Photocopies of this Bible were sent to me by Mrs. Dorothy Nuthall, 1882 – 140th St., White Rock, BC, V4A 4H3.

           The photocopies show a large-format Bible with elaborately engraved pages provided for family history information. There is no copy of the title page.

// First page

                          This Certifies

                         THAT THE RITE OF

                          Holy Matrimony

                      WAS CELEBRATED BETWEEN

                   William James of Gallawa Sctd
              and Jane D. Matthews of Montreal Quebec
             on December 27th 1844 at The Manse Lanark
                      by The Rev. Thos Fraser

           Witness:     John James
                        Kathrine Strahan

// Second page

[hand written in the top margin of the page]
Mrs Geo Stewart, nee Elizabeth A. James.
this is taken from My Mother's family Bible.

          Name                              Date of Birth

        Robert James            |       Born 16 Nov. 1845
        Agnes James             |         "  Sept. 26th 1847
        William M. James        |         "  Feb. 4th 1849
        John James              |         "  Nov. 30th 1850
        Margaret M. James       |         "  July 28th 1852
        John A. James           |         "  October 28th 1854
        Andrew N. James         |         "  Sept. 4th 1856
        Jane H. James           |         "  Dec. 6th 1860
        Lizzie A. James         |         "  October 8th 1862
        Rose M. James           |         "  Feb. 24 1868

[Photocopy shows three more very faint entries which may have
been erased or were too faint to photocopy]

// Third page


        Agnes James             |       Jane H. James
        was married to          |       was married to
        Henry Majuery           |       Arthur B. Carpenter
        on Jan 22, 1870         |       on Feb.     1888
        William M. James        |       Rose M. James
        was married to          |       was married to
        Unice Bradford          |       Andrew W. Patterson
        on October 13th, 1873   |       on April 2nd 1888.
        Robert James            |
        was married to          |
        Margaret Riddle         |
        on April 2nd 1878       |
        Elizabeth A. James      |
        was married to          |
        George Stewart          |
        on Dec. 28th 1880       |

// Fourth Page


        Name                    |       Date of Death
        John James              |  Died Feb. 28th 1851
        Mrs. Majuery            |
        formerly Agnes James    |  Died April 22nd 1874
        Andrew N. James         |  Died July 3rd 1886.
// End of the James Bible #1

Dorothy Nuthall sent the following notes with the photocopies:

           Note: Jane Niblock Derell was born At Sea Under the Flag mid Atlantic Ocean. Her parents, Lieutenant and Mrs. Darell, and older brother Robert were coming to Canada to claim their land grant as Mr. Derell served in the Battle of Waterloo. Both of Jane’s parents died after landing in Montreal. Jane and her brother were put in an orphanage until a friend Mrs. Matthews came to take Jane to her home when Jane was three years old. Robert was adopted at the same time and was never heard from again. Jane then used the Matthews name some of the time hence the Jane D. Matthews.

           I could not find a place named Gallawa in Scotland so presume it is a spelling error. I found William’s parents married in Glasgow and his older sister born in Cambuslang, a quasi village on the outskirts of Glasgow. I have searched the Waterloo Roll book and have written several inquiries to England and there is no record of a Lieutenant Derell so it is very likely he did not have this rank. (I located Colonel Matthews and his rank was that of a Corporal).