Transcribed by Elaine Kirkham

Elaine Kirkham writes in part: “I know that you have the Young bible on your web site, but there are some errors in it. I have verified these by checking the Scottish Parish Records. I have copied my transcript of this bible which was owned by late Annie Dickson, R.R. 1, Packenham. I don’t know who has it now.”

The accompanying photos of the pages show that most of the entries are written in large flowing script on blank pages.

// Page One

William Young and
Margaret Young were
married 6th Nov 1788.
Margaret Young died
4th Jany 1830.
John son of William
& Margt Young born
at Bellcraig 28th Sept
& baptized 4th Oct 1789
Janet daughter of Wm
& Margt Young born at
Wester Kittockside 16th &
baptised 19th June 1791
William Son of Wm
& Margt Young born at
Kittockside 14 May 1793

// End Page One

// Page Two

William son of Wm and
Margt Young born at
Pollock Shaws 22 Feby 1796
Stephen son of do.
born at Pollockshaws
29th Jany 1798
Mary daughter of do.
born at Pollockshaws
17th Janaury 1800
Robert son of do. born
at Grahamstone 11th
July 1802
Peter son of do. born
19th & baptized 28th Oct
Margaret daughter of do.
born 29th Decr 1806

// End Page Two

// Page Three

Mary Young daughter of Do.
born 11th & baptized
18th June 1809
Andrew Son of do.
born 26th Sept and
baptised 8th Oct 1813


William Young Sr
died 11th Feb 184? (7)
Stephen Young
Died 26th Oct 1855
Janet Young died
21st Augt 1856

// End Page Three

// Start Page Four

Walter Wood and
Mary Young married
18th April 1832.
Margaret M. Wood
Born 22nd March
1833. Agnes
Wood Born 11th
December 1834
Mary Wood
Born February
9th 1837
Jannet Wood
Born 14th December

// End Page Four

// Page Five

Ann Wood Born
on the 6th September
Jane Daughter of
Walter and Mary
Wood born at
Lot No. 2 in the 9
Con of the
Township of
March 14th -- 1845.
William Young Wood
born Nov 16, 1850
James Feb 28, 1861

// End Page Five

// Page Six

Walter J. Wood born
Oct sixth 1878 and
died May 21st 1921
John B. Wood born
July 26th 1880 Died
Aug 10, 1947
William Y Wood 
born April 20th
1907 Son of Walter Jas & Magret
Robert A. Wood
born January 26th
Jack Wood born
May 25th 1917
Anne E. Wood
Born May 6th 1905
Elizabeth S. Wood
born January 27th 1913
Margaret Wood
born May 14 1915

// End Page Six
// End of Young-Wood Bible
// End of File