This narrative is about the first Stanzel to come to and settle in Canada. It is also written in conjunction with my Family History Stanzel’s of Goulbourn.

           Joseph’s birthday has not been fixed but is sometime between 1785 and 1790, as Joseph was 98 years old when he died on 9 Feb 1884 1. He was born into a Roman Catholic family somewhere near Strasbourg in Alsace, France, possibly in an area of mining and forestry 2. He could also have had given names of Louis and maybe even Conrad? No information is presently known about his parents or family.

           He was a member of Napoleon’s Army in 1806 and this may be the year he was initially conscripted. 3 He was one of the few who survived the march to Moscow in the spring of 1812. I now have two difference stories for the next few years: A) He left home in the spring of 1813 and somehow made his way to Belfast. He worked in the shipyards there and married a girl named Sarah Coil and /or Glates?? and eventually made his way to Canada. 4 B) He deserted from the Army and had tar thrown on his back. In this version, he also made his way to Canada. 5

           I have attempted to locate information on his marriage in Belfast without success and at great expense. My research leads me to believe that a son was born in Ireland before they came to Canada.

           According to pay records, 6 WO 12/6946 Sept – Dec 1818, Joseph was at Quebec with the 9th Co. Of the 2nd Bn of the 60th Reg. of Foot. One source states that they spent the winter at Richmond’s Landing (now LeBreton Flats area of Ottawa). 7 Joseph and his family settled on E1/2 lot 3, Conc. 9 of Goulbourn Twp. (About 1 mile east of the Village of Ashton). According to the pay records, Joseph was discharged from the 60th Reg. on May 17, 1819. His first wife Sarah died about 1830 and is buried on the farm. Joseph then married a widow, Ann Eynough. (Her first husband, Stephen Eynough was the first school teacher in the area.) One son was born, Thomas, who is my gr-grandfather. According to a family history, 8 two sons went to Western Ontario and one son went to the U.S. Joseph Stansal eventually settled in Brant Twp., Bruce Co., ca.1866.

ca.1785/90Born in Alsace
1806A member of Napoleon’s Army
1812Survived the march to Moscow
1813Went to Belfast, Ireland
1818Came to Canada with the 60th Regt.
1819Discharged from the Army on 17 May
1819Son Benjamin born
1820Son Joseph born
1821Daughter Louisas born 20 June
1822Daughter Sarah born 7 June
1823Daughter Janet born
1824Received patent E 1/2 Lot 3, Conc.9, Goulbourn Twp. (April)
1825Daughter Priscilla born
1828Son William born
1830Wife Sarah dies
1831Marries Ann (Widow Eynough)
1832Son Thomas born
1834Daughter Mathaline born (dies at 1-1/2 years)
1846Louisas marries Hugh Johnston 14 Feb (In Wilberforce Twp. in 1871 census)
1850Joseph marries Jane Campbell in Usbourne Twp.
1884Joseph dies 9 Feb (ca.98 years) and is buried on the farm. Also buried on the farm are both of Joseph’s wives, young daughter Mathaline and possibly Sarah who married Denis Coogan. (Her name appears on Joseph’s tombstone). I was fortunate to get a picture of the tombstone before it disappeared.
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