This Bible is in the Perth Museum archives.

The Bibles (Volumes I & VI) measure 6 1/2 inches wide by 10 1/2 inches high. Both volumes are very worn, with tattered spines, etc. The titles on the spines read “SCOTT’S BIBLE” plus the volume number.
The genealogical information is written on the last page of Volume 1, on the half blank page below the type. All but the last entry is written in brown ink. The last entry is written in pencil. Note the variable spellings “McKINLAY”/”McKINLEY” and “Elizebeth”/”Elizabeth”.

Partial transcript of the title page of Vol I is:

                            CONTAINING THE
                        OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS

                              etc. etc.

                                VOL. I
                         47 WASHINGTON STREET


Samuel Thompson and Mary
McKinlay married July the 14th 1865
Margaret Elizebeth Born June the 10
On Sabbath afternoon at two oclock 1866
Margaret Elizebeth died February the 7
On Sabbath evening at six minutes to eleven
Peter Born September the 22 1867
On Sabbath morning at half past six
Mary Elizabeth Born August 17th 1872
On Saturday night at 4 oclock

on inside back cover, facing the above inscriptions is the signature:

Mary M Kinley

 // end of Vol I

 // Vol VI

On the title page of Vol VI is the following signature & address:

Mrs. S. Thompson
Scotch Line
May 14th

On the next right-hand page after the title page is the following

Mary McKinley