By William Steacy Bell

This document was transcribed by Elaine Kirkham. Some of the data has been re-arranged and consolidated, but nothing has been omitted. In some cases the manuscript is confusing, especially as to the relationship of the children in the Chalmers family.

This Bell Family Tree History is dedicated to Lillie Agnes BELL who has continued living in Smiths Falls where the family started in this vicinity, branched out with its many families and members. Mrs. BELL has played host to the many family visitors that returned to the home town over the last number of years.

— William Steacy Bell, March 13, 1961.

           The original members of the BELL Family settled in the vicinity of Kingston, some near Athens, Leeds County, some near Smiths Falls, County of Lanark.

           Smiths Falls became a village on April 22, 1854 and later incorporated as a town in 1882. R. W. STEACY was mayor of Smiths Falls during 1894, 1895, 1896. S. M. BARNES was mayor of Smiths Falls during 1897, 1898. (He was the grandfather of Jennie BARNES who married Oliver AVISON from England.)


Bell Grandparents
Robert BELL born 1808 in England, came to Canada with Irish Regiment, stationed at Quebec, married Margaret DERIEU. (A brother came with the same regiment, he moved to Pattarson.) Robert was moved to Kingston. When discharged he joined the Kingston Police Force. Later was Police Magistrate, later retired and lived on University Ave. He died July 4, 1886 at 78 years. Buried in Catariqua Cemetery – Kingston, Ont. First Wife: Margaret DERIEU, born 1815, died Jan. 27 1869 at 54 years.
Children: Joseph, Robert, William, Josha, Mary, Margaret. Second Wife: Sarah Jane WILSON, born 1833, died 1887, 54 years.
Children: James Wilson BELL, born 1876, died April 5, 1941. Third Wife: Miss SHAW. No children.

Joseph BELL: (Son of Robert & Margaret DERIEU, father of W.S. BELL) was born at Kingston. He was a furnace builder, moved to New York City. Died Sept. 23, 1933 in his 86th year at Smiths falls, buried at Kingston. He married Catherine WARWICK (see her details below in “W. S. Bell Family Continued”). Children: Walter Davidson – born 1873, died the result of an accident in 1884. Robert Webster – born Dec 6, 1875, died in 1952 at 77 yrs. Jennie Marie – born Sept 11, 1876, died in 1894 at 18 yrs. William Steacy – born Oct. 26, 1879. (See history & descendants below) Catherine H. – born June 7, 1884. Fannie A. – born Dec 31, 1885. Joseph Jr. – born Nov 6, 1888, died Jan. 29, 1935 at 47 yrs.

Robert BELL (son of Robert & Margaret DERIEU) lived in Jersey City U.S.A. Children: Birdie – married to Will STEPHENS. Joshua – lived in Philadelphia U.S.A. Mary – not married, died 1935 at 84 yrs. Margaret – not married died in early yrs. William – not married died in early yrs.

James Wilson BELL, son of Robert and Sarah Jane WILSON, born at Kingston in 1876, farmer, died Feb 14, 1941 at 65 yrs. Wife: Margaret Jane BAIRD, born 1872, died Feb 14, 1951. Children: Bessie – married to J.M. BURDEN of Oakville Ont. Ray – married to . . . . . O’Brien, Ottawa Ont. George – at home RR 2 Kingston Ont. Robert – at home RR 2 Kingston Ont.

Robert Webster BELL (son of Joseph & Catherine WARWICK) born at Kingston Dec. 6, 1875, died 1952 at 77 yrs. buried at Newark N.J. Cemetery. In Retail Business in New York – married to Marjorie McNABB. Children: Reta – married Will STEPHENS – 1 daughter. Mildred – married Hamilton GRAY – 1 daughter & 1 son. Grace – married Paul HABERLANDT – no children.

History of William Steacy Bell

           Born in Oshawa, Oct. 26, 1879. Moved to New York City, returned to Smiths Falls at about 11 yrs. of age to live with an uncle, Robert Webster STEACY and aunt Maria STEACY. This aunt and uncle were a God Father and Mother to me until I was married in 1905 to Lillie Agnes BARNES (born March 13, 1879 at Smiths Falls).

           R. W. STEACY (born in 1853) conducted a jewellry business until he died in 1911. Succeeded by W.S. BELL until in 1945 the business passed on to a son-in-law, John H. COOPER, continuing until he died in 1952. The business continued under two owners until 1959, then closed out after 83 years duration.

Children of William Steacy Bell & Lillie Agnes Barnes Katherine BELL, born at Smiths Falls Sept 24, 1906 married to John H. COOPER, jeweller, born Apr. 27 1904, died at Smiths Falls Dec 11, 1952. Children: Barbara Fay – born May 3, 1937 at Almonte, school teacher at Oshawa, married to Lloyd Ross WILLIAMS, teacher at Smiths Falls (as of) Aug 19, 1960. David J. – born at Almonte Apr 14, 1942. Barnes Steacy BELL – born at Smiths Falls Sept 3, 1907, married Evelyn Sybil GOODWIN, born at Salisbury, N.B. B. S. BELL has conducted an optometric profession at Moncton since July, 1932. Children: Geoffrey Goodwin BELL – born June 27, 1942 at Moncton N.B. Robert Harrison BELL – born May 20, 1944 at Moncton, N.B. Lera Essie Hilda BELL – born Oct 1, 1913 at Smiths Falls married to Percy E.(?) JOYNT, born Aug 13, 1913 at Smiths Falls, dairy farmer and real estate. Children: Carol Lillian JOYNT, born Nov 19, 1938, school teacher at Smiths Falls. John William JOYNT, born at Smiths Falls Sept 17, 1941. Marsha Isabell JOYNT, born at Smiths Falls June 11, 1947

W. S. Bell Family Continued

           W. S. BELL’s grandmother on his mother’s side, Marie DULMAGE, died Jan. 6, 1889 at 78 yrs. She was married to Charles J. WARWICK at Kingston Ont. – a contractor who died the result of an accident Oct 26, 1867, at 50 yrs. Family: Catherine WARWICK – Mother of W.S. BELL, born at Kingston April 1, 1845, married to Joseph BELL at Smiths Falls where she lived the last six years, died at Smiths Falls Jan 9, 1928. Joseph BELL died Sept 23, 1933 at 86 yrs., buried in family plot at Cataraque, Kingston. Charles J. WARWICK – Married to Carie ANGLIN at Kingston, died on May 29, 1894. Children: Charles J., Allison, Harry, Ethel. Maria WARWICK — Born at Kingston 1849, died at Smiths Falls 1916. Buried at Kingston, married to R. ? STEACY no children, but adopted Annie EDGAR, a niece, later married to Wm. EWART, barrister at Westport where she was buried. One daughter Mary, now Mrs. J. T. YOEGER, Toronto. Fannie WARWICK — Born at Kingston 1856 died at Welland Ont., married to Will ASSELSTINE at Kingston. Children: Vert, Fred, Arthur, Lena, Howard. Emma WARWICK — Born at Kingston, 1851 married to Wm. ROBINSON, died early life. James WARWICK — Born at Kingston 1854, died at 85 yrs. at Smiths Falls, buried Smiths Falls. Married to George VANDUSEN. (sic) Step-children: Violet and Herb. Helen WARWICK — Born 1859, died at Smiths Falls, not married. William J. WARWICK — Born at Kingston 1865, died at Drumba 1895. Married first to Hattie ROSS. Children: R. W. WARWICK married to Kathleen Harrison. No children. W. J. WARWICK Jr., married to Cora CRIEGHTON. Children: Ireen, Sonny (?). Married second to Katherine HARRISON of Merrickville. Children: Helen of Toronto, secretary; Clare of Toronto, secretary; Gerald of Toronto, watchmaker. Hattie WARWICK — Married at Smiths Falls to Gorden CORBETT. Children: Reta, Marjorie, Doris, Joan.

           Grandfather David BARNES died at the home of his son Samuel M. BARNES in Smiths Falls. He was a shoemaker by trade, married Elizabeth Martin HARRISON; better known as Grannie BARNES. This was her second marriage, the account of her first marriage will appear in the story of her life later.

           Grannie BARNES was born 1744 in County Cork Ireland, died in 1886 in Yonge Township in her 93rd yr. Buried in Sheldon Cemetery, Athens in north east corner of cemetery near Mrs. WILSON, sister of Samuel BARNES jr. Shelden Cemetery is near the Shelden School in Plum Hollow.
Children: John and Thomas deceased. Lucy, married Horace BROWN, Athens. Samuel Martin BARNES, blacksmith of Smiths Falls, married Agnes CHALMERS, mother of Lillie Agnes BELL. David Jr., blacksmith. Margaret, married Authur ROBESON of Sharbot Lake, died later. George, married Clare KYO, died at early age. Williston, married Lydia COMPO. Children: Welland, Carrie, Mattie, Agnes, Harrison, Stanley. Jean Elizabeth, died Nov. 10, 1910. Married Chas. WING of Athens. Children: Millie, Lucy, Edith, Mary, Grace. Belle Sheldon, an adopted daughter, married Erastus LIVINGSTON, Athens.

           Grannie BARNES was a daughter of Col. MARTIN of British Army. At an early age she eloped with the man of her choice Sergeant Robert HARRISON. Sailing to America, they settled in Cobourg, Ont. where a son Robert Jr. was born, he became a Colonel in the American Army, died in Kansas. Robert HARRISON Sr. died at an early age.

           Grannie BARNES later married David BARNES and settled at Plum Hollow two miles from Athens Ont. Mrs. BARNES became famous for her ability to solve mysteries, compelling people to come from far and near for her assistance. There have been many historical sketches written of her life work. She was the daughter of a seventh daughter, a very generous, and talented person, especially with sick people, also had a hobby of reading tea cup fortunes which added to her attraction.

           The following are a couple of accounts of the mysteries solved: A family had lost track of a will. Grannie told them it was tied up in a blue slipper in dresser drawer, where it was found. A man had disappeared with no trace of him for some days. Appealing to Grannie, she directed (people) to a spot in a near by river, where the body was found.

Chalmers Branch

           Great Grandmother was Barbara GREG of Scotland. She married Melville Alexander CONDIE (Alexander was of the family of Prince CONDÉ of France).

           Grandfather Henry CHALMERS, born 1822, died 1885, was a blacksmith at Smiths Falls. Later conducted an egg and poultry business. Married Margaret CONDIE, died at Smiths Falls at 60 yrs. of age, May 14, 1885.
Children: 1.    Henry, born Apr 15, 1844, died at Smiths Falls June 7, 1918 (first wife was Mary Adeline VANDUSEN, b. c1845 – Elaine Kirkham) a. daughter Minnie Second wife: Nancy Adelphia FELKER born Sept 8, 1847, died Nov. 16 1912. a. daughter Ida, died Sept. 23, 1921, at 54 yrs. of age. 2.    Barbara, married John WILLISChildren: Alena married Frank WHELTER (WHETTER?), Agnes, Harry, Frank(?) 3.    Margaret, married Henry KERWINChildren: William, Margaret, Alice. Three children died: Hattie, Anna, James 4.    Jemima, died 1880 at Smiths Falls at 22 yrs. of age. Married to Robert WHITE. Children: Harry, Duncan. 5.    Agnes, born at Smiths Falls May 5, 1845, died Aug 10, 1915, married to Samuel Martin BARNES. He was born at Plum Hollow in 1834, died Sept. 30, 1922 at Smiths Falls. Children: a.    Margaret Jane — born in Smiths Falls Feb. 23, 1862, died in New York, Sept. 1936, buried in Smiths Falls in Hillcrest Cemetery. She married Dr. O. R. AVISON, who was born June 30, 1860, in Haddersfield, Yorkshire, England. He was a missionary in Korea for 40 yrs. He died in St. Petersburg, Florida Aug 29, 1956, buried in Smiths Falls. Children: Arthur, Lawrence, Lera, Dr. Douglas, Raymond, Gordon, Martin, Edward. Children’s Marriages: Lawrence Barnes to Marie MACE Dr. Douglas Bray to Kathleen RAWSON Lera to Clarence LARSON Raymond William to Evelyn WINSLOW Gordon Wilberforce to Francis GOHEEN Martin to May Belle Edward to Alberta b.    Mary Elizabeth, born at Smiths Falls Oct. 24, 1863, married to John BENNEDICT, train despatcher. Children: (1)    Myrtle Floyd, married to William TRESTRAIL. Family: Betty, Jean, William John Hubert, died of an accident. (2)    Essie Beatrice, married to Leslie BARTRAM at Vancouver. Family: Marjorie, Shirley (3)    Agnes Chalmers, married John FRASER of Calgary. Children: Dorothy. (4)    Amy Isabel, married Thomas WIGEMYR of Patricia Family (sic) c.    Barbara Ann, born at Smiths Falls Feb 6, 1867, died Jan 8, 1898, married to Thomas SHAW, Editor, he died 1959 at 92 yrs. Family: Albert Martin SHAW, married to Tilly. d.    William Henry, died in his 26th year. e.    Lucy Mina, died Jan 12, 1902 at 30 yrs. Married to Aylesworth SHAVER, contractor at Ottawa. [Ed. note — manuscript runs children on here. Impossible to determine whose children these are for sure.]Children: (1)    Urcel Dwight and (2) Gladys died in youth. (3)    Carman married to Grace McCREERY. Aylesworth’s second marriage to Margaret SMITH of Iroquois. Children: (4)    Beverly married to Wayne McKENZIE. (5)    Morley Puncheon, married to Eva DETTRICK of Perth. Children: Isabel married to Jack FRASER Jack married Ethel f.    Robert Harrison, died at two yrs. g.    Lillie Agnes, born at Smiths Falls Mar. 13, 1879, married to W. S. BELL, jeweller. Children: Katherine, Barnes, Lera. (See history under Bell generation.) h.    Amy Luella, born at Smiths Falls Oct 26, 1881, married to George BUCHANAN, insurance agent at Carleton Place. Children: Agnes Willis, married Archie CALVIN Hilda Margaret, married to Lorne McROSTIE Amy Blanche, married to Vern McCARTEN i.    Roy Chalmers, born at Smiths Falls Dec 23, 1884, telegraph operator and artist, married Ethel KEIR of Merrickville Ont. Children: Samuel Martin, died at Copper Cliff at 15 years. Keir, married to Dr. John GLIDDEN William Chalmers, married to Sylvalyn PENGELLY David Barnes, married to Marcella Morley John, married to Jacqualina

History of the Condie Family

           This branch of the family tree extends back over five generations through Grandfathers and Grandmothers as follows: 1st    Lillie Agnes Barnes BELL 2nd    Her Mother, Agnes Chalmers BARNES 3rd    her mother, Margaret Condie CHALMERS 4th    her father, Melville Alexander CONDIE 5th    his father Prince CONDÉ (note the French spelling of CONDIE)

           Prince CONDÉ came from France to England. His son Melville Alexander CONDIE sailed the Atlantic on a timber boat, carrying long timber from Canada to England. On one trip the boat sprung a leak, seemed it would sink, but the timber acted as a raft, keeping the boat afloat, a Norwegian boat towed them to England.

           On one of the trips, most of the family crossed and settled in Canada in the vicinity of Smiths Falls. They were Malcomb, William, John, David, Margaret.

           Margaret married Henry CHALMERS. She became the mother of Mrs. S. M. BARNES and the grandmother of Mrs. Lillie Agnes BELL.