This is reprinted from the August, 1988 LCGS newsletter. The Bible was described as being for sale at an antique store for $10.00. I’ll leave out the name of the store for obvious reasons.

           The description of the Bible goes on to say: “Although pages were provided for marriages, births and deaths, these were not used, but the information was written on one page in the front and back, (McKeown and Bawden respectively). All entries were made in the same ink, in the same hand, and all at the same time (not at the same time as any of the events recorded). Nevertheless, some valuable clues may be had from this Bible, and would be a nice find for the right person at the $10 asked for.”


Samuel McKeown born County Down, Ireland July 31, 1809, married
Jane McGowan born County Antrim, Ireland April 20, 1813

Children: James        by former marriage born 1835
          John         born April 24, 1839
          William           June 10, 1840
          Sarah Jane        Aug. 4, 1841
          Samuel            Nov. 5, 1841 [sic]
          Mary C.           Dec. 13, 1844
          Eleanor           Ap. 16, 1846
          Angus             Sept. 21, 1848
          Elizabeth Ann     Sept. 26, 1850
          Alexander         Nov. 24, 1853

                      origin - Cornwall, England

William Frost Bawden married Eliza Robinson

Children: Joseph
          Wm George born Nov. 1, 1840, died Aug. 24, 1884
                married Sarah Jane McKeown
                children William George born July 29, 1862
                         married Harriet Jane Gilbert
                         children Joseph Henry Gilbert b. 1886 Nov. 26
                                    married 1. Mary Woods 2. Veronica Frazier
                                  Jean Annie Maud b. 1888 Feb. 26
                                    married Alexander Lyttle
                                    children 1. Laurence b Aug 24, 1917
                                             2. George   b Dec 26, 1918
                                             3. Muriel   b May 20, 1921
                                             4. Nora     b Feb  7, 1923
                                  Florence Muriel b. 1889 June 11,
                                                  d. Sept.21, 1919
                                     married Rodger Suddard
                                  Robert George b. 1891 Nov. 25
                                     married Mary Currah
                                  Constance Eleanor b. 1896 June 10
                                     married Thomas McCarty