These Bibles and marriage certificates are privately owned.

          The first Bible is a large-format Old & New Testaments, published 1849 by S. Andrus and Son, Hartford (Conn.).

          The second Bible is a large-format New Testament, undated, published by Samuel Collingwood and Co., Oxford; printed at the Clarendon Press, “Printers to the University”.

          The entries in the first Bible are written on three “Family Record” pages provided between the Old and New Testaments. These pages are divided vertically in half by ornate columns decorated with the usual Victorian urns, medallions and filigree.

          There is confusion between capital G’s and E’s in the first Bible. The name “Susannah G. Fulton” is quite clear in the first marriage entry, however it is “Susannah E. Fulton” in the second Bible. The confusion clears somewhat when the name “Gertrude Gtheldine” appears on page three of the first Bible, and it becomes evident that the writer formed capital E’s like modern G’s.

          Here is a listing of the people in these documents, with additional information provided by (the Bible’s owner).

Christopher Empey m. 23-Mar-1785, in Montreal, Christina Sumous or
Sumors.  Listed in William D. Reid's "Loyalists in Ontario: The Sons
and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada"; Hunterdon;
Lambertville, NJ, 1973. Christina: Surname is unclear on marriage
     I.   Elizabeth Empey b. 23-Jun-1786.
     II.  Katarina (Catherine) Empey b. 27-Aug-1787, m. John Fulton.
          Given name spelled "Katarina" on birth entry. Duncan Meikle
          indicates there were 5 sons in addition to Susanna.
          A.   Susanna E. Fulton b. 29-Dec-1808, m. 3-Feb-1834, John
               Roger Wood, b. 9-May-1808, (son of Roger Wood and
               Margaret Drew) d. 20-Nov-1898.  Susanna died 12-Feb-
               1876.  They lived in or near Osnabruck, Ont.
               1.   Sophia Wood b. 19-Nov-1834, m. Charles C. Hearle.
                    Sophia died 20-Jan-1907.
               2.   Theresa Wood b. 12-Feb-1837, m. J. Herman Shaver.
               3.   Coleborne Stewart Wood b. 6-May-1839, d. 24-Dec-
               4.   Christiana Adelaide Wood b. 27-Jun-1841, m. 1-Mar-
                    1865, John A. Cameron.
               5.   Alice Fulton Wood b. 25-Mar-1844.
               6.   Gertrude Etheldine Wood b. 7-Aug-1847.
               7.   Albert Arthur Fulton Wood b. 24-Oct-1850, m. 1877,
                    Mary Elizabeth Bedson, (daughter of S. L. Bedson
                    and E. P. Kilroy). Albert died Nov-1884. 
                    a.   Susanna Eve Wood m. Duncan Henderson Meikle,
                         b. 8-Apr-1877, Morrisburg, Ont., (son of
                         William Duncan Meikle and Georgina Jane
                         McWilliams) d. 1937, Oakville, Ont.  Susanna
                         died 194_, Oakville, Ont.
                         ---living people snipped---
                    b.   Mabel Wood
                    c.   John Roger Wood
     III. Maria Empey b. 12-Jun-1789.
     IV.  Ailulib Empey b. 17-Feb-1791.  Given name not translateable
          on birth entry.
     V.   Maria Empey b. 9-May-1793.
     VI.  Christina Empey b. 7-May-1799.
     VII. Ella Empey b. 5-Dec-1801.
     VIII Andres Empey b. 29-Jun-1804.  Last digit of birth year
     IX.  Philip Empey b. 22-Apr-1807.

   // First page

     MARRIAGES           ||             MARRIAGES
John R. Wood             ||        Christina A. Wood
and Susannah             ||        and John A
G. [E] Fulton            ||        Cameron, married
Married Feb. 3rd         ||        March 1st 1865
1834                     ||
------------------       ||
Sophia Wood              ||
& Charles C Hearle       ||
  Married                ||
    --------             ||
Theresa Wood             ||
& J. Herman Shaver       ||
  Married                ||        Albert A. F. Wood
                         ||        & Elizabeth Bedson
                         ||           Married
                         ||         1      1877

  // Second Page

    BIRTHS               ||             DEATHS
John R. Wood             ||        Died Nov 20th
born May 9th[?] 1808     ||             1898
     ---------           ||
Susannah G [E]           ||
Fulton born              ||        Died Feb. 12th 1876
December 29th 1808       ||
     ------              ||
Sophia Wood              ||        Died Jan 20th
born Nov. 19th 1834      ||                1907
Theresa Wood             ||
born Feb. 12th 1837      ||
Colborn Stewart          ||        Died December 24th
Wood born May 6th        ||        1840
1839                     ||
Christiana Adelaide      ||
Wood born Jun 27th 1841  ||

  // Third page

        BIRTHS           ||       DEATHS
Alice Fulton             ||
Wood born                ||
March 25th 1844          ||
Gertrude G[E]theldine    ||
Wood born                ||
Aug. 7th 1847            ||
Albert Arthur            ||   Died November
Fulton Wood              ||      1884
born Oct. 24th 1850      ||


 // First page

John A Wood and Susannah E Fulton
was marriede [sic] February 3rd 1834
Sophia Wood born November 19th 1834
Theresa born February 12th 1837 [blotted & repeated] 1837
Coleborne Stewart born May 6th 1839
  and Died December 24th 1840
Christiana Adelaide born June 27th 1841
Alice Fulton born March 25th 1844
Gertrude Etheldine born August 7th 1847
Albert Arthur Fulton born October 24th 1850

[all entries but the last seem to have been written
at the same time]


[The obverse of the certificate has the following written on the right

These are to certify that Christopher
Empey and Christina Sumous [or Sumors] have
been lawfully married according to the
Rites of Ceremonies of the Church
of England.                  By
Montreal                    Jn. Stuart [ornate signature]
March 23. 1785

[The certificate is folded into six horizontal panels, five of which
contain the following entries on the reverse:]

Meine dochter Leisebet             Mey den 7 im iahr 1799
Ist geboren Denn 23 Junne          ist Meine dochter Chritina geboren
wari Im Jahr Chrifti 1786          Desember den 5 ihm iahr 1801
                                   is Meine dochter Efah[?] geboren

                                                         4[or 9 over =]
Mein dochter Katarina[?] Ist       iuhni den 29 ihm iahr 180=
geboren Denn 27 Aguft              ist Mein son anderes gebohren
Im iahr Chrifti 1787               Abril den 22 ihm iahr 1807
Mein dochter Maria Ist             ist Mein sohn - philer gebohren
geboren Denn 12 Juni
im jahr Chrifti 1789

Mein Sohni Ailulib[?] ist
geboren Denn 17 Feberwari
Imiahr Chrifti 1791
Meine Dochter Maria ist
gebren den 9 Maey Im
jahr Chrifti 1793


[This is written on a plain piece of paper in large script.  I have seen
only the photocopy.]

This is to certify that Roger
Wood & Margaret Drew both
of Cornwall were married
this 11th Day of August 1793.
       By [illegible] Tho. Wally J.P.[?]
          [mostly illegible signature]