark Co. ON  d: 28/7/1943 Rathwell MB m. Alice V BARKER b: 15/10/1875 Brussels ON m: 15/1/1894 d: 21/12/1958 Rathwell MB
        William Henry TURNBULL b: Oct. 18, 1877 Perth ON d: June 12, 1958 Brandon, MB m. Ocie Olia BUTLER b: Nebraska, USA m: Bef 1910 d: August 1969 Victoria BC 

Also, the town of Rathwell, founded 1882, was named after John RATHWELL, the son of Sam RATHWELL and Jane LEARY. There's a write-up on him in the book also.

    Sam RATHWELL b: 1802 Ireland d: Aug. 26, 1886 Innisville, Lanark Co. ON m. Jane LEARY b: 1807 Ireland d: Aug. 4, 1881 Innisville, Lanark Co. ON.
        John RATHWELL b: 1855 Innisville ON d: 18/1/1933 Hazelridge MB [just east of Winnipeg] m. Ann APPLEBY b: 1859 Innisville ON m: 1882 ?Rathwell MB d: 1950 Hazelridge MB. 

"Families That Went West", Compiled by Marilyn Snedden, and published in the August, 1998 LCGS newsletter.

Chronicles of Our Heritage No publishing information given.
    -- p. 158 Crystal City: Matthew ARBUCKEL, b near Ashton 20 June 1874, youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. John Arbuckle. Matthew came west in the Spring of 1899 arriving at Pilot Mound MB. Employed by Ned CAVERS, later T.T. BAIRD. Homesteaded with brother James on a farm now owned by R.J. Arbuckle. 13 Dec 1903 m. Elizabeth COLTER, youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Colter of Crystal City. 
    -- p. 159 Edwin Scott DEWAR, b 1871 on a farm at Ashton. In 1897 he m Mary Ann STEWART, b 1865 near Carleton Place ON. Came to Crystal City and stayed with her sister Mrs. John Stewart. Later moved to Mathew, farmed Sec 4-3-12. 
    -- p. 159 Abe ROBBINS, b. Metcalfe in March 1878, came to MB in 1899. Homesteaded near Killarney until 1905. 
    -- p. 160 Daniel McINTYRE came from Lanark ON as a pioneer to settle on a farm two miles north of Crystal City (36-2-12). He left his wife and three children in Ontario for two years. With her came the TAYLORS and AFFLECKS. 
    -- p. 162 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. MONTGOMERY came from Iron(?) [Irondale?] ON in 1917 originally. Settled in Morden MB and then moved to the Rollins district (29-1-11). 11 children. 
    -- p. 165 Ernest RIDGEWAY m. Annie STEWART in 1896. she was from Carleton Place ON. He died 1939, she in 1953 -- four children -- around 1900, they homesteaded NE 1/4 of 27-1-12. 
    -- p. 176 Dan McKINNON of Lanark Cte., m. Bella HANNAH of Elphin ON. In 1898 he bought the northern 80 acres of Section 10-3-12. She and a young son died and Dan moved back east. 
    -- p. 185 Robert BLACKBURN from Paisley, Scotland, with wife settled in Lanark ON. More children were born in ON, a family of eight altogether. Robert and two sons went to Old Mound area -- the women joined the men in 1879. Jane SINCLAIR, whose father had a cabinet shop in Almonte, m. Matthew BLACKBURN. 
    -- p. 199 John CAVERS, b Scotland 1769-d 1846, m Jane DOUGLAS (1772-1855). Left Castleton Scotland (in the Border country) in 1834. One child died at sea, another in Quebec. James and Jane both died in Ramsay Twp. Thomas, the second son, m. Margaret LOCKARTT, lived on a farm at Appleton, ON. John, youngest son, m. Mary CAMPBELL, lived on farm at Bathurst near Perth ON. W. A. PAUL also came to MB from Appleton and took over father's farm. 
    -- p. 203 Mary & James CAMPBELL came to Wood Bay District in 1882. Daughter Jean related she was born in Perth ON in September 1868, her parents came from Paisley, Scotland. 
    -- p. 218 McLEAN family (Scottish) left ON in 1880s. From Lanark Cte. There were three sisters: Mrs. Wm. MOFFATT, Mrs. Geo. WILSON and Mrs. Jack McLEAN. Granddaughter Meda m. Wm. TOSHACK of Winnipeg. 
    -- p. 240 John Kellock CAMPBELL, b. Balderstone [Balderson?] ON, 20 Oct 1890. Employed by Balderson Cheese Planet. In 1908, he came to Cypress River, MB, and in 1911 he bought 21-2-10. In 1920 he m. Rose CAMPBELL. In 1946 CAMPBELL family moved back to Balderson family home. Daughter Helen m Wm. G. THOMAS of Balderson in 1948. Son Ross m Helen REID of Lanark. 
    -- p. 265 In 1870s James MITCHELL of Renfrew Cte and Wm. RITCHIE of Lanark Cte came to MB to check out government claims of "land of milk and honey." James MITCHELL had nine children. 
Along the North End Trail No publishing information given.
    -- p. 62 David and Christine (TULLIS) HEADRICK and their family William, Jessie, Hanna, Sinclair, Margaret, and David came to the E 1/2 3-1-10 Snowflake district in 1898 from Lanark ON. They were of Scottish-Irish ancestry. 
    -- p. 69 Duncan & Ida McKINNON and eldest son Herrick Hugh, 1 1/2 yrs old, arrived in Macklin SK in the fall of 1917. They came from a small town -- Mississippi ON near Perth where many relatives still live. 
    -- p. 138 Herrick McKINNON, Dan & Patrick McKINNON.