Transcribed by Mark McGarry

           The following list of 1842 Canadian Census headings is designed to help anyone viewing the return on microfilm. Since the original census given to enumerators was printed in a large ledger-style book with the entry for each inhabitant extending across four pages, it can be difficult to study on microfilm. As well, the 1842 return had faded in places by the time it was micro filmed, making some of the print illegible. The template below can help.

           Census items that were the basis of the enumerator’s questions were printed perpendicularly, from left to right, along the top of the return. The list below refers to these items as “Column Headings” and numbers them from 1 to 123 in italics on the left. Subdivisions of items, such as gender and age categories, are isolated below using slashes and lines. To help the researcher further, since there are patterns of responses throughout the 1842 return, the entries for Peter McGarry of Drummond Township are provided in bold type as an example.

Census Headings & Entries for Peter McGarry of Lot 10, Concession 7, Drummond Township
     	 Date of Census: Enumerator’s Oath made 2 April 1842  
Extracted April, 1996 by Mark McGarry

(Running as a single line header the full length of the 4 page per entry return is the following:)

"Return of the Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Bathurst with the other statistical information
 to be obtained in such Township by an Act intituled (sic), An Act to repeal certain parts of
 An Act therein mentioned, and, to provide for taking a Periodical Census of the Inhabitants
 of this Province, and for obtaining other statistical information therein mentioned."
Column Entry	    Column Heading Transcription
  1   X	(check mark)				|	(The first three columns lack a heading, and appear to be
  2  10	(Lot Number)				|	 used to identify the location of the household.)
  3   7	(Concession Number)			|	 
  4   1 HOUSES INHABITED			|	Houses with their local situations in any Range,
  5    	HOUSES VACANT				|	Concession, Street, &c.
  7    	NAME OF THE HEAD OF EACH FAMILY.		(Peter McGarry)
 11	TRADE OR PROFESSION.				(farmer)
 12   2	Total number of inmates in each family, Male and Female, not resident.
 13	Number of persons belonging to the family, Male and Female, now temporarily absent.
 14	Number of natives of England belonging to each family.
 15   4	      	 do.  	   of Ireland 	  do.	    do.
 16   1	      	 do.       of Scotland	  do.       do.
 17 	      	 do.       of Canada	  do.       do.    of French origin.
 18   5	      	 do.       of Canada	  do.       do.    of British origin.
 19	      	 do.       of the Continent of Europe, or otherwise, specifying the same separately.
 20	      	 do.       of the United States of America.
 21  18	Number of years each person has been in the Province when not natives thereof.
 22 	Number of Aliens not naturalized.        _
 23   2	Male					|  Number of persons in the family five years of
 24   1	Female					|_age and under.
 25   2	Male					|  Number of Persons in the Family Above Five
 26	Female					| and Under Fourteen Years of Age.                   
 27	Married					|  14 and under 18.
 28	Single					|_
 29	Married					|  18 and not 21.                                        
 30	Single					|_
 31	Married					|  21 and not 30.                          M A L E         
 32	Single					|_
 33   1	Married					|  30 and not 60.
 34	Single					|_
 35	Married					|  60 and upwards.                                   
 36	Single					|
 37   1	Married					|  14 and not 45.
 38   1	Single					|_					  F E M A L E
 39	Married					|  45 and upwards.                                    
 40	Single					|____________________________________________________
 41	Males					|  Number of Deaf & Dumb persons in each
 42	Females					|_family, and the occupation for which they shew the greatest aptitude.
 43	Males					|  Number of Blind persons in each family.
 44	Females					|_
 45	Males					|  Number of Idiots in each family.
 46	Females					|_
 47	Males					|  Number of Lunatic persons in each family.
 48	Females					|_
 49	Number of persons in each family belonging to the Church of England.
 50  	Number of persons in each family belonging to the Church of Scotland.
 51  10	Number of persons in each family belonging to the Church of Rome.
 52	Number of British Wesleyan Methodists in each family.
 53	Number of Canadian Wesleyan Methodists in each family.
 54	Number of Episcopal Methodists in each family.
 55	Number of other Methodists in each family.
 56	Number of Presbyterians not in connexion with the Church of Scotland in each family.
 57	Number of Congregationalists or Independants in each family.
 58	Number of Baptists and Anabaptists in each family.
 59	Number of Lutherans in each family.
 60	Number of Quakers in each family.
 61	Number of Moravians and Tunkers in each family.
 62	Number of Dutch Reformed Church in each family.
 63	Number of Jews in each family.
 64	Number of all other Religious Denominations not herein enumerated in each family.
 65	Number of Male Coloured persons in each family.
 66	Number of Female Coloured persons in each family.
 67   2	Number of Male Farm Servants employed in each family.
 68   1	Number of other Male Servants in private families.
 69	Number of other Female Servants in private families.
 70	Number of persons engaged in Trade or Commerce
 71	Number of persons in each family subsisting on alms or paupers.
 72 400	Number of acres or arpents  of land occupied by each family.
 73  63	Number of acres or arpents of improved land by each family.
 74  25	Wheat. 						|
 75  30	Barley.						|
 76  	Rye.						|
 77 200	Oats.						| Produce raised by each family during the last
 78   6	Pease.						| year, and estimated in Winchester Bushels.
 79	Indian Corn.					|
 80	Buck Wheat.					|
 81 400	Potatoes.					|
 82   	Number of Hives of Bees kept by each family last season.
 83 100	Number of pounds of Maple Sugar made by each family last season.
 84  18	Neat Cattle.					|
 85   3	Horses.						|
 86  15	Sheep.						| Live Stock owned by each family.
 87   8	Hogs.						|
 88  22	Number of yards of Fulled Cloth manufactured in the domestic way in the same family.
 89	Number of yards of Linen, Cotton, or other thin Cloth, manufactured in the domestic way in the same family.
 90  23	Number of yards of Flannel or other Woolen Cloth, not Fulled, manufactured in the domestic way in the same family.
 91  45	Number of pounds of Wool procured during the last year in each family.
 92‘for’	Under what tenure such land is held by each family.
 93	Rate of Signorial Rent paid for land held a titre de cens.
 94	Average money rent of farm, farmed by each family.
 95	Proportion of produce allowed to the Proprietor for land held on lease or cultivated on shares by each family.
 96	Number of Colleges, Academies and Convents, in each Parish, Township, extra-parochial place, Ward or Division of Town, &c.
 97	Number of Elementary Schools in every such place.
 98	Male.						|Number of Scholars ___ each such College,
 99	Female.						|Secondary, Convent or Elementary School.
100	Number of Taverns or Houses of Public Entertainment in every such place.
101	Number of Stores where Spirituous Liquors are sold in every such place.
102	Number of Grist Mills in every such place.
103	Number of pairs of Mill Stones used in each Mill.
104	Number of Oatmeal Mills in every such place.
105	Number of Barley Mills in every such place.
106	Number of Saw Mills in every such place.
107	Number of Oil Mills in every such place.
108	Number of Fulling Mills in every such place.
109	Number of Carding Mills in every such place.
110	Number of Thrashing Mills in every such place.
111	Number of Paper Mills in every such place.
112	Number of Iron Works in every such place.
113	Number of Trip Hammers in every such place.
114	Number of Nail Factories in every such place.
115	The weight of nails so manufactured in such place.
116	Number of Distilleries in every such place.
117	Number of Breweries in every such place.
118	Number of Tanneries in every such place.
119	Number of Pot and Pearl Ash Manufactories in each such place.
120	Number of Manufactories of any sort in every such place containing any Machinery
 	moved by Wind, Water, Steam, or Animal power, specifying the purposes
	to which such Machinery is applied, and by what power it is moved.
121	Average price of wheat in every such place since last harvest:  six shillings per bushel
122	Average price of agricultural labour per day throughout the year:  4 and sixpense per day
123   3	Additional inquiry with reference to the distribution of school money
	- number of children between five & sixteen years of age in each family.

(The following oath appears on the last page of the Census Return for Drummond Township:)

I Patrick Dowdle (sic) do swear that the above Return is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, that I
have not wilfully made any false Statement therein, and that I have used my best diligence and endeavour to obtain true
information on all matters to which it relates.

Sworn before me at Perth, in the Bathurst District this 2nd April 1842.
Berfords, JP

Patrick Dowdall
Assessor for the Township of Drummond