This Bible is in the Perth Museum archives.

The inside pages of the Bible are 9 by 11 3/4 inches and it is 3 inches thick. The covers are very thick, heavily tooled leather.
The family records are recorded on a marriage certificate and a “Family Record” page (one of three or four provided), situated between the Apocrypha and The New Testament. These pages are printed in brilliant red and blue, with many scrolls, etc. Each page is divided into five columns with appropriate headings.
There is no publishing date, but very small print at the bottom of each Family Record page indicates a New York printer with a date of (I think) 1873 or 1874.

Partial transcript of the title page is:



                            DOMESTIC BIBLE

                            etc. etc. etc.

                       Published by: J. W. LYON
                           GUELPH, ONTARIO


  // Page one

[This marriage certificate has brilliantly, multi-coloured printed
text, with the appropriate names and dates written into spaces
provided with black ink.]

           Robert Jamieson and Catherine Sinclair Holliday
                  were solemnly united by me in the
                       Holy Bands of Matrimony
                           at Perth Ontario
                    on the Second day of September
          in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred
            and Seventy Four conformably to the Ordinance
                  of God and the Laws of the State.

In Presence of                          Signed
Alfred Greig                            Thomas Hart M. A.
John B. Holliday                                Minister of the Gospel
Marg. M. McKinley

  // Page two

Some of the surnames have been put on a separate line to fit them to
the width of a computer screen.
                                  FAMILY RECORD

Robert Jamieson  N. Gower Ont.  Jany 2nd 1848   Septr 2nd 1874   Ap. 23rd 1932
Catherine S.
      Jamieson   Perth, Ont.    Septr 4th 1848  Septr 2nd 1874
Robert Laurence [or Lawrence]
      Jamieson   Perth, Ont.    June 8th 1875
Gertrude Sinclair
      Jamieson   Perth, Ont.    Oct 17th 1876   June 17[?] 1908 [day blotted]
David Earnest
      Jamieson   Perth, Ont.    October 28 1878
Melville Jamieson  Perth, Ont.  June 18[or 10] 1881
Edith Jamieson   Perth, Ont.    October 16, 1882  June 7, 1910
Inez Jamieson    Perth, Ont.    Jan'y 4, 1892

  // end of Jamieson - Holliday Bible

NOTE: Corrections to some of the above dates were provided by Lois Richardson.

LR] Gertrude Sinclair Jamieson was married on 17 June 1908.
LR] Melville Jamieson was born 18 June 1881 (OVS B15293/81).
LR] Edith Jamieson was born 16 Oct 1883 (OVS B16340/83).
LR] These dates were also in the Perth Courier at the time.