Transcribed by Rita Meistrell
Some comments about these entries:
(1) These are my interpretations of the squiggles on the microfilm sheets. I recommend that people verify the information directly. A ‘?’ indicates that I could not interpet the name or that this was my best guess. A ‘~’ embedded in a name indicates letters that I could not interpret.
(2) Double names like McCoy/McKay were based upon multiple children with the same parents but father’s surname varied between the two spellings.

NameMarriage DateSpouse
Ash, MaryAugust 17, 1840Murphy, Patrick
Barry, ThomasJune 25, 1831Ryan, Sally
Bennett, CarolineJuly 04, 1853Cumane, Michael
Bennett, CatherineOctober 06, 1884O’Donnell, Michael
Bennett, Margaret/CatherineNovember 25, 1852Murphy, John
Bennett, MariaJanuary 16, 1837O’Connor, William
Bennett, MileyJune 04, 1855Quinn, Bridget
Beunoide, MaryJuly 18, 1844Rossiter, James
Blackwell, MaryJanuary 30, 1854Murphy, John
Blaire, CeceliaFebruary 26, 1827McKay, Alexander
Bowes, JohnAugust 06, 1835Connor, Ann
Boyle, MartinFebruary 06, 1826Murphy, Elizabeth
Boze, EllenSeptember 19, 1837Foly, Matthew
Bresnahan, CatherineAugust 04, 1834Sheils, Barney
Buckley, BarneyJuly 12, 1832Nugent, Catherine
Burns, ElizabethSeptember 22, 1834O’Hare, Edward
Burns, JohnFebruary 06, 1837Hartney, Margaret
Byrne, BridgetAugust 06, 1883Lane, Edmond/Edward
Byrnes, CatherineJanuary 20, 1824Harty, Michael
Byrnes, ElizabethApril 04, 1864Quinn, John
Cahal, NancySeptember 13, 1837Whelan, John
Cain, AnthonyMay 07, 1834McBrien, Alice
Campbell, MaryOctober 09, 1845Murphy, Owen
Carroll, MaryNovember 08, 1840Cudden, Patrick
Carroll, MaryNovember 10, 1868Stafford, Thomas
Clancy, JohnJanuary 06, 1826Ryan, Mary
Clark, ElizabethOctober 03, 1825Murphy, John
Closs, HenryJune 18, 1861Murphy, Jane
Cokely, ElizabethJanuary 07, 1839Hollinger, Charles
Connor, AnnAugust 06, 1835Bowes, John
Connor, MaryJanuary 08, 1832Kelly, Darby
Cosgrove, ThomasJanuary 09, 1848Murphy, Catherine
Coyle, AnnJanuary 12, 1846Murphy, Edmund
Coyle, MaryFebruary 06, 1831McGarry, Peter
Crump, HenryOctober 18, 1829Kelly, Helene
Cudden, PatrickNovember 08, 1840Carroll, Mary
Culhane, CatherineMay 29, 1827O’Connor, Timothy
Cumane, MichaelJuly 04, 1853Bennett, Caroline
Cumane/Cumman, MaryFebruary 02, 1851Sullivan, Patrick
Cunningham, Ann “Nancy”January 29, 1855O’Connor, John
Cunningham, Ann MarieNovember 26, 1860Sullivan, Morris J.
Cunningham, Elizabeth BetseyJanuary 07, 1864McEachen, John
Cunningham, GeorgeOctober 29, 1912Hartney, Mary ‘Stella’
Cunningham, Margaret TheresaJanuary 29, 1884Foley, Michael
Davidson, HarrietJanuary 07, 1856Sullivan, Timothy
Devlin, CharlesNovember 25, 1867Quinn, Catherine
Devlin, ElizabethFebruary 08, 1863Whalen, Joseph
Devlin, JamesOctober 22, 1860McLaughlin, Ellen
Devlin, PatrickApril 12, 1840Davidson, Harriet
Dixon, GrenvilleApril 13, 1845McCoy/McKay, Ann
Donahoe, JohnApril 10, 1856O’Connor, Bridget
Doran, JohnMarch 01, 1824McGarry, Mary
Dowdall, EdwardSeptember 1826O’Connor, Mary Ann
Dowdell, PeterOctober 29, 1888Sullivan, Ellen Jane
Doyle, BridgetNovember 21, 1870Poole, Michael
Doyle, CatherineApril 20, 1846McNaughton, Thomas
Doyle, PatrickJanuary 07, 1857Quinn, Julia/Judy
Drogceck, IgnatiusAugust 08, 1825Policere/Polestra, Terese
Enright, Ellen O.April 15, 1844Sullivan, Andrew
Enright, HanoraFebruary 23, 1852Sullivan, Timothy
Enright, MartinSeptember 04, 1838Kain, Bridget
Enright, MaryNovember 09, 1881Skiffington, Peter
Enright, MaryApril 27, 1845McGuire, Peter
Enright, PatrickFebruary 11, 1839O’Brien, Bridget
Enright, TimothyNovember 02, 1859Gill, Catherine
Faughlin, EllenJanuary 23, 1848McGuire, Bernard
Finan, MaryOctober 05, 1863Sullivan, James
Fiornean, CatherineJune 02, 1844Murphy, Daniel
Fleming, MichaelOctober 28, 1849O’Connor, Mary
Foley, HannahJune 30, 1856Malowney, James
Foley, MichaelJanuary 29, 1884Cunningham, Margaret Theresa
Foley, TimothyJanuary 26, 1845McGuire, Helene/Ellen
Foly, JohnApril 18, 1836O’Brien, Johanna
Foly, MatthewSeptember 19, 1837Boze, Ellen
Freeman, ElizabethFebruary 25, 1867Murphy, Thomas
Furlong, BridgetOctober 27, 1856Murphy, William
Furlong, Phil~October 03, 1864Stafford, James
Galvin, JohnJanuary 17, 1832O’Connor, Jane
Garvin, WilliamFebruary 19, 1843Lavelle, Elizabeth
Gill, CatherineNovember 02, 1859Enright, Timothy
Glien, OliverFebruary 05, 1833Murphy, Agnes
Gorman, DanielJanuary 08, 1837Murphy, Sarah
Gorman, HanoraNovember 12, 1833Nagle, Patrick
Gorman, SimonNovember 11, 1834Murphy, Mary
Grady, MargaretApril 30, 1849Murphy, John
Grady, MaryApril 25, 1844Ryan, Michael
Green, MargaretJanuary 11, 1829Ryan, Peter
Green, WilliamFebruary 05, 1826O’Connor, Elizabeth
Hagerty, BridgetJuly 21, 1844Quinn, Patrick
Hale, EllenApril 04, 1853Murphy, Patrick
Halpen, MargaretJanuary 07, 1830Murphy, Daniel
Hanrahan, MargaretNovember 01, 1840Sullivan, John
Hart, Margaret AliceNovember 24, 1912Lacy, Peter
Hartney, JohnJuly 24, 1851Ryan, Ann
Hartney, MargaretFebruary 06, 1837Burns, John
Hartney, Mary ‘Stella’October 29, 1912Cunningham, George
Hartney, MichaelMay 16, 1859McCann, Bridget
Hartney, Michael JohnFebruary 06, 1889Stafford, Mary Jane
Hartney, PatrickMay 28, 1860Hogan, Margaret
Harty, MichaelJanuary 20, 1824Byrnes, Catherine
Healy, JohnOctober 29, 1863Neville, Ann
Henrick, JamesMarch 03, 1862McKay, Rose
Henrick, MichaelOctober 07, 1860McKay, Mary Ann
Henrick, NancyApril 14, 1828Murphy, Patrick
Hill, SarahJanuary 08, 1836Murphy, Anthony
Hogan, MargaretMay 28, 1860Hartney, Patrick
Hollinger, CharlesJanuary 07, 1839Cokely, Elizabeth
Hollinger, Charles H.November 27, 1909McCuster, Margaret
Hollinger, CharlotteApril 16, 1836McCart, James
Hollinger, ElizabethNovember 24, 1853Ryan, John Anthony
Hollinger, Elizabeth LorettaFebruary 08, 1882Sullivan, James Timothy
Hollinger, JohnApril 16, 1868Quinn, Bridget
Hollinger, JohnDecember 15, 1871McDonald, Mary
Hollinger, JuliaNovember 03, 1845McCoy, John
Hollinger, JuliaNovember 09, 1881McGarry, Alexander
Hudson, EdwardJuly 12, 1846McKay, Sarah
Jackman, ThomasFebruary 28, 2848Murphy, Mary Ann
Kain, BridgetSeptember 04, 1838Enright, Martin
Kain, CatherineJuly 13, 1836O’Connor/Connor, Peter
Keaton, JohnSeptember 30, 1848Murphy, Sarah
Kelly, BridgetJuly 27, 1829O’Connor, Michael
Kelly, DarbyJanuary 08, 1832Connor, Mary
Kelly, HeleneOctober 18, 1829Crump, Henry
Kelly, SallyOctober 17, 1830O’Connor, Patrick
Kelly, ThomasJune 01, 1848Murphy, Catherine
Kennedy, ThomasMay 03, 1843Ryan, Ellen
Lacy, PeterNovember 24, 1912Hart, Margaret Alice
Lane, Edmond/EdwardAugust 06, 1883Byrne, Bridget
Lane, HanoraFebruary 18, 1868O’Connor, Edward
Lane, MaryOctober 28, 1868Surcilly/Sursly, Jacob
Lavallee, Francis Patrick AnthonyNovember 28, 1868Sullivan, Ann
Lavelle, ElizabethFebruary 19, 1843Garvin, William
Maguire, JohnMay 03, 1852Surcilly, Rebecca
Malcolm, Catherine J.February 21, 1887Sullivan, George Albert
Malowney, JamesJune 30, 1856Foley, Hannah
Malowney/Maloney, CatherineJanuary 15, 1849Quinn, John
McBrien, AliceMay 07, 1834Cain, Anthony
McCaffrey, CatherineMarch 01, 1840Murphy, John
McCaffrey, JosephFebruary 01, 1861McGarry, Ellen
McCaffrey, Mary AnnFebruary 01, 1853O’Connor, Edward
McCahill, JohnNovember 19, 1860McKay, Elizabeth
McCamm, AnnNovember 27, 1855Murphy, George
McCann, BridgetMay 16, 1859Hartney, Michael
McCann, SarahJanuary 16, 1860Poole, Thomas
McCart, JamesApril 16, 1836Hollinger, Charlotte
McCarty, DonaldMay 16, 1828O’Connor, Peggy
McCarty, HanoraJune 07, 1855McGee, Thomas
McComisky, PeterJanuary 27, 1831O’Connor, Margaret
McCoy, JohnNovember 03, 1845Hollinger, Julia
McCoy/McKay, AnnApril 13, 1845Dixon, Grenville
McCoy/McKay, JohnJuly 05, 1869McGuire, Ellen
McCoy/McKay, MaryApril 13, 1834McKain/McKean, Isaia
McCoy/McKay, NeilFebruary 03, 1833McNaughton, Rosy
McCuster, MargaretNovember 27, 1909Hollinger, Charles H.
McDonald, JaneJanuary 26, 1846O’Connor, Patrick
McDonald, MaryDecember 15, 1871Hollinger, John
McDonnell, EdwardOctober 11, 1858Murphy, Elizabeth
McDonnell, EllenOctober 11, 1858Murphy, Patrick
McDonnell, JohnJanuary 23, 1827McLellan, Flory
McEachen, JohnJanuary 07, 1864Cunningham, Elizabeth Betsey
McEttrick, JamesJune 29, 1846Murphy, Ellen
McFarland, AlliceJanuary 29, 1844Ryan, Andrew
McFarland, CatherineOctober 11, 1842Murphy, Christopher
McGarry, AlexanderNovember 09, 1881Hollinger, Julia
McGarry, ElizabethFebruary 10, 1824Stafford, Tobias
McGarry, EllenFebruary 01, 1861McCaffrey, Joseph
McGarry, MargaretApril 29, 1833Skinner, Collin
McGarry, MaryMarch 01, 1824Doran, John
McGarry, PeterFebruary 06, 1831Coyle, Mary
McGarry, WilliamJanuary 31, 1859Sheridan, Mary
McGee, ThomasJune 07, 1855McCarty, Hanora
McGillis, DonaldMay 23, 1837McKenzie, Janet
McGrae, BridgetOctober 28, 1830Whelan, Andrew
McGuire, BernardJanuary 23, 1848Faughlin, Ellen
McGuire, EllenJuly 05, 1869McCoy/McKay, John
McGuire, Helene/EllenJanuary 26, 1845Foley, Timothy
McGuire, MargaretJune 16, 1839Ryan, Denis
McGuire, PeterJanuary 17, 1833Morran, Betsy
McGuire, PeterApril 27, 1845Enright, Mary
McGuire, ThomasAugust 04, 1825Wright, Margaret
McIntyre, DanielMarch 20, 1843O’Donnell, Mary
McKain/McKean, IsaiaApril 13, 1834McCoy/McKay, Mary
McKanna, HughOctober 03, 1836O’Connor, Ellen
McKay, AlexanderFebruary 26, 1827Blaire, Cecelia
McKay, BridgetApril 02, 1856Stafford, James
McKay, CatherineFebruary 04, 1856Murray, Patrick
McKay, DanielSeptember 05, 1864O’Neil, Elizabeth
McKay, ElizabethNovember 19, 1860McCahill, John
McKay, Mary AnnOctober 07, 1860Henrick, Michael
McKay, RoseMarch 03, 1862Henrick, James
McKay, SarahJuly 12, 1846Hudson, Edward
McKay, WilliamApril 01, 1835Riley/O’Reilly, Catherine
McKenzie, JanetMay 23, 1837McGillis, Donald
McKittrick, MaryJune 02, 1868Quinn, John
McLaughlin, EllenOctober 22, 1860Devlin, James
McLellan, FloryJanuary 23, 1827McDonnell, John
McManus, EdwardFebruary 06, 1837Quinn, Catherine
McNamara, MichaelSeptember 15, 1862Murphy, Gertrude Ellen
McNaughton, ElizabethFebruary 26, 1868Quinn, James
McNaughton, MarjeryFebruary 16, 1829O’Connor, Patrick
McNaughton, Mary JaneJanuary 09, 1865O’Connor, Thomas
McNaughton, RosyFebruary 03, 1833McCoy/McKay, Neil
McNaughton, ThomasApril 20, 1846Doyle, Catherine
McSpadden, SarahOctober 10, 1844Ryan, Michael
Morran, BetsyJanuary 17, 1833McGuire, Peter
Mullally, MaryMay 25, 1845Ryan, Michael
Murphy, AgnesFebruary 05, 1833Glien, Oliver
Murphy, AlexanderOctober 26, 1844Sweeney, Mary
Murphy, AnnMay 30, 1858Spence, Patrick
Murphy, AnthonyJanuary 08, 1836Hill, Sarah
Murphy, BridgetJuly 30, 1859Penhing, James
Murphy, CatherineSeptember 04, 1831Sullivan, John
Murphy, CatherineJanuary 09, 1848Cosgrove, Thomas
Murphy, CatherineJanuary 03, 1839White, John
Murphy, CatherineJune 01, 1848Kelly, Thomas
Murphy, ChristopherOctober 11, 1842McFarland, Catherine
Murphy, DanielJanuary 07, 1830Halpen, Margaret
Murphy, DanielJune 02, 1844Fiornean, Catherine
Murphy, DanielJanuary 07, 1856Sullivan, Ann
Murphy, EdmundJanuary 12, 1846Coyle, Ann
Murphy, Eliabeth MaryFebruary 06, 1826Boyle, Martin
Murphy, ElizabethOctober 11, 1858McDonnell, Edward
Murphy, EllenJune 29, 1846McEttrick, James
Murphy, GeorgeNovember 27, 1855McCamm, Ann
Murphy, Gertrude EllenSeptember 15, 1862McNamara, Michael
Murphy, HughJanuary 31, 1853Quinn, Mary
Murphy, JamesOctober 25, 1830Smith, Catherine
Murphy, JaneJune 18, 1861Closs, Henry
Murphy, JohnOctober 03, 1825Clark, Elizabeth
Murphy, JohnMarch 01, 1840McCaffrey, Catherine
Murphy, JohnJanuary 26, 1845Ryan, Mary
Murphy, JohnApril 30, 1849Grady, Margaret
Murphy, JohnJanuary 30, 1854Blackwell, Mary
Murphy, JohnNovember 25, 1852Bennett, Margaret/Catherine
Murphy, JohnSeptember 25, 1848Scanlan, Margaret
Murphy, MargaretFebruary 11, 1828Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, MargaretNovember 25, 1850Murphy, William
Murphy, MaryNovember 11, 1834Gorman, Simon
Murphy, MaryFebruary 19, 1849Walsh, John
Murphy, MaryJanuary 30, 1853Nagle, Richard
Murphy, MaryNovember 10, 1851Tierney, William
Murphy, Mary AnnFebruary 28, 2848Jackman, Thomas
Murphy, MichaelFebruary 19, 1855O’Connor, Mary
Murphy, MichaelNovember 14, 1871Toney, Catherine
Murphy, Michael AlexanderJanuary 16, 1882Sullivan, Margaret Ann
Murphy, OwenOctober 09, 1845Campbell, Mary
Murphy, PatrickFebruary 11, 1828Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, PatrickAugust 17, 1840Ash, Mary
Murphy, PatrickApril 04, 1853Hale, Ellen
Murphy, PatrickApril 14, 1828Henrick, Nancy
Murphy, PatrickOctober 11, 1858McDonnell, Ellen
Murphy, SarahJanuary 08, 1837Gorman, Daniel
Murphy, SarahSeptember 30, 1848Keaton, John
Murphy, ThomasFebruary 25, 1867Freeman, Elizabeth
Murphy, WilliamNovember 25, 1850Murphy, Margaret
Murray, PatrickFebruary 04, 1856McKay, Catherine
Nagle, PatrickNovember 12, 1833Gorman, Hanora
Nagle, RichardJanuary 30, 1853Murphy, Mary
Neville, AnnOctober 29, 1863Healy, John
Nugent, CatherineJuly 12, 1832Buckley, Barney
O’Brien, BridgetFebruary 11, 1839Enright, Patrick
O’Brien, ElizabethAugust 10, 1886Sullivan, William David
O’Brien, JohannaApril 18, 1836Foly, John
O’Connor, BridgetApril 10, 1856Donahoe, John
O’Connor, EdwardFebruary 01, 1853McCaffrey, Mary Ann
O’Connor, EdwardJanuary 06, 1852Russell, Mary
O’Connor, EdwardFebruary 18, 1868Lane, Hanora
O’Connor, ElizabethFebruary 05, 1826Green, William
O’Connor, EllenOctober 03, 1836McKanna, Hugh
O’Connor, JaneJanuary 17, 1832Galvin, John
O’Connor, JohnJanuary 29, 1855Cunningham, Ann “Nancy”
O’Connor, JohnOctober 15, 1827O’Connor, Judith
O’Connor, JudithOctober 15, 1827O’Connor, John
O’Connor, MargaretJanuary 27, 1831McComisky, Peter
O’Connor, MaryOctober 28, 1849Fleming, Michael
O’Connor, MaryFebruary 19, 1855Murphy, Michael
O’Connor, Mary AnnSeptember 1826Dowdall, Edward
O’Connor, MichaelJuly 27, 1829Kelly, Bridget
O’Connor, PatrickOctober 17, 1830Kelly, Sally
O’Connor, PatrickFebruary 16, 1829McNaughton, Marjery
O’Connor, PeggyMay 16, 1828McCarty, Donald
O’Connor, ThomasJanuary 09, 1865McNaughton, Mary Jane
O’Connor, TimothyMay 29, 1827Culhane, Catherine
O’Connor, WilliamJanuary 16, 1837Bennett, Maria
O’Connor/Connor, PeterJuly 13, 1836Kain, Catherine
O’Donnell, AnnAugust 06, 1848Sullivan, James
O’Donnell, CatherineJanuary 04, 1884Sheridan, James
O’Donnell, EllenJanuary 31, 1837Ward, Jeremiah “Darby”
O’Donnell, MaryMarch 20, 1843McIntyre, Daniel
O’Donnell, MichaelOctober 06, 1884Bennett, Catherine
O’Donnell, PatrickJuly 11, 1841Sheady/Chiddy, Margaret
O’Hare, EdwardSeptember 22, 1834Burns, Elizabeth
O’Keefe, HanoraJune 13, 1858Poole, John
O’Neil, ElizabethSeptember 05, 1864McKay, Daniel
O’Sullivan, AndrewJuly 09, 1850Robertson, Catherine
Penhing, JamesJuly 30, 1859Murphy, Bridget
Policere/Polestra, TereseAugust 8, 1828Drogceck, Ignatius
Poole, JohnJune 13, 1858O’Keefe, Hanora
Poole, MichaelNovember 21, 1870Doyle, Bridget
Poole, ThomasJanuary 16, 1860McCann, Sarah
Quinn, BridgetJune 04, 1855Bennett, Miley
Quinn, BridgetNovember 24, 1862Ryan, Patrick
Quinn, BridgetApril 16, 1868Hollinger, John
Quinn, CatherineFebruary 06, 1837McManus, Edward
Quinn, CatherineJune 22, 1857White, Patrick
Quinn, CatherineNovember 25, 1867Devlin, Charles
Quinn, EllenJanuary 28, 1856Sullivan, Edward
Quinn, Helene/ EllenAugust 25, 1845Quinn, Martin
Quinn, JamesFebruary 26, 1868McNaughton, Elizabeth
Quinn, JohnJuly 11, 1853White, Bridget
Quinn, JohnAugust 27, 1827Whelan, Catherine
Quinn, JohnJanuary 15, 1849Malowney/Maloney, Catherine
Quinn, JohnJune 02, 1868McKittrick, Mary
Quinn, JohnApril 04, 1864Byrnes, Elizabeth
Quinn, Julia/JudyJanuary 07, 1857Doyle, Patrick
Quinn, MartinAugust 25, 1845Quinn, Helene/ Ellen
Quinn, MaryJanuary 31, 1853Murphy, Hugh
Quinn, PatrickMarch 07, 1849Toner, Bridget
Quinn, PatrickJuly 21, 1844Hagerty, Bridget
Quinn, PatrickNovember 25, 1867Stafford, Elizabeth
Quinn, WilliamSeptember 14, 1909Stafford, Julia Rose
Riley/O’Reilly, CatherineApril 01, 1835McKay, William
Robertson, CatherineJuly 09, 1850O’Sullivan, Andrew
Rossiter, EllenJanuary 16, 1842White, Francis
Rossiter, JamesJuly 18, 1844Beunoide, Mary
Russell, MaryJanuary 06, 1852O’Connor, Edward
Ryan, AndrewJanuary 29, 1844McFarland, Allice
Ryan, AnnJuly 24, 1851Hartney, John
Ryan, DenisJune 16, 1839McGuire, Margaret
Ryan, ElizabethJanuary 07, 1861Stafford, Tobias
Ryan, EllenMay 03, 1843Kennedy, Thomas
Ryan, HughMarch 20, 1858Walsh, Margaret
Ryan, JamesNovember 19, 1855Skiffington, Sarah
Ryan, JamesMay 07, 1860Stanly, Catherine
Ryan, John AnthonyNovember 24, 1853Hollinger, Elizabeth
Ryan, MargaretNovember 02, 1859Tierney, Edward
Ryan, MaryJanuary 06, 1826Clancy, John
Ryan, MaryJanuary 26, 1845Murphy, John
Ryan, MaryJanuary 28, 1856Varlely, Michael
Ryan, MichaelOctober 10, 1844McSpadden, Sarah
Ryan, MichaelApril 25, 1844Grady, Mary
Ryan, MichaelMay 25, 1845Mullally, Mary
Ryan, PatrickNovember 24, 1862Quinn, Bridget
Ryan, PeterJanuary 11, 1829Green, Margaret
Ryan, SallyJune 25, 1831Barry, Thomas
Scanlan, MargaretSeptember 25, 1848Murphy, John
Sheady/Chiddy, MargaretJuly 11, 1841O’Donnell, Patrick
Sheils, BarneyAugust 04, 1834Bresnahan, Catherine
Sheridan, JamesJanuary 04, 1884O’Donnell, Catherine
Sheridan, MaryJanuary 31, 1859McGarry, William
Skiffington, PeterNovember 09, 1881Enright, Mary
Skiffington, SarahNovember 19, 1855Ryan, James
Skinner, CollinApril 29, 1833McGarry, Margaret
Smith, CatherineOctober 25, 1830Murphy, James
Spence, PatrickMay 30, 1858Murphy, Ann
Stafford, ElizabethNovember 25, 1867Quinn, Patrick
Stafford, JamesApril 02, 1856McKay, Bridget
Stafford, Julia RoseSeptember 14, 1909Quinn, William
Stafford, Mary JaneFebruary 06, 1889Hartney, Michael John
Stafford, ThomasNovember 10, 1868Carroll, Mary
Stafford, TobiasFebruary 10, 1824McGarry, Elizabeth
Stafford, TobiasFebruary 10, 1824Waters, Bridget
Stafford, TobiasJanuary 07, 1861Ryan, Elizabeth
Stanly, CatherineMay 07, 1860Ryan, James
Sullivan, AndrewApril 15, 1844Enright, Ellen O.
Sullivan, AnnJanuary 07, 1856Murphy, Daniel
Sullivan, EdwardJanuary 28, 1856Quinn, Ellen
Sullivan, Ellen JaneOctober 29, 1888Dowdell, Peter
Sullivan, George AlbertFebruary 21, 1887Malcolm, Catherine J.
Sullivan, JamesAugust 06, 1848O’Donnell, Ann
Sullivan, JamesOctober 05, 1863Finan, Mary
Sullivan, James TimothyFebruary 08, 1882Hollinger, Elizabeth Loretta
Sullivan, JohnSeptember 04, 1831Murphy, Catherine
Sullivan, JohnNovember 01, 1840Hanrahan, Margaret
Sullivan, Margaret AnnJanuary 16, 1882Murphy, Michael Alexander
Sullivan, Morris J.November 26, 1860Cunningham, Ann Marie
Sullivan, PatrickFebruary 02, 1851Cumane/Cumman, Mary
Sullivan, TimothyJanuary 07, 1856Davidson, Harriet
Sullivan, TimothyFebruary 23, 1852Enright, Hanora
Sullivan, William DavidAugust 10, 1886O’Brien, Elizabeth
Surcilly, RebeccaMay 03, 1852Maguire, John
Surcilly/Sursly, JacobOctober 28, 1868Mary Lane
Sweeney, MaryOctober 26, 1844Murphy, Alexander
Tierney, EdwardNovember 02, 1859Ryan, Margaret
Tierney, WilliamNovember 10, 1851Murphy, Mary
Toner, BridgetMarch 07, 1849Quinn, Patrick
Toney, CatherineNovember 14, 1871Murphy, Michael
Varlely, MichaelJanuary 28, 1856Ryan, Mary
Walsh, JohnFebruary 19, 1849Murphy, Mary
Walsh, MargaretMarch 20, 1858Ryan, Hugh
Walsh, PatrickFebruary 22, 1841Whelan, Ellen
Ward, Jeremiah “Darby”January 31, 1837O’Donnell, Ellen
Waters, BridgetFebruary 10, 1824Stafford, Tobias
Whalen, Joseph EdwardFebruary 08, 1863Devlin, Elizabeth
Whelan, AndrewOctober 28, 1830McGrae, Bridget
Whelan, CatherineAugust 27, 1827Quinn, John
Whelan, EllenFebruary 22, 1841Walsh, Patrick
Whelan, JohnSeptember 13, 1837Cahal, Nancy
White, BridgetJuly 11, 1853Quinn, John
White, FrancisJanuary 16, 1842Rossiter, Ellen
White, JohnJanuary 03, 1839Murphy, Catherine
White, PatrickJune 22, 1857Quinn, Catherine
Wright, MargaretAugust 04, 1825McGuire, Thomas