Transcribed by Charles Dobie.

These Bible entries were photocopied and submitted by a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. The marriage and birth entries seem to have been done by the same hand. The death entries by a different hand.

The two pages have been reduced by photocopying so there is no way to estimate the size of the pages. Publishing information also not available.The entries are transcribed in the page order they appear on the photocopies.

Because of difficulty in reading the writing, in some cases, information from an accompanying descendant chart has been used, as several dates are unclear.

The letter accompanying the submission of the Bible states “My Gr-grandfather, William Pattie, son of David Pattie and Mary Cashel of Carleton Place was married in St. John’s Almonte on January 24, 1868 to Mary Catherton Glover, daughter of John Glover and Elizabeth Jenkison, of Bennies Corners.” All of the births took place in Carleton Place, Lanark County, Ontario.

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               Family Register


               William Pattie


               Mary G. Pattie

                  Who Were

                January 24th


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William Pattie Sr. born Aug (15) 1842
            Died May 19, 1931

Mary Pattie Sr Born Nov. 17, 1848
            Died Dec. 9, 1923

Elizabeth Pattie born Nov. 13. 1868

David Pattie born Apr. 5, 1871
            Died Sept 22, 1872

Mary Adlea [Adelia] Pattie born Oct 14 1873
            Died Oct 13 1957

Florence Nellie Pattie born Feb 15 1876

Olive Isobela Pattie born. Sept. 12 1878

Sophia Alice Pattie born Oct. 14. 1880
            Died Dec. 22 1901

Dasie Pattie born Mar. 1st. 1883
            Died March 26 1883

John Glover Pattie born May 10th 1884

William Preston Pattie born April 22 1887

Carleton Macgregor Pattie Dec. 20 1889

Hazel May Pattie born Aug 1st 1893

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