Transcribed by Charles Dobie

The Bible and cards are owned by a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. The Bible transcription is taken from seven photocopied pages of entries which were transcribed in the order in which the photocopies were stapled together.

The first three pages seem to be on blank pages (i.e. not special pages often provided in Bibles for notations) and the other entries are on special pages as noted.

I have no information about the age of the Bible. Note that Jean/Jane Erskine is refered to as “Jean” on page two and “Jane” on page five. Also the day of birth of Peter Young differs by ten days in the entries on page one and two.

// First page

[The first three pages seem to be in the same handwriting, and
except for the death notation on the second page, seem to have been
written at the same time.]


William and Margret Young Married Nov. 6th 1788

John Young   Born at Bellcraig Sep. 28th 1789
Janet Young   "      Westernside June 16th 1791
Wm    Young   "      Kitlochside May 14th 1793 [may be Kittochside]
Wm    Young   "      Pollockshaws Feb 22nd 1796
Stephen Young "      Pollockshaws Jan 29th 1798
Mary Young    "      Pollockshaws Jan 17th 1800
Robert Young  "      Grahmstane July 11th 1802
Peter Young   "      Braeheed Oct. 19th [sic] 1804 [see next page]
Margret Young "                 Dec 29th 1806
Andrew Young  "                 Sep 26th 1813

                                Yours Fraternally
                               [signed] P.J.Young

// Second page

[Note: "Ramsay" refers to Ramsay Township, Lanark County, Ontario]

Peter Young Sr, born         Oct 9th [sic] 1804 [see prev. page]
Jean Erskine    born         Jan 14th 1810
Married by John Barr Dove Hill Glasgow Nov 14th 1828

William Young born Hutchinsontown Glasgow  Sep 25. 1830
Baptised by Rev Wm Thompson                Oct 9 - 1830

Agness Young born in Ramsay                Sep 7th 1832
baptised by Rev Wm McAllister              Dec 30th 1832

Alex Erskine Young born in Ramsay          Nov 10th 1834
baptised by Rev John Fairbairn             dec 16th 1834

Margaret Young born in Ramsay              Jan 21st 1837
baptised by Rev John Fairbairn             Feb 11th 1837

Peter Young born in Ramsay                 Aug 18th 1839
baptised by Rev Thos Wilson,               .............

John Young born in Ramsay                  July 8 - 1841
baptised by Rev John Fairbairn             .............

Stephen Young born in Ramsay               Sep 27th 1843
baptised by Rev A. McKid [or McKiel]       Nov 5th 1843

Jane Young born in Ramsay                  Feb 18   1846
baptised                                   April 10 1846

Robert Young born Aug 2-1848 baptised by Wm Johnston Dec 19-1848
Andrew Young born Mar 24, 1852 baptised by Rev J. Smith
Janet Young born July 20-1856 baptised Aug 16th 1856   Died
                                                      June 21, 1929
All except Wm Young born in Ramsay 7th con 25 lot.

//Third page

Peter Young Sr and Jean Erskine came
to Canada in June 1832.
also Robt Young the same year

// Fourth page

[This and following pages are specially printed pages for entries
within ornate floral frames. The handwriting is fine "copperplate"
style; a different hand from the previous three pages.]


William Young Sep. 25th Baptised Oct. 9th 1830
Agnes R. Young Sep. 7th Baptised Dec. 30th 1832
Alexr E. Young Nov. 10th   "     Dec. 16th 1834
Margaret Young Jan 21st     "    Feb. 18th 1837
Peter Young Aug. 18th       "    Oct 20th 1839
John Young July 8th         "    Aug 10th 1841
Stephen Young Sep. 27th     "    Nov. 5 1843[yr. in different hand]
Jane Young Feb. 18th        "    April 10 1846
Robert Young Aug. 2nd       "    Dec. 19th 1848
Andrew Young March 24th     "    May 12th 1852
Janet Young July 20th       "    Aug. 16th 1856

// Fifth page

                FAMILY RECORD


Peter Young    and  Jane Erskine
By the Rev. John Barr, Dove Hill, Glasgow,
Nov. 14th 1828.
     John McCarter and Agnes R. Young 5th Jan, 1855 Rev. F. S.
                                                         [off page]
     William Young
[Perhaps an entry on this line but it was too faint to photocopy]
A.E. Young      Christened[?] Aug 1-1862 [faint pencil? entry]
A.E. Young      CHRISTENED ABOUT AUG 1 - 1862 [different hand, ink]

Peter Young Sr. died - feb 18. 1886
Jean Erskine  died April 20. 1891

//Sixth Page


Wm Young died at Almonte Nov 24 - 1905
Agnes R. Young died       dec 7. 1905
Jane Young died          Nov 21 - 1910
Alex E. Young died      April 22 1912
Margaret Young died   October 29. 1914
Stephen Young died   Nov 5th 1914
Peter C. Young died Nov 30 - 1916
John Young died Aug 11th  1923
Andrew Young died Jan 9th 1927
Alice Young died Sept 24 1940
Edwin Herbert Knight died July 11th 1956
Vincent R Young died May 6th 1969
Russell Young died Sept 11th 1969.
Etta A. Knight died April 26th 1975
David Charles Rowe died Feb. 16th 1969
Marjorie Young died Jan 23, 1983

// Seventh Page


Andrew Young and Alice Jane Glover
married May 16th 1883, at Almonte
by Rev J.B. Edmondson.

Russell Young born April 9th 1884
Etta Alice Young " July 9th 1886
Andrew Morton Young born Aug 19th 1890
Vincent Roberts Young " March 3rd 1900

Andrew Morton Young died Jany 11- 1911.


DIED In Ramsay, on Monday, April 20th,
1891, Jean Erskine, Relict of the late Peter Young, in the
82nd year of her age.
The Funeral will take place on Wednesday, 22nd inst., at Two o’clock p.m.,
from the residence of her son, Mr. Stephen Young, 7th Line Ramsay, to the
Eighth Line Cemetery. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.

DIED In Ramsay, on Thursday, February
18th 1886, Peter Young, Sen., In the 82nd year of his age. The Funeral will take place from his
late residence, 7th Line Ramsay, on
Saturday, 20th inst., at Two o’clock
p.m., to the Eighth Line Cemetery.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.

DIED At Almonte on Sunday, January 9, 1927 Andrew Young In his 75th Year
THE FUNERAL Will take place on Wednesday, January 12,
1927, at 2.30 o’clock, p.m., from his late
residence, Church street, to the Auld Kirk
Service at the house at 2 o’clock. Kindly accept this intimation.
DIED At Almonte on Saturday, August 11th,
John Young In his 83rd year

THE FUNERAL Will take place on Monday, August 13th,
at 2.30 p.m., from his late residence (the
Island) to the Presbyterian Cemetery.
Service at house at 2 o’clock. Kindly accept this intimation.