This Bible is owned by Lanark County Genealogical Society member Peter LeBrun who has proof-read and has provided corrections to this transcription on 2 Oct 2001.

The publishing date of the Bible is not known, but the design of the “Family Record” and “Family Temperence Pledge” pages are consistent with the latter part of the 19th century. The first page is elaborately decorated with most of the text pre-printed. The hand-written entries are mostly on lines provided in the text and these are indicated with underlined text. One unusual aspect of the design is that the birth entries are spread across the second and third pages, with Name and Place of Birth on the second page and Date of Birth, Date of Marriage and Date of Death on the third page. The Chapman entries in this Bible are the same family as recorded in the Two Chapman Bibles.

// First page

                          THIS IS TO CERTIFY

That        James Davis, of Liverpool, England                  
 and        Lucy Burns, of Cape Tormentine, N.B.                

                         WERE UNITED BY ME IN
                            HOLY MATRIMONY
By Banns [hand written]

At     Bayside, Westmorland Co. NB.  on the  third    day of
       June                          In the year of our lord 1882

In Presence of    David E. Allen & Bessie J. Allen               

Signed    -- Married by Rev D. S. Carpenter,                     

  Baptist Minister, at Bayside N.B.                              

// End of First Page

// Second and Third Pages

          F A M I L Y   R E C O R D                           F A M I L Y    R E C O R D

     Name                   Place of Birth         Date of Birth        Date of Marriage    Date of Death
Father = James Davis        Liverpool, England   = November 6, 1845     June 3   1882       May 26  1924
Mother=Lucinda (Burns) Davis Cape Tormentine N.B.= September 21, 1855   June 3   1882       Feb 19  1948
Charlotte Jane Davis        Bayside         N.B. = January 21, 1885     December 17, 1902   Oct 24  1925
Lucy Adalaide Davis         Port Elgin      N.B. = December 28, 1888    July 24 1906        May 4th 1991
James Edwd McKenzie Davis   Tidnish         N.S. = January 17, 1891        -  -             October 13. 1918
Bertha Jane Davis           Tidnish         N.S. = September 15, 1893   Dec 3 . 1912        Oct 9     1952
Norah Ruth Davis            Tidnish         N.S. = November 11, 1896    Nov 6 . 1918        Nov 4, 1986

Grand children
Roy Davis McKinnon          Wood Point      N.B.   September 22, 1903   July 24th 1925      July 14th 1990
Claude H. McKinnon          Wood Point      N.B.   March 25th 1906      
Clarence Roderick Chapman   Shimimicas Bridge N.S. April 25th 1907      Oct. 6th 1931       March 15th 1980
Ola Chapman                 Port Elgin      N.B.   August 4th 1909      Nov 12  1938        April 23- 1981
Major Chapman               Port Elgin      N.B.   February 17th 1911   Aug 22nd, 1936
Milford Chapman             Moss Glen       N.B.   Dec 19th 1914        Jan 4th  1943
Mary Gwendolyne Young       Port Elgin      N.B.   January 11, 1914
Reginald Vincent Young           Do.               June 16, 1915
Marjorie Beryl Young             Do.               August 14, 1918
James Ralph Lutes           Newcastle       N.B.   Nov 24, 1919                             July 10  1985
Vivian Ruth Young           Port Elgin      N.B.   Jan  1st 1927
Beatrice Marion Chapman     Apohaqui       N.B.   March 17 1916                            April 12  1916
Baby Chapman                Nelson          N.B.   July 5 1917                              July 6  1917

// End of Second and Third Pages

// Page Four

                 M E M O R A N D U M

John McKinnon, Wood Point N.B. and Charlotte Jane
Davis, Tidnish N.S. married at Wood Point by Rev.
W. McLatchey, December 17th 1902.

Ivan Chapman Shinimicas, N.S. and Lucy
Adelaide Davis Tidnish N.S. Married at
Amherst by Rev. Mr. Aybresswell
  July 24th 1906

Harley Young, Grand Manan, and Bertha Jane
Davis, Port Elgin N.B. Married at Port Elgin by Rev
J.H. Danniel[?] Dec 3, 1912

George Lutes Moncton and Nora Ruth Davis, at
Sussex NB, by Rev W. Shewan[?], Nov 6, 1918.

Roy Davis MacKinnon N.B., and Jean
Clare Davis Newcastle N.B. married at
Newcastle N.B. by Rev W.J. Brie. July
24th 1925.

Clarence Roderick Chapman N.S.and
Ina Alfreda McKenna, Ottawa, Ont. married
at Ottawa, by Dean Frank E. Salmon
Christ Church Cathedral, Oct 6th 1931.  Clarence
married to Alma Letts [last line in different hand].

// End of Page Four

// Page Five

         F A M I L Y    T E M P E R A N C E    P L E D G E
                   [4/5th page of text and pictures]


George Lutes Died  Sep 29 - 1967
Ivan Chapman Died  June 9 - 1971

// End of Page Five
// End of Davis - Burns Bible
// End of this file