Transcribed for the LCGS website by Eileen Bashak.

The Ottawa Daily Free Press
Monday, March 24 1879
Page 3 Emigration From the Valley
The First Trains For the North-West

This afternoon the first train for Manitoba started from this city. The train when it leaves Brockville will be made up into two specials, bound for the great Northwest. Ottawa furnished 14 freight cars and 3 passenger cars; Aultsville, 4 freight and 1 passenger car; Manotick 1 freight car; and Brockville, 5 freight and 2 passenger cars. In addition to this, two baggage cars were furnished, which will make two trains of 16 cars each. Some of the best men of the Ottawa Valley have pulled up stakes and are going to plant themselves in the Northwest Country, and others are preparing to follow suit. The party will consist of about 250 persons, who take with them a large amount of freight.

The Smith’s Falls Party

The following are among the Smith’s Falls party. The majority of them go to Dakotah, others to Manitoba, and the family of James FLOYD of Carleton Place, to St. Peter’s Minnesota.
Jas. EDMUNDS and wife, J. KINCH, G. PHILLIPS, A. CROSS, W. CROSS, T. CROSS, S. CAUL, Mrs. BARTON and family, R. LEESON and wife, W. McCAW and wife, J. R. CHURCH, R. HUNT and wife, Smith’s Falls; A.F. DANGERFIELD and family, W. MASSON and family, Merrickville; W. MORRISON, MORAN brothers, A. McKIN, M. McGUIRE, M. O’CONNELL, Jas. PORTER and wife, Andrew FLEMMING, A. STEWART and two brothers, Montague; W. PINKERTON, Portland; W. SPAULDING, Perth; Mr. ROGERS and family, Maberly; P. ARMSTRONG and family Oso; J. KEHOE, Smith’s Falls; John GIBSON, Mrs. McCALLUM and family (seven), Jas. FLOYD and family, Carleton Place; W. A. McLAREN, Perth; R. LYONS, S. ROGERS, Mr. FOLEY, Newboyne; James THOMSON and son, Lombardy; T. CONNORS, Kilmarnock; I. FOSTER, Mrs. BROWN and family, Smith’s Falls; John PARKER, Toledo; J. IRWIN, J. COCHRANE, P. O’CONNELL, R. WALKER and family Newboyne; George COCHRANE, Newbliss; Frank ROSS and brother, Mr. LOCHEAD, Kilmarnock; Jas. McGREGOR, Smith’s Falls; Jas. FRANCIS, John SCOTT and wife, — FOLEY, Jasper; G. AGNEW, Smith’s Falls.