Transcribed by Charles Dobie

           The photocopies of the entries in these two Bibles were submitted by a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. The transcriptions are taken from five second- or third-generation photocopies — the first set of photocopes are pages 88 through 91 of A Burchill-Burchell Family History, by Alice Hughes. In both cases, the entries are hand-written on blank pages, so there is no visual indication that these are pages from a Bible. One entry is written on one of the earlier generation photcopies.

           The owner of the Bible gives the following explanation of the names:
“Elizabeth Ann MOORE, daughter of Jane DUKE and Erwin MOORE, was born Oct. 28 1838. She married 1) Henry SWEETMAN on Sept. 8 1856, and they had one daughter, Eleanor Jane SWEETMAN (Jennie) who married James SIMONS on April 6 1888.
She married 2) Edmund BURCHELL, son of Edward BURCHELL and Helen BECKETT on June 4 1864, and had the eight children listed in the Bible.”


[All inscriptions hand written in ink on blank pages. The pages are
deteriorating, especially the first page which looks like the edges
have been charred. Some dates have been enhanced or re-written at
a later date, possibly on an earlier generation photocopy.]

// First page


Mrs. Edmund Burchell's FAMILY BIBLE. She nee Eliza Ann Moore
[typewritten at top of page]

   Family Record


Eliza Ann Moore born on (....)
28 of October 1838.

Edmund Burchell born on (....)
13 of Feb 1842.

Eleanor Jane Sweetman born (......)
21 of Nov 1857.

Ellen Burchell born on the 25 (......)
                (Apr 25, 1865) [written later]

Edward Orange Burchell bo(......)
20 of May 1867.

Mary Ann Burche(.........)
the 10 of May 1869.

// End of First Page

// Second Page


Eliza Frances Burchell born
on the 25 of May 1871.

Alice Victoria Burchell born
on the 12 of Sep 1873.

Isabella Florence Burchell
born on the 6 of Aug 1876.

Adelaide Charlotte Mills Burchell
born on the 13 of April 1880.

William John Burchell born
(...)the 11 of April 1882.

//End of Second Page

//Third Page



Nellie Burchell was married to
Robert Martin on the 1 of Nov 1882.

Jennie Sweetman was married to
James Simons on the 6 of Ap. 1888.

Mary Burchell was married to
Willie Delaney on the 8 of June, 1889

Eddie Burchell was married to
Sarah Delaney on the 22 of Jan 1890

Fannie Burchell was married to
Willie Nesbitt on the 6 of (.....)
         (July 6, 1892) [written at a later date]

[this next entry hand written at the bottom of an
 earlier generation photocopy]
   Alice Campbell wife of Er(......)
   Campbell died in Cardinal
    January 23rd 1948

// End of Third Page

// Fourth Page

Alice Burchell was
married to Aron Campbell
on the 13 of Dec 1893

Florence Burchell was
married to Thomas Wells
on the 30 of Aug. 1911.

[Entries from here down are in three different hands. Spelling of
surname changes to "Burchill"]

William John Burchill was
married to Margaret C. Harbottle on
April 15/14   1914

Edmond Burchill died on
April 24 / 1910

Addie Burchill Died on
Jan 1 / 1912

Eliza Ann Burchill died on
Jan [or June] 27th 1917.

Mary Delany died July 16th 1936

// End of Fourth Page
// End of 1st Burchell/Burchill Bible


[The following transcription is of a photcopy of hand-written entries
on a blank page of a book. However the owner has assured me that he 
personally made the photocopies from the Bible.]

// First Page

         Children of John Burchill Jun
Parents, John & Mary Burchill

John Burchill, born Dec. 18th 1864
Catharine Burchill, born Dec. 28th 1866
Robert Burchill, born Jan. 15th 1869
William George Burchill, Feb. 28th 1871
Thomas Albert Burchill, born Feb.21st 1873
Mary Ellen Burchill, born Nov. 6th 1875
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Parents John & Adeline Burchill June 24 - 1856
Francis Ann Burchill, born 18th Feb. 1879
Alice Burchill, born 24th March 1882
Georgina Burchill, born 15th Nov. 1883
Edward Milton Burchill, born 12th Nov. 1885
Francis C. Burchill born 2\3rd Oct. 1887

James Brennan April 9th 1878 [different hand from above]

// End of First Page
// End of Second Burchill Bible