By John Raphael Pace
Published in the LCGS Newsletter, January, 1999.
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Richard Pace IV (ca 1699-ca 1775) married Elizabeth Cain (ca 1723), 13 children were born to this union, James, 1724-1782, the firstborn married Aurelia Dupree; and Darius, the baby (ca 1750-1823) married Dorothy Raines in Wales, ca 1778. A FAMILY HISTORY AND LINEAGE deals mainly with the life and times of Darius Pace and definitely links family ties of James and Darius to Richard and Isabella Smyth Pace who arrived in Jamestown prior to May of 1615. James was a Loyalist who migrated to Nova Scotia and Darius followed his older brother. Because of James’ political opinion during the Revolutionary period, all of his personal and real property was confiscated, he was convicted of treason, his arrest was authorized by the Georgia Council for Safety on 12 January 1776, and he was exiled from Georgia for life.

James Pace left Georgia with wife, Aurelia and three of his children, Willis, Drury and Thomas, destination Nova Scotia where James died shortly thereafter. Brother Darius followed James to Nova Scotia and resided in the town of Rowdon with Dorothy Raines of Wales. They were the parents of 10 children: Frederick, James, Sarah A., Richard, Darius, George, Edward, Charlotte, Shadrach and Jack. Descendants of James and Darius are scattered throughout the United States and Canada. The history of James and Darius, PACE, A FAMILY HISTORY AND LINEAGE, covers a period from ca. 1778 to Frederick Augustus Clouter, 1991.

Allied family names include: Acox, Allen, Applebee, Bannian, Beiswhanger, Belysea, Bradley, Brown, Byer, Clouter, Daugherty, Diesso, Edmonds, Elsmore, Farmsworth, Farbush, Faulkner, Guthrie, Graham, Hatch, Henson, Hill, Hyde, Kitchen, Ketchum, Lamb, Lee, Lewis, McDonald, McEachen, Marsdon, Moran, Mowe, Munroe, Pace, Paris, Plumpton, Richardson, Scott, Sewell, Smith, Stafford, Swann, VanHemert, Walling, Weeks, Wheeler, Woodsum and others.

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