This transcript is made from photocopies of a Bible and other papers which are privately owned.

In this Bible, some ages and dates were entered using the family price code (thrifty Scottish merchants all!). Luckily the key to the code is entered at the top of the first page. Where numbers are entered in code, I’ve added the translated number in [brackets].
And to confuse things even more, on page 2 of the Bible, the marriage entry for John Meikle and Elizabeth Barron is nearly obliterated by the names and birth dates of their 10 children, which are written across it.

 // First page

m e r c h a n t l y
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
                - merchantly [this is the price code refered to above]

John Meikle Jr. Son of John Meikle Sr.
& Mary Hoatson he being born in Ayrstrim
                 1772 Died 1848
& she in Argyleshire ^ & married in Glasgow 1793
their family were nine in number VIZ
John Meikle Jr. as above born in Glasgow Parish of Gorbals 19 May 1794
Mary Ann died @ 2 years old
William Meikle died in Glasgow 1865
Elizabeth Meikle died 1 year old
George Meikle died in Orleans[?] 1840
Mary Meikle died a few weeks old
Robert Meikle went to Southern States in 1847 no tidings
Mary Meikle married to William Hunter
Thomas Meikle was drowned at the burning of Steamer Montreal June 1853
[correct date is 26 June 1857]

Jane Greenshields, (a daughter of William Greenshields
born in Glasgow and Jean-- Black born in Douglas
Lanark --ran) was born in Glasgow Barony Parish
District[?] of Carlton on the 20 June 1797
The Family of the above Wm Greenshields of[?] Black
Sol Greenshields died in Montreal
Ja--[Jacob?] Greenshields died in Chatham
James Greenshields died in Glasgow
Marion Greenshields
John Greenshields died in Liverpool
Jennet Greenshields
Jane Greenshields

[NOTE TO GREENSHIELDS RESEARCHERS: Since this transcription was done,
more accurate Greenshields data has been found. Contact Charles Dobie
for information.]

  // Second Page, Column 1


John Meikle & Jane
Greenshields were joined
in wedlock on the
5th Feby 1821 by the Revd
Mr. Thomson. JM being
then EA [26] 9/12 years & JG being
then er [23] 7/12 years

John Meikle Junior was
married to Eliza Barron
at Lachute by the Revd Mister
Henry on 1 October 1846

[Written across the previous item are 10 births]

1st 21 Jul 1847 Born
    Alex George Meikle
2d  21 Octr 1848 Born
    Jane Eliza Meikle
3d  8 Octr 1850 Born
    Mary Meikle
4   31 Octr 1852 Born
    Margret Meikle
5   1 December 1854 Born
    George Greenshield
6   11 Feby 1857 Born
    Harry Meikle
7   - 23 April 1859
8   - 21 July 1861
9   7 Sepr 1868 John
10  15 July Erena
    [this is Helen Irene Meikle, birth year unknown as yet]

William Meikle was
married to Dorah Loval [Dora Lovell]
by the Rev Mr
[this entry is either incomplete or written in faint pencil which
didn't photocopy]

[written across the above item is the following birth]
1st John Loval [Lovell]
    on 11 Augt

[all items after this written horizontally]

Willm Meikle was married
a second time on Soplas[?] Olive
Roche in the Parish of
Woolford on the 23 May 1850
[wife's name is Olive Ann in 1851 Woolford census]
Offspring VIZ
1   William Roche born 6 May 1851
2   Amy Sophia      "  21 July 1854
3   Jean            "  12 Dec 1856
4   Victoria[?]     "  10 Sep 1860
5   Albert or Charles  16 Aug 1863
6   Florence Mary       9 Dec 1871

MacKay Meikle & Dorothea Mielke
married at Thurso P.Que, by Rev.
Mr. Yelland, on 5th December 1923.

[pasted at the bottom of column 1 is the following newspaper

5th, 1923, at Thurso, P.Q., by Rev.
Mr. Yelland, Dorothea Evangeline,
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Herman Mielke of Blanche, P.Q., to
Mr. MacKay Meikle, younger son of
the late Mr. Robert Greenshields
Meikle and Mrs. Meikle, of Ottawa.

  // Second Page, Column 2


George L [Lockhart] Meikle was
married to Jefie [Jessie] Walker
by the Revd Mr. Henry on
the 16 June 1856.
1st Maggie Irena born 18 Sep 1857 [Margaret Irene Meikle]
2   Jeannie       "   11  "  1858 [Jeannie Greenshields Meikle]
3   Amy           "   18 Feb 1862
4   Mary          "     July 1864
5   George        "   15 June 1866
6                 "    3 Apr 1869

Mary Jane Greeenshield [Meikle]
was married to James
Douglas Wells on the
10 Nov 1858.

Thos B [Barron] Meikle was
married to Anne Howard
on [rest of line is blank]
by the Rev Wm Londsdale[?] St Andw [St. Andrews]
On     Apr '66 born Ella Norah Howard
                "   Alice Mary
                    Edith Emma
                    Annie Meikle
            James Douglas Howard
                    Thomas Dud[?]
                    Anna Cavie

RG [Robert Greenshields] Meikle & Alison
McKay - married at
Elmbank Ottawa by
Rev W Moore D.D - on
8th September 1886.

A. Urquhart Meikle & M. ---------------
married in Ottawa by Rev. J. -----
on 18 April, 1923.

[pasted at the bottom of column 2 is the following newpaper clipping:]

MEIKLE-WHYTE-On Wednesday,
April 18, 1923, at Chalmers Church,
by the Rev. J.W. Woodside, Marion
Isabel, eldest daughter of the
late Lieut.-Col. J.C. Whyte, New
Westminster, B.C., and Mrs. Whyte,
of Ottawa, to Major Angus Urquhart
Meikle, elder son of the late
Mr. Robert G. Meikle, and Mrs.
Meikle, of Ottawa.

  // Third Page, Column 1


John Meikle Jun was
born in Glasgow in the
7 Dec mtem [1821] & Christned
by the Revd Wm Thomson.

Willm Meikle was born
in Charlotte Street Glasgow
on 6 Nov mtec [1824] & Christnd
by the Rev Wm Thomson.

Geo Lockhart Meikle
was born in Charlotte
Street Glasgow on 4 Septm
mtea [1826] & Christned by
the Revd Dr Gibb [Gill?].

Robt Greenshields Meikle
was born in Lachute the
Seignor of Argentuil on
the 29 Sptr mtrm [1831] &
Christned by the Revd Mr Brunton.

Tho Barron Meikle was
born in Lachute Seignory
of Argentuil on the 18 October
mtrr [1833] & Christned by the
Revd Mr Brunton.

Alison Isabel Meikle
daughter of Urquhart & Isabel Meikle
born on this day April 27th 1924 at 9.3 a.m.
Ottawa Ont.

  // Third Page, Column 2


Mary Jane Greenshield[s] Meikle
was born in Lachute Seignory
of Argentuil on the 27 July
MTRA [1836] & Christened by the
Rev Mr Brunton.

Marion Young Meikle
was born in Lachute &
parish of St Andrews Argentuil
on the 25 May MTRT [1838]
& Christned by the Rev Mr

Sanciana Meikle
was born in Lachute &
Parish St Andrew in the
Seignor of Argentuil on
25 January MTCM [1841]
& Christned by the Rev Mr Bloor.

[this item very faint on photocopy]
John Loval Meikle born to
Wm Meikle on 11 Augt 1848
[rest of entry illegible but looks like either "Leaving Lachute 21
Oct" or "Living Lachute 21 Oct". Either interpretation makes some
sense, since John Lovell Meikle's mother, Dora Lovell, seems to have
died in childbirth, and John was brought up by his grandparents.
William then married Olive Ann Roche as detailed on page 2, column 1]

Angus Urquhart Meikle
son of RG Meikle & Alison
Meikle . born on 17 Sept
1887 at Lachute Que & Christened on
25th November 1887 by
the Revd A Furlong.

MacKay Meikle son [of] RG Meikle
& Alison Meikle born on 7th Dec 1889
at - at Lachute Que.

Kenneth McKay Meikle
son of MacKay & Dorothea Meikle
born on Tuesday April 28th 1925 at 10 P.M.
Ottawa Ont.

  // Fourth Page, Column 1


Marion Young Meikle
died in Lachute on 9 April
1840 with swelling of the
glands in the Throat being
then 22 Months old.

Sanciana Meikle
died in Lachute on the
30 January 1841 with the

Wm Meikle died on
Monday the 20th June
1870 at 3 P.M. there
were present George
Robert, Jessie, Miss Todd,
Mrs Walker & myself

John Meikle Senr died
on board the Seaman [sic]
Montreal his death was
caused by the Ship burning
& J J Meikle Jr was on board
29 June 1857.
[Globe & Mail reports John Meikle's statement in the issue of July 1,
1857, gives the date of the disaster as June 26, 1857.  John's son,
Thomas Meikle also died on this ship.  He and John Junior, had gone to
Quebec to meet John Sr. and their sister Mary Hunter and her four
children, who were arriving from Scotland, intending to sail with them
on the S.S. Montreal to the city of Montreal.  As the ship left Quebec
it caught fire and over 250 people were either burned to death or
drowned, among them John Meikle Sr. and Thomas Meikle.  John Jr., Mary
(Meikle) Hunter and her children survived.
Bob Meikle has traced Mary, her husband William and their children to
Toronto, but lost track of them after the 1871 census.]

John Meikle Aged 74 yrs
& 2 mos. less 1 day died
at Smiths Falls on Thursday
a.m. at 130 am on 5th Feby
only ill from 7 P.M. till 130 Am
Suffered no pain. Quite unconscious
- trouble paralysis.
[grandson of John Meikle, Sr. who died on S.S. Montreal]

  // Fourth Page, Column 2


John Meikle
Died August 29th 1877
at 2 PM without much
suffering & Happy.
Present George
Robert, Thomas & Mary
Dr Christie Rev Malony[?]
[son of John Meikle, Sr. who died on S.S. Montreal]

Mary Jane Greenshields
Meikle wife of James
Douglas Wells died
at Brampton Ont. at
the residence of the
Rev ED McLaren on
Sunday, 18 Dec 1887
at 1 am.

Margret Irene Meikle
Eldest daughter of G.L [George Lockhart]
Meikle & wife of Hugh M.
Gall, died at Lachute
on Monday 24 Sept
1894 at 7 P.M. aged
37 years & 16 days

  // Fifth Page, Column 1


Wm Meikle Sr died
in Toronto, Ont., on
the 3rd March 1897.
[This is William Roche Meikle, born 6 May 1851, probably in Burritt's
Rapids, Ont., son of William Meikle and his second wife Olive Ann

Mrs John Meikle - Eliza
Barron Meikle wife of
John Meikle, died 14th Novm
1891. At Merrickville, Ont.
aged 68 years & 9 months.

George Lockhart Meikle
died at Lachute Que on
April 29th 1900. Aged 75 yrs. 7 months.

Robert Greenshields Meikle
died at Smiths Falls Ont.
on April 9th 1901 Aged 69 yrs. 6 mos.

Alison Meikle widow of
R.G. [Robert Greenshields] Meikle died at Ottawa
on April 18th 1935 age 83 yrs 11 mo.

Eleanor Dorothea Meikle, elder
daughter of MacKay & Dorothea
Meikle, died at Ottawa
November 18, 1939, aged 11 yrs, 6 mo.

Angus Urquhart Meikle, son of
Robert Greenshields [Meikle] and Alison Meikle,
husband of Marion Isabel Whyte,
died at Ottawa, Ont. on Feb. 15,
1960. Age 72 years.

Dorothea Evangeline Meikle,
wife of MacKay Meikle and mother
of Kenneth and Jean died at
Victoria, B.C. on October 31, 1969.
aged 68 years.

MacKay Meikle, son of Robert Greenshields
Meikle and Alison Meikle, father of Kenneth
& Jean Meikle died at Everett Wash.
while on holiday, April 1, 1972.

  // End of Meikle Bible


[Three sheets of paper accompany the Meikle Bible, and probably
were inserted into it at one time.  The information in these papers
for the most part can be found in the Meikle Bible, however since the
information on the reverse of the Marriage Certificate includes
Christening dates and street addresses in Glasgow, it is probable that
the Bible entries were copied from the Marriage Certificate.

The papers are described as:
1. Marriage Certificate -- a printed document, 7 7/8 inches by 4 7/8
   inches, with the blanks filled in with the appropriate information.
   In addition, at a later date, someone has written in small script,
   the ages of the two people, using the Meikle price code. (They told
   me when I started this hobby that if I shook the family tree I
   should be prepared for some nuts to fall out!). On the reverse of
   this marriage certificate, 7 births are recorded, all in the same
2. Letter -- extremely terse letter, 6 3/4 inches by 4 1/2 inches,
   from John Meikle Senior to John Meikle Junior; one side only.
3. Sheet of lined paper, 7 1/2 by 5 inches, each side with a written

  // First sheet, Marriage Certificate, side 1

That Mr. John Meikle, --aned[?] in Gorbals
and Miss Jeannie Greenshields, residing in Glasgow
have been proclaimed in several of the Churches here, in order for
Marriage, three several times and no objections made, is
attested at Glasgow, the Fifth day of February
one thousand eight hundred and Twenty one years, by
               [signed] Robt Strang     Sess. Clerk
on the fifth day of February 1821
The above-mentioned parties were married by me,
                       [signed] WR Thomson Minister

  // First sheet, Marriage Certificate, side 2

Glasgow, No 6 St. Andrew Lane 7 Dec 1821 at 1 o clock
A.M. Born John Meikle & Christend 31 Decmer
by the Revd Mr Wm Thomson, Preacher Hutchisontown[?]

Glasgow No -7 Charlotte Street 6 Nov 1826 at
1/2 past 10 oclock A M Born Wm Meikle & Christned
6 Dec 1824 by the Revd Wm Thomson Hutchinsontown

Glasgow No 41 Charlotte St 4 Sep 1826 Born George
Lockhart Meikle at 8 oClock AM & Christned
by Dr Gibb [Gill?] Tron Church

Lachute Argentuil 28 Sep 1831 Born Robert
Greenshields Meikle @ 7 oClock PM & Christened
by the Revd Mr Brunton on 5 Nov 1831

Lachute Argentuil 17 Octr 183[3] Born Thomas
Barron Meikle @ 8 oClock AM & Christened
by the Revd Mr Brunton 15 Nov 1833

Lachute Argentuil 26 July 1836 Born
Mary Jane Greenshields Meikle at 8 oClock
A.M & Christned by the Revd Mr Brunton
on 18 August

Lachute Argentuil 25 May 1838 Born
Marion Young @ 4 oClock A M and
Christned by Mr Brunton on 20 June and
died 9 April 1840 by a swelling in the Glands of throat.

 // Second sheet; letter, one side only

Dear John .
    It would be uslefs to write
any News. I have sent your age
John Meikle Born 19th May
1794 at 9 o Clock fornoon
       [signed] John Meikle

 // Third sheet; paper, side 1

Margret Irene Meikle Eldest daughter of GL
Meikle & wife of Hugh M Gall died
at Lachute on Monday 24 Sept 1894 at
Y.RM [0.31 or 10.31] aged 34 years & 16 days

 // Third sheet; paper, side 2

Mrs John Meikle
Eliza Barron Meikle wife of John
Meikle died 14 Nov 91 at Non [sic]
Merrickle [sic] Ont aged 68 years & 9 Mo