This Bible is in the Perth Museum archives.

           This is a leather-bound large-format Bible; the cover being deeply tooled leather 12-1/2″ x 10-1/2″. The book is 5 inches thick and very heavy. Some of the front pages are coming loose, and although the pages are gold-edged, the paper is of low quality and is starting to get brown and brittle. The front pages and family record pages are very ornately printed and engraved in multi colours.

           The births and deaths are written on pages provided between the Old and New Testaments. On the spine is embossed: “THE PARALLEL BIBLE”.

Partial transcript of the title page is:

                        THE PEERLESS EDITION


                           THE HOLY BIBLE

                          TORONTO AND LONDON
                        J.S. ROBERTSON & BROS.

   // First page which is two pages previous to title page



    Margaret Jane Spalding


    her husband James Spalding

             Sept 6th 1888

   // Second page which is next right-hand page

            THIS CERTIFIES

        that James Spalding Jr.

        of   Perth

        and  Margaret Jane Wilson

        of   North Elmsley

                Were Joined together
                    By me in the


        at   Perth     on the 6th day of

        September in the year of our Lord 1876 

        In the Presence of

                John Wilson                    Signed
                                                Wm Bain D.D.
                James Spalding          Minister of St. Andrews Church, 

[note -- all signatures are in the same hand. Also the date had been
printed in the Bible "188 ", leaving the last digit blank, so the "7"
in 1876 was written over the "8" ]

// Third Page

[page blank]

// Fourth Page


Albert Edward Spalding          Jan 3 / 1878
Arthur James Spalding           Aug 23 / 1879
Wilfred William Spalding        Sep 9 / 1881
Winnifred Alberta Spalding      Dec 16 / 1882
Arthena Ellen Spalding          Aug 20 / 1884
Rubena Jane Spalding            Apl 1 / 1886
Elena Anna Spalding             July 25 / 1887
Arthena Jean Spalding           July 25 / 1888
Rubena Olive Spalding           Jan 14 / 1891
Hazel May Spalding              Oct 20 / 1892
Albert Ernest Spalding          July 2 / 1896
[entries up to 1888 seem to have been written at the same time. Later
entries are all in the same hand but with differing inks, etc.]

// Fifth Page


Albert Edward Spalding          Dec 11 / 1882
Wilfred William Spalding        Nov 16 / 1882
Arthur James Spalding           June 28 / 1884
Arthena Ellen Spalding          Feb 18 / 1886
Rubena Jane Spalding            July 30 / 1886
Elena Anna Spalding             Aug 12 / 1887
Hazel May Spalding              Aug 10 / 1893
Albert Ernest Spalding          July 23 / 1897
Rubena Olive Spalding           May 25 / 1905
Margaret Jane Spalding          Sept 17 / 1917
James Spalding                  July 14 / 1935
Winnifred Alberta               Dec 23 / 1949
[comments on birth entries apply to death entries]