Submitted by Helen C. Craig
Published in the LCGS Newsletter, November, 1999.

Editor’s Note: the “Clarendon” referred to in this item is Clarendon, Quebec, not Clarendon, Ontario.

In 1838, Janet Sinclair emigrated from the borders of England and Scotland to Clarendon. She was accompanied by her daughter Ann and her husband Walter Craig (1805-1900) and sons James, Matthew and John Sinclair. Ann and Walter had several sons and two daughters — Janet (Jessie), and Ann Crosby, who married brothers, William and Richard Hudson, sons of John Hudson and Margaret McLaren and grandsons of Robert McLaren and Agnes Dunham from Ramsey Twp.

Meanwhile, in York County New Brunswick, Walter Craig’s father, Thomas, step-mother, five half-brothers and a half-sister had settled (1837-1843) in the communities of Harvey Settlement and Red Rock near Stanley. Early in the 1860s, Walter’s half-brother, Luke (1821-1911), purchased land at Thorne Centre and married Agnes Nancy Rooney (1847-1937) from neighboring Bristol. They had eight children with marriages to families such as Carson, Gibson, Pitt, Smiley, Speck, and Wilson.

Walter and Luke were joined by their nephew Thomas Craig (1842-1928), who married Sarah Jane Millikan from Otter Lake on 02 Sep 1868 in Clarendon. In addition to the Wilson family, their nine children have connections by marriage to England, Farrell, McCauley, Miller, and Queale.

The above-mentioned families require 100 pages to document along with 600 more on the New Brunswick part of the Craig family and follows them to the present as they migrated across Canada and into Maine, Michigan, and California.

Copies of the Craigs of Harvey Settlement, Red Rock and the Pontiac are available from me at: 104 MacFarlane St., Fredericton, NB, Canada. E3A 1V4. Bound $50; unbound, $45; plus postage and handling (Ontario-east, $7; Manitoba-west, $9; U.S., $12).