Transcribed by Charles Dobie.

This Bible is the property of St. Paul’s United Church in Perth, Ontario. I have seen only the photocopy of the page of entries, so the publishing date is unknown, but the ornate design of this “Family Register” page is consistent with the mid- to late 19th century. Very small type at the centre bottom of the page reads “THE LONDON PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY” with “A.H. Wray” at the left margin and “J. Rogers, S.C.” at the right. Although the “Family Register” page is divided into three columns headed “NAME”, PLACE OF BIRTH” and “DATE AND REMARKS”, the entries ignore these very narrow columns and are written across the page.

// First page

               FAMILY REGISTER

Wm Wordie and Jane Rendnick [possibly Rudnick]
was married September 23rd 1825

Jane Wordie was born Nov 7th 1826
John Wordie was born Decr 26. 1828 died July 26 1829
Sarah Wordie was born May 25th 1830. died Aug 7th 1831.
Hannah Wordie was born Aug 5th 1832.
John Wordie was born May 11th 1836 died Oct 30th 1837
Wm. Wordie was born Dec 3rd 1838
Eliza Wordie was born Nov 30th 1840
Harriet Wordie was born Sept 30th 1846
H Wordie departed this life Oct 15th 1851
Jane Wordie departed this life Decr 7th 1865
Jane Hicks departed this life Jany 10th 1855
Jane Wordie departed this life Decb 17th 1865

[these next entries written below the ornamental border]
William Wordie departed this life
               January 19th 1866
Hannah Wordie died Aug 4th 1904
Eliza W. H. Morrson[?*] died March 4th 1919
[this next entry too faint to photocopy and submitter has
written it on the photocopy]
Harriet Wordie died Sept 21st 1925

[* Note: "Morrson" is a best guess -- it could be Maurson, Maurzon,
Morrison, Manson, or even "Mac"-something].

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