This Bible is in the Perth Museum archives.

This Bible was purchased in 1997 from the estate of Mrs. Frances BEEMAN. It is a leather-bound, medium format Bible in new condition. Except for the hand-written birth and marriage entries, it seems that the book had never been opened. There is not even an owner’s name written inside the cover.
The entries are written on elaborately engraved pages provided between the Old and New Testaments. From the handwriting and consistancy of the ink, they seem to have all been made at the same time.

Partial transcript of the title page is:


                           ENGLISH VERSION

                                OF THE

                           POLYGLOTT BIBLE,

                      BRATTLEBORO': PECK & WOOD.
            printed at the Brattleboro' Power Press Office

   // First page

NAMES                   BIRTHS                  DEATHS
Richard Shaw            October 1 1822          Jan 9 1872
James Shaw              April 5 1824
John Shaw               April 5 1826
Anne Shaw               June 18 1830            Jany 22 1832
Harry D. Shaw           April 9 1833
George Cass[?] Shaw     Sept 18 1835            October 23 1865
William Shaw            March 2 1838            5 April [no year]
Anne D. Shaw            Nov 9 1840              [death entry erased]
Ellen Shaw              March 14 1842           [death entry erased]

//end first page

// Second page
                        CHILDREN'S MARRIAGES
NAMES                   Month  Day  Year
Richard Shaw
James Shaw
Henry D. Shaw
Helen M. Shaw           Jany 18 1872