This Bible is in the Perth Museum archives.

This Bible was part of the Larry TURNER estate, and was among the artifacts and documents donated by his estate to the Perth Museum, in November, 1996.
The Bible is a large format, leather-bound volume. The births, marriages and deaths are recorded on pages provided for that purpose, between the Old and New Testaments.

A partial transcript of the title page:



                              HOLY BIBLE


                        JESPER HARDING & SON.


 // First page


Married 21st May 1849
By the Revd Mr. Mellville, Clarendon, C.E. [sic]
John Crawford
Elizabeth Smith

// End first page
// Second page


Robert Wilson Crawford           29 Feby 1850
Samuel Smith Crawford          12th Octo 1851
William John Crawford           29th May 1853
Jane Smith Crawford             25th Mar 1855
Elizabeth Crawford              14th Mar 1857
x Marey [sic] Ann Crawford x   2th April 1859
Eliza Matila [sic] Crawford     6th Janu 1861
John A. Crawford                16th Nov 1863
John A. Crawford                12th May 1864
[1864 birth year is suspect as this date is only 6 months after the
birth of the previous child]
Rachal [sic] M. Crawford         3 March 1866
Anna Crawford                     12 May 1868
Lilley [sic] W. Crawford          27 Dec 1870

 // End second page
 // Third page


Elizabeth Crawford Died in 18th March 1859
John A. Crawford -------28th April 1864
Jane Wilson Crawford grandmother Aged 79y & 10m  1865
John W. Crawford father  29th Dec. 58y 9m  1875
Elizabeth M. Crawford    April 1881 [this line written twice]
Elizabeth Smith Crawford mother 76yrs  Aug. 11-1908
Samuel Smith Crawford died  March 10th 1915
Mary Ann Crawford Robertson     Nov. 5 1934
John A. Crawford                 Feb 9-1936
Jane Smith C. O'Donnell         May 14-1936
Rachel M. Crawford Dolan         Dec 3-1937
Emma F. Crawford Rice           Aug 8, 1943