Submitted by Judith Olson. Described and transcribed by Charles Dobie.

           This Bible is owned by Judith Olson of St. Cloud, MN. It is a large-format New Testament, with the Family Record pages being elaborately engraved frames arranged in two columns per page. The entries too, are so artistically engraved that some names are legible only with the greatest difficulty. In fact, the penmanship is spectacular, and reminds me of folk-art “love tokens” or engravings I’ve seen on old silver coins.

           The owner says: “Leonard Wood is my great-great-grandfather. My grandmother was Claudia Emma Wood, a daughter of Guy Wood, who was a son of Leonard. From what I have learned, they came from the area around Cornwall, Ontario. This Bible came to MN with Guy. He had a number of children who lived in or near Crosby, MN. Guy was a blacksmith and a kind of a roamer . . .”

           Transcript of the title page:


                           NEW TESTAMENT

                              OF OUR

                         LORD AND SAVIOUR

                           JESUS CHRIST

                         TRANSLATED OUT OF

                        THE ORIGINAL GREEK;

                             AND WITH


                       CHITTENDEN & JUDSON.

[Note -- I've listed the photocopies of the birth and death pages
in date order]

// First page

       Family             Record


    Leonard Wood


     Mgt  Cook

  Febrary 22nd 1825

[rest of page has no entries]

// Second Page

       Family             Record

       BIRTHS             DEATHS

    Leonard Wood         Mary Wood

 January 21st 1805     June 24th 1827
                        Stephen Wood
   Margaret Cook
                       April 4th 1833
September 8th 1808   ----------------

                        Sarah Wood
      Mary Wood
                      November 23rd 1837

  December 7th 1825  -------------------

------------------      Charles Wood
   H  O  Wood

December 31st 1827    February 1st 1851

// Third Page

       Family             Record

       BIRTHS             DEATHS

     N M Wood         Benjamin Wood
                     November 1st 1837
 January 25th 1830   aged 25 years
------------------   -----------------

   Stephen Wood

   April 4th 1832


   Sarah Wood

February 27th 1834


   L  E  Wood

 April 18th 1836

// Fourth Page

       Family             Record

       BIRTHS             BIRTHS

    Wm W Wood            Charles Wood

 June 10th 1838        September 3rd 1848
  A  B  Wood
                         G C Wood
October 13th 1840
                        June 8th 1851
  Hiram Wood         --------------------
                        Catherine Wood
December 28th 1842
                       March 15th 1854

    Sarah Wood

  March 28th 1845

// End of Wood-Cook Bible

Notes -- Several of the initialed names above were impossible to
decipher. The initials used are those of people having matching
dates in Judith Olson's records. These are:
H O Wood, b. December 31 1827, matches Henry Osborne Wood
          (looks like H U Wood)
N M Wood, b. January 25 1830, matches Nancy Margaret Wood
          (looks like P H M Wood)
L E Wood, b. April 18 1836, matches Leonard Edmund Wood
          (both initials undecipherable)
A B Wood, b. October 13 1840, matches Albert Wood
          (looks like R B Wood)