This Bible is in the Perth Museum archives.

           This is a leather-bound medium-format Bible, with the spine damaged and covers nearly separated from the body. The entry on the first page is written in thick black ink, those on the second page are in ink with pencil additions. Those on the third page are entirely in pencil. Many entries have been added to, the addition points marked with ^ marks.

           The entries are on “Family Record” pages between the Old and New Testaments. The “First Page” entry is on the blank page preceeding the first “Family Record” page.

           Also enclosed in the Bible are two pieces of paper, the first has additional family information, the second has information which was significant to the writer, but it is also included in the transcription. Partial transcript of the title page is:

                            COTTAGE BIBLE


                           FAMILY EXPOSITOR



 // Cover and flyleaf:

[Embossed on the cover in gold letters is:]


[Inside the cover and on flyleaf is written several times:]

James Spalding


James Spalding
Scotch Line
Elmsley Twp.

// First page

Mister James Spalding and Mifs

Melinda Dudgeon was married
on the thertenth (sic) day of January

one thousand eight hundred and


// Second page


                     Sr.      at Perth, Ont.
Father James Spalding^ was born^ on the 3rd
day of August, 1826 A.D.

James Spalding died December
26th 1906. at the home of his
daughter Mrs. Catherine McKinley
(who later lived in Perth with
her brother James Spalding, Perth).

Mother  Melinda Spalding was born
November the 29th (1831.)
Melinda Spalding Died on Sunday
morning the 23 of November 1884

// Third page



William Spalding was born the 21st
of November 1852.-Perth Ontario

James Spalding was born the 5th of
June, 1855-(Father of Arthena Spalding
                        of Perth)

William R. Spalding was born  (Father of
April the 11th, 1857.          Earl Spalding
Annie J. Spalding was born
February 22nd 1859    Mrs. C. Walker

Isabella Spalding was born the
11th of April 1861.

Thomas J. Spalding was born
the 15th of July 1863.

                  Mrs. McKinley
Catherine Spalding^ was born
the 28th of August 1867. -- died
at Perth Nursing Home on
Apr. 15, 1956, age 88 yrs.

// End of Spalding-Dudgeon Bible entries

// First loose paper (side one)

Great Grandfather
William Spalding
who emigrated to Canada
Died Jan. 11, 1859
aged 69 yrs.
also his wife
Elspeth Rutherford
died May 23, 1844
aged 57.
Natives of Scotland (over)

// side two

These were Mary Rutherfords and
Mrs. Fergusson's (sic) parents

Wm. Rutherford died 1874
                  85 yrs.
and wife Janet Simpson
died 1880, aged 90.

//end of first paper

// second piece of paper (side one)

page 16 about Perth
settlement (last 5
(Dr. Thom)
stone bright (sic) near the
distillery is mentioned.
Great grandfather was one of
the stone masons.
First land lots 1816---
mentioned is Wm. Rutherford Lot 3
John Ferrier Lot 7 . . . on
Burgess side of Scotch Line.

P. 17--In Bathurst side
Wm. Spalding & John Hay Lot 25
with others mentioned whose
names have familliar descendants
all in first Concession Bathurst.
Read 2nd paragraph Page 17.
   & middle column   "  17 --) Rev. Bell

// second side

Notice near the bottom of P.17 centre part
they speak of a bridge on the Scotch Line across
the Tay!!!
Page 18--2 columns with a lot about Perth.