his Bible was found at the McDonald’s Corners (Lanark County, Ontario) municipal dump in September, 1999 by Charles Dobie. It seems to have been part of a collection of old books which were left in the re-useable items area of the dump — a couple of the books were 200 years old!

The Bible measures 5 by 7 inches, and was published in New York in 1890 by the American Bible Society. The paper is of poor quality, so the pages at both front and back of the book are brown and brittle, and many have separated from the binding.

The names are entered in Family Record pages provided at the back of the Bible, starting after page 296 of the New Testament.

// Frontispiece

Maggie Campbell
From her friend & pastor
    Christmas 1889.
Chaumont N.Y.

// Page 1

Registration number 33. 364. 16 [written in top margin]

                    FAMILY RECORD


   Maggie Campbell
   to Nelson Leeman
   February 25th 1892

C[changed to K]atharine Irene Leeman
  to James Merrill Wood
       December 24th 1912.

Roy Elmer Leeman
    Mary Elizabeth Rice
         July 28th 1934

// End Page 1

// Page 2
                    FAMILY RECORD


2 Katie Irean[sic] Leeman Jan. 1893
  Roy Elmer Leeman
      March 17th 1900

To James and Katharine Wood
   Roy Merrill, November 2nd, 1913
   Carolyn Lois Anita, born March 14th 1923

// End Page 2

// Page 3
                    FAMILY RECORD


      [this page has no entries ]

// End Page 3

// Page 4

                    FAMILY RECORD


Maggie Campbell
  Died January 30th 1920.

James Nelson Leeman
 Died March 2nd 1929
at Smiths Falls Ontario.

// End Page 4
// End of the Leeman-Campbell Bible