Submitted by Fred Jones, Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A.

George H. Jones Sr. emigrated to Wisconsin, USA from Smiths Falls, Lanark County, and joined the 21st Wisconsin Infantry in 1862 to fight on the side of the Union. The 21st served in the various campaigns in middle Kentucky, Tennessee and Northern Alabama participating in many battles including the battles of Chapin Hills (Perryville) – Oct 1862, Missionary Ridge – Nov 1863, the Tullahoma Campaign, Chattanooga, Chickamouga, Buzzard’s Roost, Peachtree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain and Jonesborough. The 21st participated in Sherman’s “March to the Sea” and in various other operations until the end of the Civil War. The 21st also participated in the Grand Review in Washington D.C. George was wounded at the battle of Perryville and the wounds plagued him until his death. George married Anna Chirney in Kewaunee County Wisconsin on 28 November 1877. He moved his family to Anacortes, Skagit County, Washington where he worked as a blacksmith until his death on 14 Dec. 1906. George is buried in the City of Anacortes Grandview Cemetery in section C, Block 47, site 7. Anna passed away on 28 March 1934 and is buried in site 8. George and Anna had 11 children, including George H. Jones Jr. my grandfather. George Sr. was a pensioner of the Civil War, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, General Emory Post 68 of Anacortes. (Reference – Anacortes American, obituary, 17 Dec. 1906).