From the June, 1998 LCGS newsletter, submitted by Marilyn Snedden.

Allison, Miss Isabelled. Aug 1919
Allison, Mrs. SamuelTransfer from Fitzroy, June 1897
Allinson, Samuel
Andrew, Adam
Andrews, Mrs. Georged. Jan. 16, 1899
Andrews, George
Andrews, Wm. James
Andrews, Mrs. Johnd. Feb. 10, 1897
Andrews, Mrs. Thomas
Andrews, Mrs. Wm.Jamesd. Dec. 31, 1897
Arthurs, Mrs. SamuelAccepted June 10, 1900
Bayne, Miss BellaAccepted Sept. 1898
Bayne, Robert
Bayne, Mrs. Robert
Blair, James
Blair, Mrs. James
Blair, Mrs. Wm.
Blair, Mrs. Wm. Henry
Blair, Wm. Henry
Bole, Mrs. Thomas Jas.From White Lake, June 1898, d. Dec 1900
Burrows, Miss Jennie
Burrows, Mrs. Thomas
Caldwell, Mrs. A.From Bristol, June 10, 1900
Carswell, Allan Sr.
Carswell, Miss Edith
Case, Mrs. Joseph
Connery, James
Connery, Mrs. James
Cowan, Mrs. James
Dack, LottieFrom St. John’s, Almonte, Jan 15, 1896
Dack, Mrs. Wm.
Dean, Miss Ella
Dean, Miss MaryMarried Dec. 1896
Dick, Mrs. Alexander
Dick, Alexander
Dick, Miss Lizzie
Dick, Miss LouiseAccepted Dec 4, 1898,
Removed to Kingston Jan. 1901
Dickson, AnnieRemoved to Dakota, March 1897
Dickson, Miss Etta
Dickson, Mrs. H.H.
Dickson, Mrs. J.L.
Dickson, Miss Lucy
Downey, Mrs. A.Accepted 1886 – removed 1899
Dunnet, Benj. W.
Dunnet, Mrs. B.W.
Ellis, Mrs. ArthurAccepted 1892
Ferguson, Miss Jessie
Ferguson, Mrs. RobertFrom Lochwinnoch, Dec. 26, 1897
Fleming, Mrs. Robertd. June 18, 1896
Francis, James Harvey
Francis, Mrs. Jonathond. Feb. 10, 1904
Francis, Maggie
Fraser, WilliamFrom Carleton Place, 1897
Fraser, Mrs. Wm.
Fulton, Mrs. JohnAccepted June 13, 1897 from St. Andrew Carleton Place
Fulton, John
Gibbons, Mrs. A.Accepted Jan. 4, 1901
Gibbons, Miss Annie
Gillie, James Sr.
Graham, Fanny
Graham, Mrs. John
Graham, Mrs. Robert
Graham, Robertd. June 1900
Groves, Mary AnnRemoved Dec. 1899 to Ottawa
Halliday, William
Halliday, Mrs. Wm.
Inglis, Mrs. Wm. Jr.Removed march 13, 1899 to N.W.T.
Inglis, Mrs. Wm. Sr.d. April 14, 1896
Jackson, Miss WillamineAccepted Mar. 11, 1898
Johnston, Mrs. Wm.Accepted Dec. 15, 1899
Lawson, Catherine
Leshway, James
Leshway, Mrs. James
Logie, Mrs. E.S.Removed to Winchester, Sept. 1899
McArthur, Mrs. Arthur
McArthur, Wm.
McArthur, Mrs. Wm.
McDonald, ArchieAntrim
McDonald, JohnAccepted Sept. 7, 1900
McKinley, Archibald Sr.Accepted Dec. 4, 1896 from Blakeney
McKinley, Mrs. Arch.
McKinley, BennieAccepted Jan. 4, 1901
McKinley, GeorgeAccepted Dec. 4, 1896 from Blakeney
McKinley, Jessie
McKinley, Maggie
McLauchlain, AnnieArnprior removed 1898
McLean, John A.E.
McNicol, DuncanRemoved to Renfrew, Oct. 9, 1896
McNicol, Mrs. Duncan
McNicol, Miss Sarah
McVicar, Archie
McVicar, Mrs. Archie
McVicar, John
Moore, LizzieRemoved 1898
Moore, Mrs. Richard
Muir, Mrs. Richard
Needham, Mable
Needham, Mrs. Thomas
Needham, Thomas
Nicholson, Ebenezerd. April 23, 1897
Nicholson, Mrs. George
Nicholson, Mrs. Richard
Phee, Mrs. James
Quackenbush, GeorgeAccepted March 1897
Quackenbush, Mrs. George
Ritchie, Mrs. J.J.From Lochwinnoch, June 10, 1900
Robertson, Mrs. James
Russell, Miss Bella
Russell, Mrs. GeorgeFrom Arnprior, Dec. 26, 1897
Russell, James
Russell, Mrs. James
Russell, Jennie
Russell, Mary Graham
Russell, Peter
Russell, Peter McVicar
Scott, Mrs. James
Snedden, Robert A.From Blakeney, Dec. 26, 1897
Spoule, Charles
Spoule, Mrs. Charlesd. Sept. 1900
Tait, Alexander H.
Tait, Mrs. Alexander H.
Tait, Maggie McDonald
Tait, Mrs. William
Taylor, MissAccepted June 19, 1900
Tosh, ThomasFrom Renfrew, Dec. 26, 1899
Tosh, Mrs. Thomas
Whyte, ChristinaRemoved to Manitoba, Dec. 26, 1901
Whyte, Robert
Whyte, Mrs. William
Wilson, Mrs. ArchieRemoved to Manitoba, Dec 1899
Wilson, Maggie
Wood, Mrs. JamesAccepted Dec. 26, 1897
Wood, James
Woods, Mrs. Jamesd. Dec. 17, 1896
Woods, Jamesd. May 1896
Young, Miss MaryAccepted March 11, 1900