Transcribed by Charles Dobie.

These Bible entries were photocopied and submitted by a member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society. Some of the entries on the photocopies are obscured by what look like large tassels, so the information from a accompanying information sheets has been used.

The pages are in large format with the entries being made on ornately printed and decorated pages made for this purpose. Publishing information is not available.The entries are transcribed in the page order they appear on the photocopies.

// Page 1

           This Certifies

    that  Thomas Roberts         

      of  Eldon Ontario          

     and  Cathrine McEachern     

      of  Eldon Ontario          

                WERE JOINED TOGETHER
                      BY ME IN THE
           [--?--] HOLY MATRIMONY

At Eldon Manse       on the March       day of [sic. Correct date is March 1]
                   in the year of our Lord 19  1899.

  In Presence of              Signed
  D.D. McDonald        Mary Jane McEachern  
                       George Roberts       

// End Page 1

// Page 2


Thomas John Roberts "Wilie" April 18 1900 [Eldon Ont.]
James Arthur Roberts "Jimmie" June 20 1902 [Eldon Ont.]
Malcolm Roberts "Mackie"  May 31. 1912 [Leduc, Alta.]
Elspie Roberts "Elsie" May 31, 1912 [Leduc, Alta]
Thomas Malcolm Roberts  son of Malcolm Roberts
Born Oct 17th 1945
Archie Roy Roberts  son of Malcom Roberts
Aug 7th 1947
Florence Beryl Roberts daughter of Malcolm Roberts
June 22nd 1949
Margaret Emily Roberts daughter of James Roberts
Sept 21 1925
Winnifred Mae Nov 27 - 1926 daughter of [James Arthur Roberts]
Katherine Nellie Jackson, daughter of Elsie Roberts, Nov 10th 1931
James Gordon Jackson, son of Elsie Roberts, June 8th 1944
Marjorie Gayle Roberts Jan. 8/54  ]  Children of Malcolm
William James Roberts July 30/58  ]          Roberts

// End Page 2

// Page 3


James Arthur Roberts     Leduc
Emily Jame Arnell        Leduc
Rev. Wm Eakin  Dec. 17 1924
Malcolm Roberts     Leduc
Beryl Ida Parker    Leduc
Rev. Cann  Sept. 8th 1943
James Gordon Jackson  Leduc
Elspie Roberts     Leduc
         August 26th 1930
James Arthur Roberts   Leduc
Margaret Ann Delaney   Leduc
Married December 22nd 1959 in Edmonton, Alta.
Catherine [Nellie] Jackson to
Stanley [George] Bugden . Dec. 27 1949 - Port Alberni
Jam[es Gordon] Jackson Jr. to
Ca[role Joy S]trickland - April 4 1970
                         Ballarat Australia  [2nd marriage]